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86 thoughts on “Whatever You Have Heard About the Destruction of Black Wall Street is Nothing Compared to These Gory Details Of This Little Known Terrorist Attack

  1. Raheem Hester says:

    POwerfuL,PoWerful cinematic details into a small glimpse of the ongoing Afrikan holocaust.

  2. Jay Contreras says:

    THIS is the true history of this country. And ain't NOTHING changed about the mindset. That same blaming 'black agitators' is still a favorite. And now they use bioweapons against us instead of dropping actual bombs. Oh wait, let us not forget Philly and the MOVE. In what other instances in this country's history have they dropped bombs on so-called 'citizens'?

  3. White people evil as phuk!

  4. I ask the whiteman: what did these black fresh out of slavery to to justify this satanic GENOCIDE from you all?

  5. The same animals want to tell you how to dress, speak their language, worship their God and keep hating yourselves, before they kill you.

  6. Now, this is classic!

  7. We charge genocide! They been doing this since they came out the cave. They gotta repent!

  8. I'd like to see the entire video.

  9. How many got chills when the little boy now an old man described the bodies in the coffins? Did you see the FEMA Camps black coffins? You can fit five bodies in their. Watch out around the "Blood Moon" on the 4th of April of this year. I hear they're firing up CERN on the 15th of March two week before the Full Blood Moon.

  10. Radar Long says:

    The 'no-go' zone is not that far away historically. The advantage today is information can escape.

  11. Amerikkka isnt shit and itll never be shit they still don't want us to be self contained and they hate us for the little crubs we have now may Allah destroy the being s that cause mischief on this planet……

  12. This is a case that Professor Charles Ogletree [A Civil Rights Attorney and Harvard Professor] BLEW by going into the Federal Court with a LAWSUIT…Of course, it was DISMISSED and he stopped…..HOWEVER, we are looking to REVIVE these ACTS of GENOCIDE and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in a INTERNATIONAL COURT…. Cases like this are INTERNATIONAL Torts not DOMESTIC…Why… 2 Reasons…1. The United States is a DEFENDANT..Here, the National Guard was Involved, and the Police…THIS IS STATE ACTION…..SECONDLY, Crimes against Humanity and Genocide are International Crimes…Not Domestic…and of Course, a CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY from HARVARD..would never sue the U.S in a International Court…..and that is the truth..Ruth.

  13. Cecil Max-George If you understand they have been doing this since they came out of the Caucus mountains, why would you think they CAN repent or change? They are our cautionary tale and are I believe, programmed to do what they do. In their own way, they are doing God's will. The question is: will WE HEED the cautionary tale?

  14. The devil is a LIAR. This wasn't a riot, this was a terrorist attack against a people who were minding their own business bothering NO ONE. They were angry that we were independent and thriving.

  15. And the philly was black too…an uncle tom.

  16. Look at what our people have suffered…

  17. At 4:46. The newspaper headline says "Black Agitators Blamed For Riot" "Bishop Mouzon cites visit of Radical Negro as one Cause of Battle" keep watching… get real close so you can read the first words of the article: "That the visit of Doctor Dubois, editor of a magazine for negroes, The Crisis, some time ago, may have had a bearing upon the…. (it cuts off there.) So they were blaming the guy with the Harvard Ph.D., the guy who won the prize for the best Ph.D. dissertation the year he earned his degree. But I'll say one thing has changed. At least today Du Bois would be a celebrated international intellectual. He would have an endowed chair a one of the top universities and be on television all the time.

  18. Fact is, the laws, were made by racist white men, for white man at a time when the Black man was still a slave, and therefore, not human, to them – That's why they like talking about, 'upholding traditions'.

    For anything positive to come out of this whole mess, a new constitution needs to be drafted by representatives of all races that make America what it is. The way things are right now, you will keep marching, and replacing scowling racists with smiling ones, till eternity.

    In a traditionally racist system, one doesn't necessarily have to be racist, to appear racist – it comes with the territory, and everyone in the territory has some level of stench on them.

  19. Same racists that went into South Africa on behalf of America and help to draw up the constitution there that threw blacks back into the prehistoric age. Zulus, Shona, and Ndebelle have been destroyed by whites with bioweapons, (AIDS) and systemic poverty and the worst atrocity of white god.

  20. But whites don't believe this happened, they say its a lie and we complain too much. never forget this. We must rid ourselves of their influence. Remain conscious and on guard and they can never deceive you. They are ALL suspect. I don't care if they married to a Black or have 1/2 black kids. All suspects.

  21. Jay Contreras I am not interested in an apology or want one. they are no longer relevant to me. I am for economic empowerment and nation building and black autonomy. I can show you better than I can tell you. Showing them our strength of building once again. But this time we must do this through Black owned businesses and communities.

  22. Very true bro, let the truth be told.

  23. Kimani Ernest A real grown man doesn't let another man tell them what to to.

  24. Blacks can't be conservative. To conserve White Tyranny is about as stupid as you can get. Even when you see their world falling. Don't vote to conserve more abuse. Jews always pushing a race war. How many more of us do they plan on killing? I wonder why they have the King Alfred plan.

  25. Tara Ellerbe says:

    Yes they do, when they have weapons, and guns and planes. LOL! Blacks kill me thinking they can win without weapons.

  26. I love brother Martin Luther King for his belief on non-violence. However, I am in love with Malcolm X's philosophy of being non-violent towards those who are non-violent towards me!

  27. Cecil Max-George does that make all blacks angels?

  28. BWIRE,,,OR W O M A N

  29. Bwire Vincent
    The key is to be knowledgeable of your rights. For them it is not about being a real man. Their goal is genocide.

  30. Emotionally, I'm fine…however, mentally and psychologically, this broke my heart.

    After HEARING a narrative about the events of Black Wall Street for the first time, it will be nearly impossible for me to take any american of European descent seriously when they voice being concerned about TERRORISM, domestic, abroad, or otherwise.

    They have attempted to erase ALL of the atrocities of the last 4 centuries, especially the 20th century, hide their hands, play the victim and act like it never happened.

    However, that's not all. On the flip side of the coin they have taken every single opportunity, since televiisons made it into homes, to paint black people (especially black males) as the dregs and pariahs of society.

    Now, what's more dangerous: people who rebel and fight back because they have been treated like inaminate objects throughout much of modern history or a people so insecure in who they are on this earth, that they will attack the EARNED PROSPERITY UNDER DURESS of another people UNPROVOKED?

    You be the jduge!


  32. Jankeepingitreal Positive-Pruit That's just the problem; you don't have rights – you even have to beg to be Black.

  33. Vernita Nash says:


  34. Tara Ellerbe What do you call the situation in Chicago – the knockout games?

    Blacks (if at all, you are Black), like you scare me, more than the weapons and planes you are talking about.

  35. Cheryle Munroe Hunter Don't forget that it's the American (C.I.A.), that arrested Nelson Mandela.

  36. Cheryle Munroe Hunter Don't forget that it's the American (C.I.A.), that arrested Nelson Mandela.

  37. Cecil Max-George You mean, impostors?

    Because, there's no such thing as, 'White Jew'.

  38. Jaymes Watson No, but it proves that the Black race is truly angelic.

  39. That's this corrupt country for you,even today we are doing it why haven't Bush and his cabinet arrested for crimes against humanity for the lies about Iraq this country was built spilling the blood of others,hense the native Americans"genocide"history hide that.

  40. All the land that were taken by whites from blacks are being handed down today to their grand/great grand kids. Whites will get on television today, and say how hard they have work to get what they have when it was stolen and given to them.

  41. Whites say this never happen because they don't want the World to see just how EVIL they really are.

  42. Altha Cutright… or, how Black man led a better life as a slave…

  43. Whites have always done evil crap and point their finger at a black man. We all know they are the biggest liars in this country and will do anything to get what you have if they want it.

  44. Wow! Very powerful information on this video
    I'm speechless right now………………

  45. I have yet to find one thing good about white folks when it comes to the global African populous, both then and now.

  46. Tony Taybron says:

    What's this bullcrap? A game? That's messed up they used Black Wall Street to promote a game.


  48. David Turner says:

    They're God, is not God.

  49. This shit makes me want to get at them. BAD!!!!!

  50. Proud of my ppl though. They needed those planes in order to win. Scary pos

  51. The movie "Rosewood" was inspired by this horrific stain on America!

  52. See the evil they do if we unit n grow wealth they kill us…we'll prevail

  53. How can black politicians in America support similar terrorism on people in foreign lands?

  54. Freddy West says:

    The closest thing to the devil is apparent for all to see…the pink folk or 'whites; as they like to call them, selves. SMH

  55. deep bruh, that's the truth, scowling to smiling.

  56. John Allen says:

    Rosewood is another town done the same way…

  57. Bwire Vincent I know you mean well, but your suggestion that the remedy is by way of a NEW constitution of ALL races is not well thought out…. The REMEDY is that we [African NATIVE PEOPLE] make our own Constitution out of the REALIZATION that we have the RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION…and Self-determination means just that..That we will determine and make the determinations not an ALL RACE Constitution….that is what we SUPPOSEDLY have now..and it does not work. WHY? Because the people with the MONEY [JEWS and their Banking empire] run the country's politics.

  58. You're right I looked it up! Back in the day when the movie came out they were denying it even existed!

  59. You're right I looked it up! Back in the day when the movie came out they were denying it even existed!

  60. Dmj Adams says:

    How is this called a riot? This is terrorism at it best, the way only white America can do.

  61. I'm from FL and Rosewood definitely happened, if you go to college and you have any ties to Rosewood and you are African American, you get a government stipend to help with college, but it doesn't even take care of the whole thing.

  62. Bitter much?

    It's no wonder Democrats are able to keep blacks on the plantation of dependence and resentment.

    Rehearsing this tragedy, over and over, and thereby cultivating perpetual grievances, is emotionally crippling, if not stupid.

  63. Olivia Magee says:

    Inherently evil! What did Malcolm X call them, white devils. You can see it in their eyes.

  64. And on top of all of this when we demand REPARATIONS these sick and twisted mutha phukkkaz deny is and try to play is as beggars sauing shit like: "get over it"! Elijah Muhammad was right.

  65. Thank you for picking up this case, not just for the monetary of the family's that lost everything and the love one's killed in this terrorism act, but also to stop white history from lying on BLACK HISTORY IN THIS COUNTRY! I read about this act some twenty years ago printed out copies handed them out and told any and everyone that would listen. White's have kill us for no other reason but our skin color, our talent, music, ect.

  66. Cheryle Munroe Hunter I like what your saying and I wish black people could see that, I 'm not saying we should hate them, but they are always suspect always!

  67. If you're caught off by this horrific act by europeans, you may wanna research MOVE 6 in Philadelphia, you may wanna research those Africans who've settled in the Battery Park area in N.Y. during the underground railroad movement, you may wanna research what the British did to the indigenous Mau Mau in Kenya, what the British did to the indigenous Tasmanians of Tasmania….. #Reasearch. No one is professing hate but understand historically the European has always been an enemy Africans globally cannot co exist with.

  68. Ansel Walker says:

    Elijah Muhammad must have had 'wahi'.This is the neanderthal grafted man.

  69. So what are all you BLACK AMERICANS going to do about BLACK WALLSTREET?? It can be revived, is being sold to Countries overseas.

  70. Terrorism and ethnic cleansing are as American as apple pie & sugar frosted flakes! Segregation & degradation could only be enforced by violence!

  71. Don't get it twisted, though. White people have done some bad things to us, too.

  72. I wonder how great Black Wall Street would be today if we hadn't shown up in the white part of town with guns when it was full of psycho crackers fresh back from world war 1.

  73. That mind-set is alive and well in 2015!

  74. Mia Rose says:

    Whites and Blacks were ALREADY segragated, thing is…whites HATED the success of Blacks, so they destroyed it all, and not one White person paid for it, no reparations, nothing, due to the fact that the government assisted in this racist, white supremacy bullshit…but lets remember those Jews. smh

  75. Mia Rose says:

    Yeah, we should remember those Jews. smh

  76. the video never played……what the hell is black wall street? never heard of it

  77. Clif Steward says:

    cowering with their non violent head in the sand .

  78. Clif Steward Sorry, but my family was forced from their homes and were forced to come to America. They didn't foster a resentment against those who stole all they owned. Those who fail to forgive, also just fail in life.

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