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15 Celebrities Who You Won’t Believe Turn 40 in 2015

50 Cent

The rapper and business mogul, also known as Curtis Jackson, turns 40 on July 6. He has not released a solo CD lately, but he has recently reunited with G-Unit and has a new offering scheduled to be released next month. 50 also is the executive producer of and featured in the hot Showtime series, Power.

andre-3000-2Andre 3000

The rapper and singer, who gained fame as a member of the hip-hop duo OutKast, turns the Big 4-0 on May 27. He and Big Boi reunited in the summer with a series of concerts that, ultimately, Andre 3000 did not feel so good about. “I felt weird about going out onstage and doing it again,” he said to Fader magazine. “I felt like people would be like, ‘Y’all are doing all these festivals; y’all are just doing it for money.’ And I felt like a sell-out, honestly.”

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