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10 thoughts on “Marc Lamont Hill Completely Nails Why The Media Fails to Advance The Conversation on Race

  1. Dennis Perry says:

    Well said!! Their are good comments, their are hateful bad comments. We need to choose our words, actions with respect to ALL americans. The world is global, if we can't get along here better, we may fall behind in 10-15 years.

  2. Critical thinking is not the avg American's strong suit, so anything that requires thought beyond the surface is lost.

  3. Let us all encourage and celebrate critical thinking.

  4. If people would allow themselves to think in a clear, open-minded, unprejudiced, and unbiased way, a discussion of race would be possible. Unfortunately, there are not many people who are able to engage in critical thinking or impartial thinking. Many people are only willing to see their side of an issue and refuse to accept the fact that all issues have two or more sides, including the issue of race.

  5. And that is what's so unfortunate about all of this. America is so dumbed down and ignorant…..thanks to things like Faux News. No critical thinking is a real "extra" thing to have these days and it's sad smh. But I fully believe that was the intent. This country is dumber now than ever and it's no accident.

  6. Rufus Rufus says:

    Do we really need a conversation on race?

    If you are not a racist, you don't need the conversation, because you are decent enough to know how to treat people.

    If you are a racist, you don't need the conversation, because you are entrenched in your ways.

    The idea of a conversation on race is an act of futility.

  7. Greg Allen says:

    Your comments are so calm and ratioional, however to not discuss ANY issue because you deem it futile would be choosing not to dialogue or even warn other folk we all may be canary's in a coal mine. As Lynch just posted we should celebrate critical thinking, more importantly one should act on our critical thought by expressing, sharing and promoting of our own perspectives.

  8. Greg Allen says:

    I concur critical thinking is not very common in amerika, it reminds me of the historian John G Jackson, author of (Man, God and Civilization) and (Christianity Before Christ) said flatly people are basely stupid.

  9. Rufus Rufus says:

    Greg Allen That's just it. I have looked at it critically. And discussions on race have not accomplished very much. We still have the same "racial dust ups" that we've always had.

    What we need is a discussion on how to replace racism/white supremacy with a system of justice, in which no one is mistreated because of his/her race, and the folks who need the most help, gets the most help.

  10. Zeta Clear says:

    Ugly toenails have you dreading sandal season? Suffering with yellow & painful toenails?

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