10 Shameful Acts of Terrorism Against Black People That Mainstream Media Has Chosen to Ignore



Dtsch-SW:Herero-Aufstand 1904: R ckkehr aus der Omaheke-W ste 1905

The Black Holocaust 

In the 1890s, Black people were brutally tortured in German concentration camps in what is now Namibia, according to the book “Germany’s Black Holocaust, 1890-1945: The Untold Truth.” Black people were the subjects of unspeakably horrendous medical experiments that the book’s author, historian and university instructor Firpo W. Carr says were never placed upon the Jews. “Thousands of Africans were massacred,” Carr wrote. “Regrettably, historians neglected to properly register the slaughter — that is, to lift it from the footnote of history that it had been relegated to.”

Notting hill

Notting Hill Riots of 1958

The Notting Hill Riots lasted from Aug. 30 to Sept. 5 and led to the deaths of many Caribbean migrants in London at the time. Reports published by 20th Century London explained that a large number of Caribbean migrants were making their way to London and often found homes in poor neighborhoods — Notting Hill in North Kensington was the most popular destination. Eventually, the Notting Hill community had a strong presence of people from Trinidad and Barbados. Tensions rose between white working-class men and the Caribbean community they believed they were competing with. Violent acts against the Black community started sweeping the area. On Aug. 30, a group of about 400 white youths used petrol bombs and milk bottles to damage Black people’s homes and attempt to run the migrants out of the neighborhood.

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