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8 Ways The Ugly Remnants of Apartheid Still Exist in South Africa

When Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first Black president in 1994, his ascent was celebrated worldwide and represented a change in the country’s hateful apartheid system that rendered Black South Africans segregated and less than human. Perhaps Mandela’s biggest challenge was to bring reconciliation to a country that, since 1652, had been white-ruled and Black-oppressed. The rural, white-run towns around the major cities would be the hardest to change. Twenty-one years after Mandela’s victory, while South Africa as a whole is a dynamic place that boasts some of the most beautiful territory on Earth, remnants of apartheid still exist in numerous ways.

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4 thoughts on “8 Ways The Ugly Remnants of Apartheid Still Exist in South Africa

  1. How can racists go to sleep at night? That must be a strong drug…..

  2. easy! you see if someone condition their minds to hate then that becomes easy. with the absence of remorse and shame , the sky's the limit to the evil minds and ain't no stopping them now. where there is fear comes prejudice, where there is weakness then becomes a need for entitlement and this is the case of a white supremacist. they felt the need to dominate because of an inferior complex and self awareness runs deeper than hate thus, what comes out of this kind of mindsets is denial, rejection and pure hate. A white supremacist's hopes are in his guns, without it he's pretty much extinct."the strong man isn't one that can over power his opponents but, he that can control his anger" (Muhammad pbh).

  3. South Africans have a race complex. Its called Skin colours.

  4. 22 years of post apartheid in south Africa doesn't erase three centuries of the most inhumane system of human subjection in the history of the world. This is why Europe is suffering, Cause the most high said that he would make a full end of the nations where he has scattered us but not make a full end of us. And he's doing that now. But it's not happening overnight, it's a process. Blacks in south Africa have made gains but there is still a ways to go. Its gonna take another century and a lot of international investment particularly from African-American entrepreneurs and successful black business owners to open businesses and create jobs to transfer the wealth from European to African hands. But rest assured, it will happen.

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