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39 thoughts on “Watch This Fox News Host Shut Down An Entire Panel That Tries to Blame Obama For the Recent Ferguson Shooting

  1. Que hijos de Puta esos de Fox News!!! LouDobs Gordo hijo de Puta.

  2. James Swain says:

    Hard to imaginee people with such a platform being more irresponsible.

  3. FOX has propagandized darn near everything about this President. They distort clear thinking (if any existed prior). I watched FOX before Obama ever came along and caught them in so many misrepresentations, obfuscations, and outright lieing, that I had to turn them off. They are only as "real" as counterfeit money; looks real, feels real, but as bogus as a $3 bill.

  4. Trina Perry says:

    She will have to either apologize or she won't be "invited" back. That's how they roll over truth at FOX.

  5. I wonder if even regular Fox News watchers finally have had enough of the puerile stupid arguments from Lou Dobbs and Andrea Tantaros as exhibited in this video. It was easy for Kirsten Powers to show how dumb those two are.

  6. Truth. I worked at a place that played it almost twenty four seven, and with most other employees who believed them. It got to the point that I thought I was going nuts because it seemed I was the only guy in the room who caught this stuff.

  7. Their tactic is to speak loudly over, and interrupt the person they are challenging before a point can be clearly made. That way, they don't have to worry about their audience hearing a valid argument.

  8. A sad commentary on the state of mind of far too many people, isn't it?

  9. Charles Seay says:

    Marcus John Lewis That sentiment needs to spoken over and aver especially if you get the chance to get on their show. #Doshod Farad

  10. White supremacy is a deadly sickest.

  11. David Conley says:

    Stupidity knows no bounds with FAUX "news"…

  12. And this is why FAUX is the most trusted news sources. I felt sorry for the woman trying to explain it to buffoons!

  13. Carl Mann says:

    not only every negative. they often try to turn a positive into a negative… " is low gas bad for the country?" shut the fuck up, fox.

  14. "they have taken this country back 50 years in terms of race relations".
    (sarcasm on) yeah because racism has been extinguished for the past 50 years until that Kenyan got into office and started fanning the flames (sarcasm off).

    what the dunce in the purple dress (and those that think like her) fail to realize is that the recent police brutality incidents (among other types of incidents) are not new (not by a fucking long shot). This is what black people have been talking about for generations, but her privilege keeps her deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth.
    how else can we explain the overwhelming evidence the DOJ collected about ferguson (and other parts of Missouri) being explained away as "fanning the flames of race relations".

  15. The lady in the pink acts just like a person who is mad about having her way only…who acts like that?

  16. I suggest seeing Chris Hayes' explanation of that poll. Unfortunately, many people didn't interpret it correctly. Taken individually FOX appears to be top dog, but more people trust ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC in total. Thank goodness. FOX is for the naïve, gullible, suggestible, and drama queens.

  17. This is not the place for ads. Stop taking up space from intelligent comments. Hopefully no one is stupid to respond to this false ad.

  18. Vic Anthoni says:

    Fox New is disgusting, they are racism deniers and are playing to the Conservatives that watch their programs. If this DOJ report had not come out, and if the department had not been investigated, then the unlawful treatment against minorities would continue. Racists do not want change, they defend racism because it's just business as usual to them. Bigots are more than happy to deny people of color their basic civil rights that every American is entitled to have.

  19. I wonder if we can start a class action lawsuit against Fox news. For the propaganda.

  20. Jay Richmond says:

    They should have had their feed pulled for that lame a– excuse for a panel. Racism didn't start in 2009. The issues in Furgeson didn't start in 2009. Violence towards police didn't start in 2009. The style of leadership a president uses and anarchist have nothing to do with one another. The shooting in Furgeson and immigration reform have nothing to do with one another, that Andrea individual should be put in the mail room after that panel.

  21. Michael Fox says:

    If anyone ever had any doubts as to why some people since the time of the Civil war, through the Civil rights era until this very day have hated the idea of the Federal government and have tried to limit its powers as they cry what about "STATES RIGHTS" need look no futher than the recently Released Justic departments report on the city of Ferguson Mi and how they intentional set up a system of government that finances its self and sustains itself off of the back of poor black people. It took AG ERIC HOLDER and the Justi department to dissect and deconstruct the data in and facts to back up what that black community has been saying for many generations. And that is why some people hate the idea of big government.

  22. Lorna Wilson says:

    Difficult Times Ahead This world need Jesus!

    2 Timothy 3 (MSG).
    3 1-5 Don’t be naive. There are difficult times ahead. As the end approaches, people are going to be self-absorbed, money-hungry, self-promoting, stuck-up, profane, contemptuous of parents, crude, coarse, dog-eat-dog, unbending, slanderers, impulsively wild, savage, cynical, treacherous, ruthless, bloated windbags, addicted to lust, and allergic to God. They’ll make a show of religion, but behind the scenes they’re animals. Stay clear of these people.

  23. Kareem Rashad bro why waste time for that and not concentrate on having our own tv station and tell the real truth to our people.
    they clearly mocking us.

  24. These are some real nut cases. Racism exist many many years ago & still does every single day. 4 someone to blame The PRESIDENT is absolutely ignorant. BLAME the racist Nuts who think they are superior over another race.

  25. 50 years huh…..Bless that poor girls heart. Smh

  26. Okun Fabunmi says:

    I'm surprised they didn't split this video into 5 pages.

  27. A bi-partison observation, have you notice the wheel of politics constantly blames the other side spending on where the political power is at for the moment? Remember the hail cries for "how long can you blame Bush for everything? The same is coming out for Obama.

  28. Just do like me I stop watching that racist Chanel years ago.

  29. Issac Abrams says:

    FoxNews men are just racist, narrow-mind bigots…. the women wearing their tight mini-dresses, six inch heels and tons of war paint are just as worse…that show and its constant hate instigating, fear mongering and pure bigotry has "taken this country back 50 yrs".

  30. Eric Potts says:

    I hate it when reporters do not look at an incident objectively. You can actually see the true purpose of two of the reporters is to try to blame the Presidency on something that they s police force created with their acts. Before anyone should bring fault to anyone. Know all the facts.

  31. Vote Democrat that's it

  32. Sadly we need to know what they are saying in order to combat it. You have to be careful because too much can cause brain tumors.

  33. You people are so stupid it makes you shake your head. The stuff Obama has done from the VA, iIRS, Benghazi cover up, pulling out troops causing the current terror issues with Isis, race baiting, lying to Americans on Obama care yes it's those damn republicans. People have suffered under this idiot you guys elected.

  34. David Gordon says:

    correct Randy, so when you look at this you should see a pathetic attempt to connect this to the president for no reason other than it looks good to their republican viewers.
    The real question is why we allow the news media to take sides instead of at least trying to be objective.

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