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36 thoughts on “What These Scientists Uncover About the First Migration Out of Africa and the Areas Blacks Populated Is Astounding

  1. Truths are slowly but sure being exposed from global racism to the truth about the origin of humanity. Keep up the great research Atlanta Black Star.

  2. Shawn Mc says:

    why didn't they show more of the video, its as if they took one clip out the movie lol.

  3. Atlanta Black Star pisses me off because they never tell you what documentary the video is from so you can look for it yourself.

  4. The video source…the rest of it? Thank you for showing but we need the whole documentary cited.

  5. Ashton Blake says:

    Hey guys here is the link, all you guys had to do is type in the title of the video on YouTube. Here is the link:

  6. Interesting documentary… we know Australopithecus evolved well over a 2+million years ago in Africa from within the Congo and the find of the latest ancient being in an Ethiopian boy rivaling even Lucy age is epic when we're linking migration esp along the Nile river in Africa as being the birthplace of mankind!!! One of the Indian scientist tried to suggest some outlandish theory that the first human May have innate evolution out of Asia first (#FALSE!!!)… The India government are doing to those ancient Onge and Jarwawa people just what the greedy ASS British did to every other island and some mainland indigenous people around the world by trying to give them cheap trinkets and pigs for an opportunity to exploit the people and then take their lands, in which causing modern day man to inflict their nasty diseases on the ancient people etc!!! What I'm reduced to in thought is that anyone who isn't African mental(spiritual) and physical stock ARE a greedy, insecure, sociopathic parasite people to the planet! Always wanting more and taking others lands because they can't cohabitate with the world and make the best of what they have without imposing on others… (We especially KNOW India is one of the most overpopulated continents on the planet because their evolution to balance their lifestyle for their people is failing, so just like the Europeans they're island hopping like bandits destroying civilization for others)!!!! Whites and Asian dissent people are very profound/guilty of that throughout the planet!!!! Just can't live in harmony with these psychotic people!!!

  7. Hank Wilson says:

    What that video is saying is that the Africa ethnic blacks people were not the first Out of Africa, but that it had to be the Black Asianoid people. Because as our lying EYES can see that these Black-Negroid (Black "Asians") people's DNA is older than the Black African DNA. Now, tell me this, don't White Supremacy just confused the hell out of you…please, I am LOL.

    To me, they still look like Negroids, no matter where their origin on this planet originated. Or, maybe the White Racist are trying to say that race and ethnicity do not have color are nolonger synonomous anymore…

  8. Hank Wilson says:

    They're trying to re-direct the truth to another Locus, though with the same ethnic group of of people by calling them indirectly Asians…lol. Please read between the lines. They're mixing facts with their miss-leading racist intention. First the Twentieth Century racist anthropologists said man originated from more than one locations on this planet, and that is why there are so many human beings with different racial charcteristics. Then the science of DNA came of age and put that racist lie into the "dustbin of history." Now it's another racist misguided attempt to dis-entangle Africans from the world. However, this time I will believe 'My Lying Eyes!'

  9. Research Dr York, Dr Ben, Cheik Anta Diop, Ivan van sertima

  10. For all those that want to see the entire documentary. It's called "First Out of Africa" Here is the link on youtube.

  11. To your point, race and ethnicity never were synonymous…but supremacists would like us to think so.

  12. Hank Wilson says:

    Cheik Anta Diop, he was a great scientist..,standing above and beyond his peers

  13. Ray Lesene says:

    The myths that African was always an uncivilized nation was European propaganda to take control of the world with violence, lies and destruction. The so-called Greek intellectuals who supposedly started civilization ALL STUDIED in Africa. Believe it or NOT "Socrates" one of these so-called Greek intellectual was AFRICAN, as much many Euro-centric scholars will NOT admit, but new science are starting to destroy those lies that been placed in history books and feed to the American people for decades. There is a documentary that tells the UNTOLD story of Africa and it people and their achievements and contributions to the world that has been destroyed and hidden from the world for hundreds of years, that documentary is called "Hidden Colors". It is important that all African-Americans that the time to view this documentary it will open your eye to just HOW MUCH of your history you have been denied.

  14. Shawn Mc says:

    clearly you never researched different african dictators because they are no different exploiting their own people for gain.

    the simple fact is its man nature to explore and exploit a weaker person if given the opportunity, all nations are built on exploitation.

  15. Shawn Mc says:

    the video is not criticizing the out of africa theory its just stating that a earlier migration came out of africa and isolated itself on those islands.

  16. Shawn Mc says:

    Hank Wilson they been isolated on those islands for hundreds of thousands of years, they only bred with each other.

  17. Hank Wilson says:

    Shawn Mc, in the video, the female researcher said that those people "are Asian." So, are those people now going to be given a new ethnic classification; for example Negroid/Asianroid? The researchers just need to cut all the bull-crap and spit it out. Because it's obvious to us all, that those people are Negroid ethnicity and it's just that simple my friend. If they, the scientists are now changing the definition of what a Negroid is based on geographic position, then I am sure one or two peer reviews should be in order. Anyways, just google Negroid or do an online library inquiry…you will find yourself.

  18. Shawn Mc says:

    Hank Wilson you may need to look at the clip again because she never said that.

    she said they were one of the earliest groups that migrated out of africa and in parts of asia today we got representations of these early migrations.

    you do understand that they didn't mix with any other groups and they were isolated, its in their DNA so no one can manipulate such data.

  19. Hank Wilson says:

    Shawn Mc, the researcher, she's no Gerald Massey…ain't that the truth,

  20. Hank Wilson says:

    Deuheuna duri…just saying, know what I mean?

  21. Negroid? only WHITE RACIST people use that term. I am not a negro and have never been one. Those people migrated out of Alkebulan over 60,000 years ago. The birthplace of man is in Alkebulan or (Africa). Their DNA is closely related to the so called pygmies.

  22. There's some truth in your statement, however AFRICANS didn't seek to conquer people, there was no innate need to do that outside of Africa in a gruesome stance like the Caucasoids because Africa provided all our needs then some!!!! #fact #wakeup #African #conscious

  23. Hank Wilson says:

    "He's right you know," and is 100% correct too!!

  24. Mandy Reed says:

    All the Euro lies are collapsing like a Jenga tower. I'm enjoying their continued "chimpout" on being Egyptians, despite new melanin testing technology on the mummies and the Afro picks found. When they get into British Nobility, they will lose their minds. #RBG

  25. Hank Wilson says:

    Another thing, maybe if those scientists had took the time to ask a few questions of those people, on that island, about the changes that the earth is currently going through. Most likely they would have gotten a pleasant answer.

  26. Hank Wilson TRUE he helped develop the use of the carbon activated method of indentifying bones, fossils and artifacts to determine the origins and age of our ancestors.One of his great books was The African Origins of Civilization.

  27. Not sure how old this video footage is, but this is NOT new news. I was just telling my co-worker yesterday about these groups of people who settled the area nearly 40,000 years ago.

    We were talking about how DIFFERENT these people look. My co-worker said she can tell the difference, I certainly can tell, especially because I come from these people. I am Polynesian and my ancestors were from that area, DNA points to that area for me not only in my mother who is also Polynesian but my father who was Filipino. The Philippines have their own groups of people too, the Mamanwa in the region where my paternal grandparents were from, who to me look very similar to Melanesians and Fijians. Then there is the Aeta and OTHER groups who were in the Philippines way before the second mass migration of Southeast Asians moved into the archipelago nearly 4,000 years ago.

    These things need to be in history books and should NOT be a surprise to anyone anymore!

  28. Shawn Mc Although the clip focuses on those islands of Indonesia, there are others in that area into the Philippines and I thought Malaysia had their own people too, and of course near Oceania too.

  29. Hank Wilson watch it again, she did not say that they were Asians. She talked about comparing the (DNA) trees. And "negroid" is such an archaic term! And it's not an ethnicity. It's not that they're changing these terms, but trying to get people like you to understand that those archaic terms are not so accurate.

  30. Thanks for finding this!

  31. There were three linages that came out of Africa. I did the Genome stud with National Geogaphic and the Great Migration. It showed my route out of Africa through Iran around through England and Portugal. Which made me think my Ancestors that came to America came from the Portugese colonies off the west coast of Africa. I plan to up grade and do further study.

  32. Hank Wilson says:

    When I lived in the Philipines I worked with some of the "Negrito" people and had many friends too. I looked exactly like them, except that I was 2 1/2 time their size…lol. I never had a good family up bringing in Mississippi, and they were the best family. Anyways, they're the original Filipino People, then the Asians and spanish mixed in with many of them, therefore on the other end of the spectrum you have another ethnic group which today is known as the "Filipinos people,"

  33. Shawn Mc says:

    Shamal Addison to say africans didn't seek to conquer people is wrong, africa is a continent with many different counties, tribes , languages and customs.
    the zulus slaughtered hundreds of different tribes and thousands of people on their quest to control land in south africa, tribes would war with different tribes in many countries in africa for land and status, then they would sell their slaves for weapons or trinkets, north african moors conquered spain for some time.

    this is human nature.

  34. Ray Exline says:

    Shawn Mc

    Gosh, your so right..

    Internally or externally it's still morally disgusting.. Even if you want to label all caucasoids the same. No one likes lables.. *Good Day*

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