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Congressional Black Caucus Pushes Obama to Use Executive Action to Reduce Poverty and Incarceration Rates for Black Community

013013-topic-cbc-congressional-black-caucusWith Republicans in control of Congress, members of the Congressional Black Caucus met with President Obama at the White House earlier this week for a strategizing session during which the president promised to work with caucus members to lift more people out of poverty and to institute reforms in the criminal justice system that will stem the nation’s ridiculously high incarceration rate.

The expectations are extremely low for the president and the caucus to get anything of significance through Congress in this legislative environment, which is why the caucus asked the president to use legislative action. Poverty and criminal justice reform are two areas in which many people in the Black community have been disappointed that there hasn’t been more progress during the Obama administration.

CBC chairman Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), in a press conference after the meeting, said the caucus members asked Obama to use executive action to help the members send federal funds to nearly 500 U.S. counties with persistent poverty rates of 20 percent or more that has maintained for 30 years or more.

“He told us that he fully understands the challenges that we face and he’s willing to work with us and find creative ways to address poverty in these communities. We were very pleased with his response,” Butterfield said.

In the area of criminal justice reform, the chairman said they had “a very robust conversation.”

“Not only about police misconduct and prosecutorial misconduct, but the need to reform the whole criminal justice system and to try to find creative ways of reducing the incarceration rate,” Butterfield said.

Butterfield said they emphasized that “body cameras are not going to get the job done.” We need “ways of getting better officers on the street…with community policing and sensitivity training.”

Butterfield said the president “gets it” and pledged that U.S. attorney general-nominee Loretta Lynch will work with the lawmakers to reach these goals—if she can get through her Senate confirmation.

“President Obama has 23 more months in office and the CBC is committed to making sure he can finish strong on behalf of the communities we represent and on behalf of the nation,” New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries said during an appearance on News One Now. “Although the economy has improved significantly under this president, it still has a ways to go. African-American unemployment numbers are still disproportionately high.”

Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin said New Jersey Senator Cory Booker was present at the meeting and that Booker has been working on criminal justice reform in the Senate with Republicans who realize that the astronomical incarceration rate is “busting the budget.”

The Voting Rights Act, the state of HBCUs, federal student loans and the economic recovery were among the additional topics that the caucus discussed with the Obama, according to Butterfield, who said they impressed upon the president that while the recovery is “indisputable, Black America continues to be in a state of emergency.”

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2 thoughts on “Congressional Black Caucus Pushes Obama to Use Executive Action to Reduce Poverty and Incarceration Rates for Black Community

  1. Talk about being racist! The CBC is noting BUT racist. Wanting everything their way cause of being African American!

  2. Today is the 50th aniversary of the death of Malcolm X. After all the talking he did to black people, 50yrs later we are still begging. We are still allowing others to control the voices we hear or dont hear. If black people unite and come together to resolve our own issues. First off, we already know the black man is always a target. Black women are 80% of head of household. Our power and existence is affected by just these two facts. In order to change things we have to understand, we cannot move forward without correcting this problem.

    We need to acknowledge the fact that we are a group of brainwashed, indoctrinated people. Everything we know came from the white man. I"m not saying that to be racist, I"m saying that because it is the truth. How did the decendents of the people who begun civilization become the people we are today. How did other groups enslave and oppress us. This is a discussion we should have. There is a root c cause and origin to every problem. We are an assimulated people in a country that was excluded from it's inception. When you look at the fact that we are not immigrants to this country but forced here, our names, culture, language and faith taken and replaced with everything European. They formed the way to think. When you oppressor provide the literature you read, the voices you hear or dont hear, the visiuals you see or dont see, thats a problem that must be corrected. We have to change the why we think and start thinking for ourselves. Right now we cant blink without the approval of that white man. That's called Mental slave
    We have to read about what is happening in the world because it does affec you. Read information from the voices that the powers dont want you to hear. John henrik Clark, Amos, Dr Ben, Fred Hampton, Ashsa Kiwesi, Robert F Williams.

    Let me talk about Robert F Williams for a minute. This is what I mean when I say the voices we hear or don't hear is controlled. The man was never on our radar. MLK and the civil rights movement was and is approved by white america. But Robert F Williams. The brotha from Monroe, NC wasnt hearing the nonviolece message coming from the approved civil rights movement. He said he had a right to protect his family against racist. He said if they pull a gun on him he will pull his gun on them. Checkout Robert F Williams Negroes With Guns. Dont let the title keep you from looking at it, its funny how he came up with that name. Again I,m not being racist. This is dealing with facts and history and if peoe ca't handle the truth and history, thats your problem.
    Stop eating the cheese

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