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Ron Paul: ‘Black Caucus Against War Because They Want Money To Go To Food Stamps’

WM_RonPaul_130528620x413In former Republican Rep. Ron Paul’s world, a place that apparently does not include America, Black people need food stamps so much that they fake their position on war.

Sounds illogical, yes. But that’s what the father of Rand Paul said on a radio program discussing sanctions.

“I was always annoyed with it in Congress because we had an anti-war unofficial group, a few libertarian Republicans and generally the (Congressional) Black Caucus and others did not—they are really against war because they want all of that money to go to food stamps for people here.”

And there is a push for Ron Paul to run for office again. Seriously.

Just in case Paul did not know, there are more white people on food stamps than Black people, according to SNAP, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. It reports that it provides food stamps for almost 47 million Americans. Of those 47 million people, 43 percent of them are white and 33 percent are Black. Approximately 19 percent are Hispanic, 2 percent are Asian and the rest are Native American.

Since Black people make up 13 percent of the U.S. with whites covering 70 percent, according to the census, a disproportionate number of African-Americans do receive food stamps, relative to the nation’s overall demographic composition. But nearly half of them are children. The annual report from the Department of Agriculture showed that about 45 percent of food stamp benefits went to children under 18, totaling about 20 million youngsters. Nine percent of recipients were age 60 or older, and nearly 10 percent were disabled adults who were under 60.

So that population of recipients is clearly some of the neediest people in the country.

And if Rand was implying that food stamps hurt the economy more than spending billions on war (and losing American lives), Moody’s economist Mark Zandy said food stamps actually generate money, not waste it.

People who receive benefits have a bit more money to spend on other expenses. “For every dollar spent on that program $1.73 is generated throughout the economy,” Zandy said.

Paul is not alone in his disparagement of Black people and food stamps. Former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich called Obama “the food stamp president” and once said, “If the NAACP invites me, I’ll go to their convention and talk about why the African-American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps.”

And this was the wisdom imparted by former presidential candidate Rick Santorum: “I don’t want to make Black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.”

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8 thoughts on “Ron Paul: ‘Black Caucus Against War Because They Want Money To Go To Food Stamps’

  1. Hank Wilson says:

    He's a MD or retired MD…that makes me pause, you know what I mean–black folks???

  2. Li Roc says:

    I refuse to accept that middle class whites who’ve inherited wealth their families accumulated with the help of racially exclusive government programs like the GI Bill deserve that privilege if it means accepting that people of color who inherit the poverty of parents who were excluded from those programs deserve to be impoverished. These pasty moochers have had affirmative action quotas and government HANDOUTS for HUNDREDS years with every government program known to man. So unless they are ready and willing to give it ALL back and start from scratch, with barely any help at all – the same way that Black people did – these greedy, uneducated, racist white ignoramuses need to shut the f**k up.

  3. Not sure why you think the GI Bill is exclusive to white middle class families? Last time I check, 18% of the US Military was black and had access to the GI Bill. The US Military is one of the best methods for a poor black person to pull themselves out of poverty. The rest of your diatribe makes you sound like a professional victim. The blame game is old and tiring. Stop telling black people that they can't do something and start telling them they can. You will be surprised at the outcome.

  4. Bull Winkle says:

    And yet, you ignore the middle class blacks who inherited wealth from their families. Those families in View Park and Ladera Heights who've lived there since the 60s and 70s. Their houses paid off, ready to retire and able to leave their child $700,000 – $1.2 million in equity. Those middle class black families who own their pricey homes in Baldwin Hills, Olympia Fields, Ft. Washington, Oakland Hills. Not all of us come from poverty and it doesn't take generations of middle-class status to have a sizable piece of money to pass down. Most middle-class white families don't come from wealth. The average white person isn't ass affluent and privileged as so many blacks think they are.

  5. Judy Perkins says:

    I would much rather see money being spent on "Food Stamps" than on guns, bullets and killing!

  6. Bull Winkle What percentage of the TOTAL black population do those people in View Park & Ladera Heights make up? Like 1/2 of 1/2 a percent? That's 'new money' not old slavery money. Let's be real. They are but a drop in the proverbial bucket. Most black people work 9 to 5 jobs. You can't pass down a damn job. But you can & have passed down for generations the unearned proceeds from FORCED FREE black slave labor.

  7. Death worshippers. That's all they are. Only someone who is mentally challenged actually sees providing sustenance to people detestable, but bombing and killing as 'pragmatic and practical'. And they have the nerve to call us 'barbaric'? Projection, pure and simple.

  8. General, Jan Coen: “There's no trade without war; there's no war without trade.

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