7 Best Black TV Dads Of All Time

cosby-sweater_opt-1Dr. Heathcliff ‘Cliff’ Huxtable

The recent disturbing allegations about actor/comedian Bill Cosby’s personal life have been devastating to his legacy, which was largely created by the character Cliff Huxtable on the 1980s TV sitcom The Cosby Show. It was a landmark program that displayed an uplifting, successful Black family thriving and handling real-life issues, with Cliff as its comedic anchor. He disciplined with humor and wisdom. He loved his kids, each of whom presented different challenges, and his doting wife.


John-Amos-As-James-EvansJames Evans Sr.

Actor John Amos played the strong father of the Evans family living in a Chicago housing project in the 1970s hit sitcom Good Times. James was not formally educated, but he worked hard and disciplined his kids with not-so-idle threats, and he had that look that J.J., Thelma and Michael knew meant to do as he said. Still, James loved his wife, Florida, implicitly and their children. So he encouraged his three children while protecting them at all costs.

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