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27 thoughts on “Dr. Umar Johnson: “We Have To Stop Taking Time Away From The Black Agenda To Feed Other People’s Agenda” – Is He Right?

  1. thank you. everything is the "new Black" nowadays.

  2. the black agenda shouldn't feed into other peoples oppression either… he gets challenged because he promotes ideals that are oppressive to women and lgbtq people period! If he wants to talk about white supremacy then fine.. but quit trying to make scapegoats out of other oppressed minorities.

  3. Gmaine Ford says:

    WTF Ever! Every other Gay Minority is loyal to the causes of there dominate community 1st. You never witness Gay Jews display the sentiment you or Gay blacks display against brother Umar and Afrocentric Movements, and the Jewish religion strictly forbids Gay Marriage and gay life style.

  4. I support Dr. Umar, he always has something relevant to say about black struggle, and suffering. He is Absolutely. Right. I mean, this is what I have been saying for a long time, you can be in the dark, and still can see this. Get with the program black people. Another thing the white feminist have a love hate relationship with so call black feminist, they love black women supporting their agenda, which is not the same as the black woman, and hate them because they are black. There is no such thing as black women feminist, it is blacks agenda, including black females, and her black man, they have the same agenda, we are discriminated against because we are black. Keep teaching Dr. Umar.

  5. Gmaine Ford Would that be Jews in Isreal? If so why is Isreal the most popular gay vacation spot, in fact gayism is pretty big in Isreal.

  6. Abioye Nwosu says:

    Gmaine Ford Lies, the white supremacist gays would.

  7. Anytime a people who have been psychologically train to accept unhealthy and unnatural behavior as acceptable, you have to take a critical look at who benefits from this ill behavior. Certainly not Blacks. We didn't practice this in the days of the Nile Valley Civilization. These are Roman and Greek values from their ancestors. However, Black Greek Fraternities go hard accepting silly info. Go look at their statues (Men foundling men) and then go look at the Tombs of Egypt. (Man, Woman, and Child). King James was gay (Yeah, your Bible). Gay a.. tried to hide the truth. However, the Catholic has already expressed they love little boys. And you wonder why they were kicked out of Africa. They're mischief makers.

  8. Ellis Rowe says:

    Dr. Johnson is more than right!

  9. black gays are active participants in black society and causes. gay blacks participated in the civil rights movement,, they participate in church,, they contribute to the races in every aspect (arts and science) in 2015, why are the majority back heterosexual demanding that these people stay muzzled and in the closet…. after all that's been revealed about the creeping that goes on.. the lying etc. let people live! And quit acting like black liberation looks like male domination of women. It ain't going to be that either…. yall are just like the white supremacists .. they want you to take your oppression and shut up about it.. just shut up and take it … negro please.

  10. Nzingha Shabaka "gayism" is pretty big everywhere. As you're seeing there are gay communities just about globally.

  11. Of course he's right. But the problem is every Black person always quick to say we have to help everyone, failing to realize that we owe others nothing. It's not about oppression. It's about putting our issues first. This is something we've been dealing with since before many of us think it's cool to be gay after they slave owner was turning out our ancestors.

  12. Hank Wilson says:

    Gmaine Ford And my friend, that is the innate problem for many ethnic black/brown Africans people world wide. They're getting on everybody's bandwagons, helping fix their social agendas, yet soon as those organizations like the LGBT accomplish their mission, which is to get accepted by mainstream America they then go full anti-black people to show their loyalty with white supremacy. Yet, some of us who helped them (the special interest-groups) obtain their goals continue to fight the battle within their own ethnicity. Not once will they turn aback and say, you know I put a whole lot o f energy another people's causes, yet I still have no shoulders to stand on or to hold me up no matter how far and hard I fall.

  13. Black feminist know what they're doing, as one black feminist hash tag said, "black power is for black men."Generally, black feminist are threatened by anything resembling black power because they think this will lead to some mythical "black male privilege."So, as soon as the black feminist see rumblings of "black power"they must derail it. Hence, the black lives matter morphing into, all lives matter. It's very interesting that the queer black feminist who started the black lives matter were funded by billionaire George Soros. George is an interesting character.

  14. Gmaine Ford says:

    @Nicole Ohenewa Buckle Black Liberation has been lead by Women since Slavery Harriet Tubman Marry Mcleod Bethune my Grand Mother and the list goes on and on Black gays have been given a false since of privilege and social hierarchy by liberal white americans and so you come to defend it by turning on your own people. The reason we are Hostile to you and people like you is because of your Tendency and attempts to infiltrate and blunt the momentum of black movements with your silly Straw-man arguments like the one's you presented in your most recent comments. Blacks aren't oppressing gays or women we have no power to do such, an to equate Black Liberation with the LGBT Movement is an abomination It was Jedgar Hoover (a Gay Man) who attempted to have MLK commit suicide and terrorized the black community. White Gays have been in the Highest forms of government and society since the advent of this nation My Nigga. You should be ashamed of your self for equating our Movement to the LGBT Movement. My Nigga!

  15. Will Prodigy says:

    This brother is great. Ase'

  16. Poa Bey says:

    The moment this NEGRO stops rapping everything up in BLACK, maybe he can convincing people to stop… These NEGROS are all fleecing the people for FIAT CURRENCY knowing god damn well that WE ARE NOT BLACK PEOPLE..

    The #1 FIRST issue at Law across the PLANET is STATUS! PERIOD.. A BLACK man is PROPERTY to another Man..

    YES he has awesome arguments HOWEVER, as long as he keeps wrapping them up in BLACK, then he WILL NOT get any where but where he is!

    Taj Tarik Bey Black and White Is A Legal Status.

  17. @poa bey – We will not get "anywhere" if we put the needs of other races and agendas before our own needs. We got "status": the largest and most resource blessed land on the planet., untouched by gmo, flouride in the water, capitalism, and all that bad stuff. africa is where Black americas focus should be.

  18. Poa Bey WTF R U? Robo Black Man?

  19. Omar Cuba says:

    Poa Bey We heard you the first time! stop repeating

  20. Omar Cuba says:

    Nicole Ohenewa Buckle.
    His views are not oppressing anyone. He is just saying don't try to piggyback the women's and the LGBT struggles on to the Black struggle. They are seperate as they should be.

  21. Omar Cuba says:

    Poa Bey Dude you are getting me sick posting th f*cking same sh*t over and over again STFU *sshole.

  22. "the struggle to be treated like a human being" by the non-human power structure.

  23. Gmaine Ford LOLOL I bet you know nary a gay Jew. Pffttt

  24. Hah not the globalist Nazi accomodationist Herr George Soros !!!!!!

  25. Damon Lingo says:

    Poa Ali NEGRO, are you black? who is this WE you speak of?

  26. Damon Lingo says:

    Nicole Ohenewa Buckle…please explain how his views are oppressive to women or gay people? I'm curious.

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