Bobbi Kristina Showing Signs of Improvement Though Doctors Fear Neurological Damage

Bobbi Kristina in a coma Bobbi Kristina Brown is showing signs of improvement after she was found face down in a bathtub over the weekend, but reports have also surfaced suggesting that police may have found drugs in the home after taking a second look.

It didn’t seem like the late Whitney Houston and R&B star Bobby Brown’s 21-year-old daughter would make a recovery when she was initially admitted into the hospital and placed in a medically induced coma, but the Houston family is holding on to hope now that the young star is showing signs of improvement.

According to TMZ, Bobbi Kristina has been able to “move her eyes” and the swelling on her brain has started to go down.

Oxygen levels in her brain have also increased significantly since Sunday.

The bad news is that doctors said she went several minutes without getting any oxygen to her brain and this could possibly result in serious neurological damage.

As the family continues hoping that Bobbi Kristina will make a full recovery, police are pushing forward with their investigation in hopes to figure out what exactly led to the drowning in the first place.

Reports suggest that drugs actually may have been a factor. An initial search of Bobbi Kristina’s Georgia home didn’t reveal any illegal substances but that may not be the case now.

While it has not been confirmed, TMZ reported that officers went back to the home a second time and seized something that may have been an illegal substance or drug-related in some way.

Bobbi Kristina in a coma After looking at the criminal history of Maxwell Lomas, a friend of Bobbi Kristina’s, investigators have even more reason to believe that drugs were in the home at some point.

Lomas, along with Bobbi Kristina’s husband Nick Gordon, reportedly discovered her in the bathtub and alerted authorities.

Lomas has a troubling criminal history but his involvement with drugs didn’t show any record of any illegal substance outside of marijuana.

The latest reports claim Lomas has been arrested multiple times for possession of a firearm, a knife in committing a crime, possession and intent to distribute marijuana and consumption of alcohol in a wildlife management area in 2011.

Later, in 2012, he was arrested again after violating his probation.

The Houston family released a statement saying that “Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life and is surrounded by immediate family.”

Her father Bobby has also requested for “privacy during this difficult time.”


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