5 Radical Leaders Who Influenced Bob Marley’s Message of Liberation and Justice for Black People

I have a propensity for radical self-expression. In the words of dedicated activist and educator Dr. Angela Davis, “Radical simply means to grab something at its root.” My own work as a writer and self-expression advocate is rooted in the energies of women like Davis, and the many others — known and unknown — whose legacies course through my veins. Those energies carry themselves through each generation, landing in the souls of people who are either destined or determined to speak the truths and make a difference in the world.


Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley was one of the conduits of that energy. On this, the 70th anniversary of Bob Marley’s birth, I celebrate the radical roots that helped grow the movement toward liberation and civil rights for Black people.

Here are some quotes from five of the men who help comprise Bob Marley’s roots. These influential leaders are among those who helped form the environment that gave Marley access and encouragement to create and express through music.

By: Akilah Richards

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