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14 thoughts on “Watch This Conservative Group Secretly Record the Families of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown in an Attempt to Expose Al Sharpton as a Hustler

  1. This is some Willy Lynch type production. Even if Al Sharpton, was in it for the money, racism white supremacy keeps giving him a venue to to try to get paid. The maker of this video should use his camera to expose the racism that keep F'ing over black people, so Al wont have a job! Address the real problem, and stop trying to take us off of what's really going on.

  2. Veritas Visuals I have a idea for you, use your hidden camera to found out how many of those public officials in Ferguson are Klan.

  3. I don't believe what they say about Mr. Sharpton. The way Ferguson should go is to the voting booth. All civil rights organizations require funding.

  4. Jelani Kgosi says:

    Divide and conquer at it's finest! Not saying I agree with alot of what Sharpton does, but to have hidden cameras to expose him shows that they were gathering information to bring him down. They always saw him as one of our leaders, even though we often disagreed. Yet he stilled remained in the public eye to most. So in a sense crucifying him could send of a clear message to black people to not to put our trust in each other and that all of are leaders are this way. Don't be fooled my brothers and sisters. See the unseen of what they are really trying to do!

  5. Carolyn no disrespect, these people fix grand juries and kill teenagers at will. Can we really trust them to have honest elections? I think not, voting is not the answer. Don't be fooled, lil sista.

  6. Linda Taylor says:

    There have always been public, private, and government elements that have attempted to discredit Black leaders. Check the history of the Civil Rights movements. They attempted to discredit MLK, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Fred Hampton, and others. There have been Blacks and people of color who played a role in such behaviors. Historically, conservative groups are perpetrators of such divisive tactics. Beware of the messenger.

  7. he should be brought down he not for black folk that's how Obama became president just because they have a black face doesn't mean they are for blacks 99% are not that's why blacks have move one yard sense 1960..

  8. have not moved sense the 60s sorry typo.

  9. please get educated on real life Al is not for black people how old are you..

  10. they destroyed bill cosby, and other leaders, and now al Sharpton. please black people wake up. I ask where were any of you when the murder of our black people occurred? did any of you attend their funerals? so what if he received money to travel and other expenses. cant you see how easy it is for the white man to get us to destroy each other. planting seeds of mistrust among us. one day we will say, where are all our black leaders? there wont be any because black people destroyed. not the white man. I say this when another black person is killed, don't ask where is al Sharpton? at lease he was always there. if you don't like him then you be the leader of black, yeah I thought so. I don't advocate lying, or deceit of any kind but I do see this as another trick of the white man. they laughing at us.

  11. Yes, Reverend Al does ask for money to sustain him and his organizations. I have gotten calls from the local police department asking for money even though they have all of the resources and legal fees paid for them by us, the US citizen, local, state and national. I have driven past firemen with big rubber boots collecting money, masonry and shiners collect money, churches collect money, Boys and Girls clubs (and YMCAs) collect money, poor people panhandle for money, and I could go on with other different groups that collect money to run their societal organizations or just to eat, as we struggle here in the 'belly of the beast,' America. The NAN is such an organization and as a Black man, I feel proud to be able to give some money to Rev, Als' causes when I can. This man and the work that he has committed himself to, helping and speaking up for the disenfranchised citizens of America tells me that he is one of a chosen few who is serious about us, Blacks, getting our respect and a fairer share of the wealth of America and stopping some of the judicial lynchings that we experience every single day, in America. Whether some of us like it, or don't understand (it), Al Sharpton is our modern day Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. He deserves a Noble Peace Prize for his efforts to help his under represented people, and any other accolades that a decent Shepard of the poor and under served can be awarded. If not for him, then who? I can only pray that I can come close to what this man does seven days a week on any given one day. We need to stop ostracizing this man and start giving money/help to save us or we will be living back on the plantations which many of us have never left. James Crow Esquire Jr. is alive and well. Come on brothers and sisters let us get it together and put an end to the Willie Lynch legacy. Its 300 years is up. We should be over that damnation along with the thought of 'enslavement.' aka TABBIS KOTCE.

  12. KOTCE PRODUCTIONS Presents ©.

    Another profound analogy of research from the memoirs of TABBIS KOTCE.

    Following in bold print are excerpts taken off the internet, A:/Jewish Watch-Jewish Genocidal Murders of Others-Black Holocaust.htm.

    In an effort to preserve the historic alliance between the Negro and the (so-called) Jews Dr. Harold Brackman, in 1977, wrote an unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, entitled The Ebb and Flow Conflict that goes far beyond The Secret Relationship in its claims of Jewish conspiracy of Biblical origin of White supremacy.

    Jewish Talmudic scholars invented the Hamitic Myth, which, through the story of Noah, everlastingly assigned to the Black African the role of slave and divinely cursed servant to White people. According to Dr. Tony Martin’s book, The Jewish Onslaught, the Jewish invention of the Hamitic Myth “provided the moral pretext upon which the entire Black slave trade grew and flourished.”.

    “There is no denying,” said Dr. Harold Brackman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center about the story of Noah, that the story of the Babylonian Talmud was the first source to read a Negrophobic content into the episode…“Brackman pointed out further that two third century Jewish “Sages” (-wise, spiritual storytellers of a culture) provided homosexual embellishments for the Biblical stories as well.”.

    This “curse” was the absolute basis for the Europeans’ choice of dark-skinned Africans for chattel slavery. Many denominations of Christianity, Islam and Judaism believe it and teach it to this very moment! American, Southern plantation owners attacked the Abolitionists with it; its teaching was the foundation of the slaves’ permitted religion; Black inferiority is based on it; the Ku Klux Klan relies on it; even the Mormons officially taught it until 1978. When the (so-called) Jews invented it and promoted it to the world, they sentenced the Black Race to a holocaust the likes of which no people have ever suffered. “Hate teaching” will forever be defined by this wicked belief system brought to us in the Jewish Holy Talmud via Harold Brackman.

    The fable about Hamm is a farce. This farce was implemented by racist rulers and religions hundreds of years ago to cause dark skinned people to become targets of hate and bare the brunt (-main force of violence) of the guilt for hate and wrongdoing, niggardly behavior. Not all “niggers” are Black. Hate and niggardly behavior can be the habits and practice of other than Black people (such as “white supremacists” and others). The majority of “niggardly Blacks” are created through being abused (-hanged or beaten into submission), raised in low- life/dysfunctional homes, excessive felonious activity, the choosing of wrong individuals for friends and spouses, too much thuggish illicit drug activity/alcoholism and all around bad behavior. In some cultures, it is encoded in their DNA to hate and kill, again through by creation or for survival reasons, thus the “gang.”.

    The gang in many cases, the population, is of beige skin, so called “whites,” and have no true moral, SPIRITUAL base, like carpetbaggers, gypsies, nomads or roamers. Blacks are not “gorillas in the mist,” nor natural demons. Black people are, for the most part, very SPIRITUAL and FAITH based, by nature. As mentioned above, abuse and other forms of mistreatment create “niggers.” Furthermore, what person do you know who was able to decide what color their “skin tone” was going to be at birth? What person do you know who chose the family they were born to? Whom do you know that decided their natural gender preference at birth? Abusive people with sick minds create niggers and racists. GOD gave each one of us these natural features, including “skin tone.” We are created in HIS image with HIS likeness, in variations of “skin tone,” eye color, hair type and color, basic DNA make up and different heights and body types, from short and stocky to tall and slender.

  13. `The Doctrine of Exclusion.
    The Doctrine of Exclusion explains why schools, churches, businesses, organizations and all levels of government worked together "to keep Black folks in their place." Any Black person who became "uppity" was severely punished. In many instances castration, decapitation or lynching was the end result.

    After the enslavement era (Emancipation, 1865), many Blacks were not compensated for their work but nothing could be done about it because of the enforcement of this doctrine.
    The Doctrine of Exclusion.
    By Dr. Claud Anderson –All rights to Dr. Anderson for this excerpt from “Dirty Little Secrets.”.
    Before the Maryland Colony came into existence in 1634, newly arrived European Whites and African Blacks intermingled and socialized reasonably well. In 1638, however, the Maryland Colony issued a public edict encouraging a separation of the races. It became the basis of public policy for race relations in America.
    The Council for the Maryland Colony edict stated that,
    "Neither the existing Black population,
    their descendants nor any other Blacks.
    shall be permitted to enjoy the fruits.
    of white society."
    This public edict later became more commonly known as "The Doctrine of Exclusion."
    Around the mid-1660's, various colonies Picked up the Maryland Edict or The Doctrine of Exclusion and expanded it into enslavement laws of people of African descent. Once established, the laws became the basis for a national public policy on the exploitation of Blacks that was passed on from generation to generation through social customs and public laws.
    The Slave Codes of 1705 required all individuals, churches, businesses, organizations, schools, and all levels of government to teach, justify and enforce the status of Blacks as "a subordinate, excluded, noncompetitive, non-compensated, managed work force for the personal comfort and wealth building of White society." This public policy remained in effect until the late 1960s.
    The wave of computerized technology that began in the 1960s rendered marginalized Black labor obsolete. It established a new public policy that maintained the inequalities between the races, absolved members of the majority society from feeling any guilt or accepting responsibility for what had happened to Black people, and categorically denied support to public policy or programs that would shift control and ownership of wealth and power resources from whites to Blacks. (End results for Blacks, in modern times we see results of: miss education; underemployment; gentrification, Jim Crow practices; segregation; incarceration; mental-maiming, predatory lending and poverty. Is this edict really over? Too many American Blacks do not acknowledge the problem of this “mindset” and are complacent. They feel exempt from the racism which exist through-out America, some areas are worse than others, but, prevalent just the same, some blatant some subtle. They pursue the “American Dream” with a “blind trust” of mainstream America, doctors and lawyers (and high tech sales approaches and its vague contracts) and as a result these people are living a “modern day slaves’” life, i.e., married to a job, too much debt, too much alcohol and chemical consumption, bad eating habits, dangerous, and sometimes deadly, occupations, i.e., programmed bureaucrats and mercenaries included, armed and unarmed security guards, even school security. Over-zealous “gate-keepers/overseers” are a big part of the perpetual profiling dynamic; victimize and prey upon Blacks, the poor, the undereducated and the disenfranchised; the American way.

    The author; TABBIS KOTCE (This Average Black Brother (who)IS Kept On The Cutting Edge).

  14. Tommy Lewis says:

    If Al Sharptons' organization is paying for these peoples funeral as the video suggest. Then I wonder where is this money coming from. It sounds like his organization is investing in these people and when these people come into money isn't it fair that they give back to that same organization so that the next family in need can also benefit? When ever people of color are in business they are often seen as criminals because we often have to take routes that others don't. Colored business people are not allowed to profit. But isn't that how businesses stay in business. And if I am leading a company am I not suppose to get paid. DO you think the president of the Salvation Army works for free? This video is nothing but more propaganda.

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