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10 Shameful Acts of Terrorism Against Black People That Mainstream Media Has Chosen to Ignore

MOVE bombing

MOVE Bombing in Philadelphia

It was about 30 years ago that police forces proved just how brutal they could be when it came to dealing with the Black community. Philadelphia officers successfully carried out a massive mission to bomb the headquarters of a group called MOVE, a 1996 report by CNN explains. The 1985 bombing targeted MOVE because the organization consisted of mostly Black members who adopted the last name “Africa.” They supported simplistic lifestyles that shunned technology and advocated for a return to nature. The deadly bombing came during an intense police stand-off with the MOVE members after officers had already slammed many members with what were considered to be bogus charges of parole violation, contempt of court and making terroristic threats, according to a report titled “It Looks Just Like a War Zone.” More than 60 homes were destroyed in the resulting blaze. A total of 11 Black people, including five children, were killed.


Tulsa Race Riot

Race riots were much too common throughout the 1900s, but the Tulsa race riots were unique in the fact that it targeted the wealthiest Black community in the U.S. at the time — Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was also known as the Black Wall Street. In 1921, a group of white people attacked the community in an assault that lasted roughly 16 hours. According to “Riot and Remembrance: The Tulsa Race War and Its Legacy,” more than 800 people were taken to the hospital, roughly 10,000 Black people were left homeless, more than 6,000 Black residents in the district were arrested and detained after they tried to defend themselves against the white mobs and about 35 city blocks were destroyed by fires. While the official death tolls varied greatly, a report titled “A Black Holocaust in America” estimated more than 800 people were killed simply because the white landowners felt threatened by this Black community’s financial success.

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5 thoughts on “10 Shameful Acts of Terrorism Against Black People That Mainstream Media Has Chosen to Ignore

  1. Deep seated psychosis. There is no pill, no religion, no law that can 'cure' this. Dr. Welsing & Dr. Ani both tell us what drives this. As long as they walk this earth, this is how they will deal with us..question is: Are we going to continue to allow it? Is the survival of a small, group of people more important than OURS? Systemic racism is like an artificial, manufactured 'protective zoo environment' to preserve their genetic survival. At the expense of the majority of the world. It is untenable.

  2. Don't forget the influx of drugs into our communities is also another form of terrorism.

  3. Pam Johnson says:

    What about Cuba? And, didn't they riot when blacks started working in the auto industry in Detroit?

  4. Deen Dixon says:

    This is such a huge subject it would take years to do it justice .The Hon.Elijah Muhammad explained that in the last 6000 years the enemy has slaughtered 600,000,000 million Original people.

  5. John Nre says:

    Its stupid of black people to think white media is going to cover anything that is in black people's interest.

    That's as stupid as expecting someone else to cloth, bath, shelter and feed you. If you want something done that is in YOUR self interest then you must do it your damn self.

    Stop bitching and create a black media machine that covers this news.

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