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10 Popular World Monuments You Probably Didn’t Know Were Racist


dt.common.streams.StreamServerEdmund Pettus Bridge — Selma, Alabama

The Edmund Pettus Bridge was the site of “Bloody Sunday” on March 7, 1965, when armed officers attacked peaceful civil rights demonstrators marching to Montgomery, the state capital. The National Historic Landmark (2013) is named after Pettus, a former Ku Klux Klan leader who fought for the Confederacy.


‘Rocky’ Statue — Philadelphia

The 8-foot-6 bronze statue of actor Sylvester Stallone, as Philadelphia’s favorite fictional fighter Rocky Balboa in boxing shorts and gloves, at the Art Museum makes Sam Evans cringe. A longtime civic leader and champion of African-American causes, Evans would banish the statue if he had his way“For what it represents, it has no place in America,” Evans said. “I think a statue should be erected to people who have achieved something. Like (one-time heavyweight boxing champions) Joe Louis or Jack Johnson.” Evans called the statue “racist” and said if it remains in the city, young people will look at it and “grow up thinking that the heavyweight champion was a white man.”

“Such things have a great impact on your mind when you’re young,” Evans said.

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21 thoughts on “10 Popular World Monuments You Probably Didn’t Know Were Racist

  1. I actually chuckled a bit after I read the headline, Damn can't even like the monuments anymore *sigh*

  2. This is such a racist white supremist world that we are living in. These sick twisted people honor the world's terrorists. They are truly the monsters of this planet…they are so inhuman…

  3. If you read about the Battle of Blood River, it was a near run thing for the Boer against the Mightiest native military force in in all of Trans Sahara Africa.

  4. …the writer of this article has clearly displayed the kind of racist beliefs responsible for centuries of slavery and hatred. this kind of charade has regularly been used to excuse some of the most heinous genocides in history. from Nelson Mandala's death squads to Joseph Stalin's purges. even the holocaust was predicated with rhetoric just like this.

  5. Andy Vord says:

    I love the very first monument that's "racist". The bridge in Selma, AL. It was named for the senator after construction finished in 1940!!! The name won't change with the times, and honestly most of the monuments in this "article " were named or dedicated long before the civil rights act passed in the u.s.

    So much for "journalism"

  6. Pete Parks says:

    Dear god. Iguess if I cut a fart that is racist also. Clouds are racist. Snow is racist. Copy paper is racist. Egg whites are racist. Culliflower is racist. You are a completly fucked up idiot.

  7. There's History behind everything, if more Asiatics knew the History behind these holidays they go broke for, they'd be rich from they're savings

  8. Al Zdenek says:

    Somewhere down below, Lyndon Johnson is laughing…..

  9. Tarik Tyler says:

    Nelson Mandela had death squads? Where is your proof?

  10. Tarik Tyler says:

    The writer completely missed the statue of Teddy Roosevelt in front of the museum of Natural History. The statue depicts Roosevelt sitting high on his horse like a conqueror while he's flanked by a Native American and what seems to be an African (possibly a slave) who are on foot.If that's not a testament to white supremacy I don't know what is.

  11. Tarik Tyler I'll just show you one of the more heinous acts.
    lets face it in 4 years Mandela's regime racked up a body count that would make the Third Reich proud. but that's common knowledge.

  12. I grew up in a small town in south central Kentucky. In my county was the Jefferson Davis monument honoring him as the president of the confederacy. It looks just like that Washington monument in D.C., but just not as tall. But yearly people from all of the south rally here with there confederate flags and kkk treat it as a shrine. Our high school mascot was is the rebels, with an old confederate soldier carrying a "rebel" flag. There's probably so many other racist monuments that this list could go on forever.

  13. Donte Hudson says:

    2 things: 1- why haven't blacks made a conservative effort to tear this sh*t down?? These monuments very existence is disgusting and hard to put up with.
    2nd: why every time I come to articles pointing out white people's sadistic ways, white people show up to defend the sh*t?

  14. Donte Hudson says:

    When sleezy white trash like you show up, we know this article did it's job… stay off the Crack pipe pops

  15. Donte Hudson says:

    Gtfoh…. death squads?

  16. Allan Reilly says: is reporting that the Statue of Liberty is on this list.

  17. Before final judgement of the Lancaster, Enland mounument:

    'Captured Africans' – Lancaster, UK – Civil Rights Memorials on Waymarking.com

    Description:Lancaster was the fourth largest slave port in Britain and around 200 voyages left the city in the eighteenth century. Between 1750 and 1790 alone Lancaster merchants were responsible for the forced transportation of approximately 24,950 Africans across the Atlantic and into slavery in the West Indies and the Southern States of America. Many local people are unaware of the importance of slavery to Lancaster. Much of its wealth came from the forced transportation of people, and the carrying of the resulting goods like sugar, mahogany and rum.STAMP worked with a number of artists, schools and community groups to increase public awareness of the slave trade and developed a series of commemorative events and performances from 2003-2005 which culminated in a permanent memorial to the Africans who were transported on board Lancaster ships. The project made links to continuing issues of global inequity and poverty by highlighting issues of Fair Trade/Slave Trade.The memorial was conceived and developed by Manchester-based artist Kevin Dalton-Johnson with support from mosaic artists Ann McArdle and young people involved in the programme of activities. "Captured Africans provides a place to pause and think, a place for quiet reflection on the human cost of this history and its legacy."It is on the quay adjacent to the old rail bridge, and near the new Millennium Bridge across the River Lune. Along the quay are the warehouses used for the goods from the Triangle Trade. Many are now flats, but the outsides look much the same. There is also a very interesting museum about Lancaster's maritime past.The sculpture reflects the decks of the ships that carried the people, with various cargoes in perspex blocks. The front stainless steel column lists many of the ships that sailed from this quay and the number of slaves they picked up in Africa. A mosaic shows the origins and destinations. The statue was unveiled on Columbus Day, October 10th 2005.Kevin Dalton-Johnson, says "Historical accounts focus on the slaves, but do not focus enough on the Slave Trade itself. For this reason, I have chosen to focus on the Slave Trade and put the Slave Trade itself on exhibition as an exhibit."See:University of Lancaster STAMP site: (visit link) Lancaster City Council site: (visit link)

  18. it was… they took it off. Look at the very top. While they removed Lady Liberty from the list after numerous reveals of the falsehood of the claim, they forgot to remove :Lady Liberty" from their tagged list.

  19. The originl tile also said, "11" world monuments.

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