10 Shameful Acts of Terrorism Against Black People That Mainstream Media Has Chosen to Ignore


terrorism against the Black community

The Epidemic of Lynching

According to the FBI’s official website, an act that violates federal or state law and intends to “intimidate or coerce a civilian population” is considered to be domestic terrorism. There is no arguing that the lynching of massive numbers of Black people fits that description. Recently, a report titled “Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror” revealed that nearly 4,000 Black people had been lynched in the U.S. alone between 1877 and 1950. This number doesn’t count the many Black people who were lynched and secretly disposed of nor does it count the many other Black communities across the globe that were plagued by lynching. Even today, mainstream media outlets are meekly tip-toeing around the brutal truth of America’s racist roots. An article about the report published by The New York Times was harshly criticized after the outlet managed to cover the entire report without ever really stating the race of the people who were doing all the lynching.


police brutality

The Epidemic of Police Brutality

The epidemic of police brutality against the Black community is a problem that existed centuries ago and is still plaguing America now. While mainstream media provided racially biased coverage of the deaths of unarmed teen Michael Brown and Staten Island father Eric Garner, this coverage came after years of ignoring Black people who were gunned down by police officers and was likely just a reaction to the outrage on social media as race discussions dominated cyberspace. Even as news outlets discussed the deaths of Brown and Garner, many other unarmed Black people were being killed by police officers and never saw a single media headline. Meanwhile, several police departments, like the Cleveland Police Department and the Chicago Police Department, have been under investigation after studies supported the theory that the departments are launching racially charged attacks on the Black community. The We Charge Genocide coalition has even accused the Chicago Police Department of torture and recently presented its own study to the United Nations.

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