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6 thoughts on “As Reactions to the Racist Oklahoma Frat Song Pour In, Isn’t This More Proof We’re Not in a Post-Racial Society?

  1. Miles Morgan says:

    1.) Our Number One problem as Black people is that we live in a system of white supremacy.
    2.) That system MUST BE DESTROYED.
    3.) The ONLY way you're going to destroy that system is with MONEY and building your own ECONOMY.

  2. Ebele Homes says:

    Our number one problem is that we still call ourselves (I don't but yal do) black. We are the Moors. We aren't slaves. We weren't slaves. We were and remain to be P.O.W.s. All it takes is 30 minutes of read about 1491/2. Destroying the system isn't the way. The system is established already. Meaning millions will give their lives to protect it. What's needed is to establish our own and the first step to that is comprehending our past. Money is apart of the system… so money will not change the issues. Everyone talks money when money holds no value. Land is the best form of money and what we don't have… but our brothers and sisters in Africa have tons of land. We need to go home. I know their are many of us whom are non islamic Moors whom resided here in the so called Americas before 1491 such as myself… but in war you go to where it's safe and can defend yourselves… Singing and marching has got us to this point. Instead of standing up and dying if we have to… we'd rather beg for justice. Stop acting like the pussy and be the Moor that has scared the neanderthals until the loss of the GREAT WAR! They talk of your strength and fear it… while we talk of their words and fear their guns and push the fight on our children whom learn cowardice from us as we did our parents and theirs before them. I am a Moor just as my avatar shows. WAKE UP!

  3. The number one problem solver for black people is Self Determination. Concentrating on destroying the white racism system is wasting precious time, the day that system is destroyed will be the end of white people. We get back on the road that Marcus Garvey, had put in play, a plan to liberate black people, not just in Amric but in Afuraka, and in the diaspora. Garvey had created the largest black organization ever in the history of the planet, and it was not religious based. If we do not move in the direction the black giant of blacks liberation, we will be destroyed, by many forces we can see, this is not guessing, we can see it, a system that guarantees black men will forever keep the prisons filled, a school system that deters black children from learing, because the curriculum ws created for whites, it destroys our black children, it does nto instill a sense of self, and or agency, to look out for themselves and people who look like them, instead a few will be selected to work for white control jobs, the rest, will work mediocre jobs with a degree.

  4. Dave Hobert says:

    Number one problem is blacks… Keep destroying yourselves.. Whites should have left your sorry asses in Africa where you belong.

  5. White people still don't believe in racism.

  6. Paul Johnson says:

    I thought those turkeys went back into the woods, but they are alive and well. Some of their parents have taught them and put hatred into their hearts while growing up to be young people. But evil can't last forever, God will take care of all the evil on this earth one day if you believe in him he is not pleased, how man is conducting herself on this earth. I trust in God that he change the hearts of these people, they had better try to live according to the Bible, not Satan but the good Lord.

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