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3 thoughts on “The School To Prison Pipeline Is Very Real For Young Black Kids, So Here’s An Articulate Answer On What To Do About It

  1. what a joke, racism is just as bad in school because we have racist, bigot teachers. here in Virginia had to get ready to kit this teacher ass for trying to make my dau feel bad but after switching teacher she still have her A average so yes some teacher are racist and play it out in the class room and on your child grades so parents WATCH out for your KIDS.

  2. And they both know it Samuel -I hate the ways of those who cloke the hatred of our enemies for us -they will be handled with in the same!

  3. If you're kid's don't get the first 12 year's of basic fundamentals down there will be obstacles for that kid. People need to focus more on the first 12 years basic foundation.

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