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7 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin’s Father: ‘All We Have Left Is a Face on a T-Shirt; When Are We Going to Stand Up and Say Enough Is Enough?’

  1. his son was a thug and it ended badly for him. He should raised his son better. When are they going to stand up and say stop killing each other?

  2. Gloria Johnson, you don't know what a thug is. He's not a thug, I know some real thugs, before you start labeling, did you ever comment on why racist George, been arrested multiple times for beating his girlfriend's, now he's the thug. Lol

  3. Mandy Reed says:

    AAs have been listening and waiting on god since the Europeans used the concept to trick them on some of the first slave ships (look it up, before you get salty). Give the Europeans their false god back and handle business. The unholy trinity has left AAs HANGING.

  4. Mandy Reed says:

    Don't bother. Anyone who pretends not to understand the racist constructs in America isn't worth your time. That goes for Negropeans too. It's 2015, fuck conversations. People have been talking and protesting for years. There is a litany of scholarly sources available and every argument has already been addressed. Racists don't respond to logic or reason and they operate in lies. If they want to be racist or pretend to be ignorant there are plenty of alternative sites, to provide them an echo chamber. Leave bigots right where they stand.

  5. When we start killing you!

  6. Dr. Joy DeGruy – Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome:
    Wow! Check this out Gloria and tell me why we shouldn't kill all of you devils! Every Pale face who says my generation had nothing to do with this. Yeah, you did! Your mentality toward us is like that of your forefathers!

  7. This man needs to shut up; when he had the chance, he let the devil trick buy him into asking protesters not to express their anger in the language that the devil understands.

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