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13 thoughts on “The Education Department Did a New Study, and the Results for Black People Are Worse Than You Imagined

  1. Tim Adams says:

    Worst than we should Accept!

  2. Jah Born says:

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  3. Shawn Mc says:

    much of this has to due with fucked up black parents who don't seem to give a damn about education.

  4. Shawn Mc I agree 100

  5. No reason? It's designed that way, how bout that? So called 'integration' was a bait & switch move. Black people controlled our economic base and the education of our children. Apparently, the 'others' felt that was too threatening so they used the lure(lie) of integration to destroy both. At least in segregated classrooms, our kids had teachers who actually cared about their well-being & wanted them to succeed. The only thing they lacked was the material and financial resources. Now you have kids going into openly hostile and uncaring environs from pre-school to secondary (if they make it) that tells them daily that they are criminally inclined (the disproportionate suspension rates EVEN for pre-schoolers & the metal detectors installed in many inner city schools)..the school to prison pipeline & the fact that was stated in the vid, that our kids basically get teachers who are either inexperienced or who don't have the credentials required to teach 'others'. And on the economics, I don't need to tell black people how we went from black owned hotels/motels, insurance companies, banks & the black wall being perpetual consumers. Producing pretty much nothing. That means we are ripe for pimping and exploitation. And all of this is not by design & is our fault? Please.

  6. Many of the disparities have to do with a lot of class time wasted because of kids who disrupt class. Honestly, many black kids have opportunities in education, but opportunities are hindered because of disruptions from students who weren't raised right. How are kids going to learn if there are always interruptions. Bad parenting mixed with nonchalant administrations who blame teachers for everything equals bad education for black kids.

  7. Lisa Jackson says:

    Well. ..Do they still sell crack? A lot of these kids were raised in a drug and alcohol environment. Too too television and their parents have a low paying that keeps them away from home most of the day. Mom has no time to make dinner or help with homework.

  8. the american educational system was not like this prior to the 1963 coupe d'etat assassination of president jfk. the bitches took this country backwards. damn them.

  9. stop blameing the parents and start looking at the system.

  10. we definitely should have stayed segregated and been on reservations, too.

  11. you do not know what you are talking about. you aren;t even a Black person. you are a demon, fu.

  12. that's right because we still have not accpeted the reality of life for us after they killed jfk.

  13. The lack of well-qualified teachers in some black schools might be because white teachers (who are more likely to have higher qualifications) just have a hard time dealing with black students and find their job is easier in schools with a lot of white students.

    There are no more funding disparities between white and black schools once federal funds are counted.

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