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7 thoughts on “If You’ve Heard Someone Say the Term ‘Colored’ Is Just a Word, You Have to See This Compelling Explanation to the Contrary

  1. 'Coloured' is also a word I am not comfortable with. I agree it has negative connotations due to the history that is attached to it. Black is empowering.

  2. Unless you are in South Africa, they seem to like it and so therefore, I am even more confused.

  3. If WHITE is a colour, then, by definition, so called WHITES are PEOPLE OF COLOUR, too. I mean, everyone is some colour. I know a lot of people, who are definitely brown but are called BLACK. I think the identification of people, by colour, is just a poli-trick and a device, used by certain people, to steal and own other peoples lands and properties. A good example is, AFRIKAANERS, who are EUROPEANS, falsely claiming to be AFRICANS, so they can own us and our lands and properties. Other examples are, EGYPTIANS, AMERICANS, AUSTRALIANS, etc, etc.

  4. I would live to watch this video but this Activia commercial with the lady and dog keeps looping..:(

  5. color book , them use crayon to form a image..coloured people were not allowed to express with the crayon.. custis Mayfield color him father..

  6. In South Africa, "Coloured" is a race or ethnicity in itself with its own culture, beliefs and traditions. Coloured and Black cannot be identified as single people. What we call Coloured here is what might be referred to as "mixed race" elsewhere. So there are Black, White, Coloured, Indian, Asian (used as a regional grouping) etc people in South Africa.

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