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Beverly Johnson’s Former Manager Says She Lied About Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Accusations

Only a few weeks after former model Beverly Johnson claimed she had been targeted by Bill Cosby as he allegedly sexually assaulted young Hollywood hopefuls, her former manager is breaking his silence and insisting that Johnson made up the entire story.

When Johnson sat down on The View to share her story of alleged sexual abuse at the hands of Bill Cosby, it seemed to put the proverbial nail in the comedy legend’s coffin.

Now, it seems, Johnson’s story might not quite add up.

Her former manager Don Gibble says the beauty told him about her meeting with Cosby many times in the past and it never included any claims of sexual assault.

In fact, he says Cosby’s wife was also at the brunch and that Johnson said she enjoyed the entire encounter.

“She said she had brunch with him and his wife, and it was a great experience,” Gibble told The Daily Caller. “And then on ‘The View,’ it flip-flopped.”

Gibble has known Johnson for more than two decades and said he was shocked to see her change her story in the midst of the growing controversy.

“It was odd to me that she changed her story,” he continued. “She said [she was] drugged and raped. I just remember that was not the conversation we had. And we had it repeatedly.”

To be clear, Johnson never blatantly said that Cosby raped her but she did say it was a great possibility.

Johnson insisted that her memory was blurry after she sipped on a cappuccino that Cosby offered her.

Either way, Gibble said the story was completely different than the one he had been told for so long.

“It was brunch,” he said. “It was just one time. It was a typical nice pleasant experience. It can be easily proven that Camille Cosby was at that brunch, so it was kind of dumb for her to lie.”

Outside of that brunch, Johnson allegedly told Gibble that she never really saw Cosby again unless they ran into each other at other functions.

According to Gibble, she even listed Cosby as someone she hoped to work with again in the future.

“Basically, she only had a good experience with him, so if he had been producing something at that time, I could have easily called that office and gotten her an appointment,” he said.

It isn’t clear which party is telling the truth but it’s certainly enough to have some people thinking twice about Johnson’s story.

With roughly 30 other sexual assault allegations on the table, however, one allegedly false account certainly won’t be enough to help Cosby wriggle his way out of public condemnation.


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108 thoughts on “Beverly Johnson’s Former Manager Says She Lied About Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Accusations

  1. Jewish people will give Black women money to sell Black men out. She needs to apologize. He was trying to promote Black Families. Some of you are so caught in interracial marriage that you would kill your seed, because you hate being Black. They degrade your images everyday, and you love these people. Shot your own kind down in the street and you still love the propaganda being shown to you. We love Scandal, we love how White people rape our minds. And you wonder why Micheal Jackson got killed. They don't really don't care about us.

  2. Mohammed Ahmed Muniser-saleh says:

    smh, this will be one of many.

  3. sell out, more like black mail.

  4. the taste of glory, the thirst for fame are two devastating characteristics of greed. thus when we look at these once upon a time used to being in the spotlight , washed, outdated bitches, we find that their hunger is still on high. I have few words for them, GO AWAY , YOUR TIME HAD PASSED. leave mr huckstable(mr cosby) alone.

  5. Not a fucking surprise Ive been calling it out for months.

  6. Sean Danconia says:


  7. Omar Little says:

    Innocent until proven guilty, no matter how many greedy women come forward making claims, he is innocent until he is proven guilty.

  8. Jordan Allen says:

    More racism does not solve anything.

  9. Sean Danconia says:

    The best quote is "You don't fight an evil by adopting and practicing it".

    Each man or woman deserves to be judged by their actions and values. Even if 99% of people are wrong, you should still strive to do the right thing and use reason – not tribalism – to judge individuals. Skin color is not relevant to a person's character nor is the collective genetics of their ancestors.

  10. Sean Danconia says:

    sorry I can't help point out the irony of using Facebook to attack "Jews" and people who may look "white" as the creator/owner of Facebook is um…well…a "white" Jew.

  11. Dave Gibson says:

    Cecil Max-George is Black Irish I think..

  12. Chris Sirias says:

    He is out. Women liars will burn in their own bullshit.

  13. How much did cosby pay for manager to come out with this

  14. Angie Jurgensen says:

    So, just because this woman didn't want to tell her manager for many years that she had been raped — just because she kept a secret like that to himself, because she didn't want to taint her career — and now, when other women came forward, she felt like it was her duty to come forward too, and that people would also believe her…. the fact that she kept her shame under wraps until now (as most rape victims are incredibly ashamed of what happened to them, as if it was somehow their fault)…… this somehow proves she is lying when she is finally coming clean and backing up the other victims? People. Give your head a shake. If you have never been a victim of a sexual abuse, you have NO IDEA of what you are talking about.

  15. Ivory Baker says:

    No such thing as a white Jew do some research. On another note telling black people to not see color is real irony because we have been trying to get other races to see that forever. Don't talk us to death talk to the ones who need it.

  16. Omar Little says:

    You just want him to be guilty so bad, don't you?
    Are you one of those kinds of black people he criticised?

  17. Tiffany Irwin says:

    Well, the last "victim" that said she was assaulted at the playboy mansion? It's been proven bill wasn't even in LA when she said it happened. As for Johnson, by defending her, your doing the actual victims of sexual assault or rape a very huge injustice. This feminist movement is making it ok to NOT report a rape, and they have redefined rape in such a way, it's downright ridiculous. And not to mention the UVA rape situation. That girl that said she was gang raped by 7 men? Investigators determined no such rape even occurred and even after people, group organizations she communicated with and the fraternity debunked what she said and called out her lie, she STILL insists she was raped. What women like you need to do? Is tell a woman that was really raped to report her attack. Not wait 20+ years when the courts can't do a damn thing about it and demand money. And people like you wonder why people think these women are lying.

  18. Judah Israel says:

    Sean Danconia theirs such thing as a white Jew.

  19. Angie Jurgensen says:

    Tiffany Irwin I stand by what I said. I am waiting to see what comes out of this mess, but in this particular instance, the manager's conclusions are naive at best.

  20. Someone has orchestrated this well planned attack on Bill. Shame on these ladies for participating in destroying this man and his family. May God have mercy on you.

  21. Tiffany Irwin says:

    Angie, go back to basics with this one, ok? The earliest victim was said that bill assaulted her in 1965. Do you know who Emmett Till is? He was a young kid that was brutally murdered for flirting/whistling at a white woman. That incident happened in 1955, just 10 years before the first alleged incident. Jim crow laws were still in effect until 1965. Martin Luther King Jr was also still alive. These women claim they didn't say anything because he's famous and didn't think no one would believe them. That's BS. He's a black man in the 60's and 70's. If the woman that said he touched her inappropriately in 1965, we wouldn't know Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable. He would still be sitting in a jail cell right now. America was still very much segregated when most of these women claim he touched them or assaulted them. He would have been thrown in jail immediately on those accusations simply because a black man tried to harm a white woman. And that's exactly what Bill's legal team is gonna say if this ever goes to court. Famous or not in those times, he would have been promptly arrested if the woman from 1965 said he touched her wrong. And he wasn't nowhere near as famous as he is now, he was just an ordinary comedian in those days.

  22. Jalil El Owaysi says:

    how would being raped "taint her career" exactly? lol… the women in my family older and younger all say they would immediately report to the cops anyone who raped or tried to rape them particularly when they KNOW WHO IT IS.

    how would it be a 'shame" on them? lol… what's the shame to report that you were raped? just have the man arrested its simple –unless of course IT NEVER HAPPENED…hmmmm.

    some of you feminists are so sick you make all women look silly sometimes with this tripe.

  23. Jalil El Owaysi says:

    Tiffany Irwin you are correct in my opinion—feminists make themselves look silly with this –and half of it is actually not even feminism —its RACISM.

    if this was harrison ford or sean connery being accused like this these white women would NOT be calling for his head —they'd be asking the very same relevant questions WE are asking.

    "why didn't they call the cops?' and "why has it now been revealed that the latest lady who says it happened 8 years ago was a prostitute and cosby was not even IN CALIFORNIA when she claims it happened?"

    majority of this is hatred of black people.

  24. Jalil El Owaysi says:

    show and prove and you will not have to ask.

  25. Jalil El Owaysi says:

    Tiffany Irwin and you are absolutely correct.

    he was no big deal in the 60s –he did not become really major until the cosby show in the 1980s… before that he was just another successful comedian.

    and yes he would have been fried if he was raping white women in the 60s and 70s lol.

    gimme a break.

  26. Jalil El Owaysi says:

    in my opinion the actual aim is to destroy BLACK PEOPLES IMAGE entirely.

    so who to attack? the most successful immaculate black images —cosby has always been one of those.

    if they destroy the image and relevance of Black People —then no one cares so much when white cops murder black unarmed boys and men —in fact white people will feel more and more that it is JUSTIFIED.

  27. Tiffany Irwin says:

    Jalil, it's not so much racism as it is feminism. Modern and radical feminism have tainted due process to a level where if a woman was truly a victim of sexual assault, people will walk into it thinking she's not telling the truth, and that's not because of a patriarchy, it's because of feminists. Colorado recently put out a report and roughly 49% of the rape accusations in that state is proven to be false. That's just Colorado. Think about the other 49 states. Modern feminism has made saying "hello" or "have a nice day" a form of harrasment. Feminism is telling women if you have consensual sex, and change your mind afterwards, you can say you was raped. Feminism told men they can't sit with their legs open on public transportation. Feminism started the #KillAllMen campaign. And feminism condemns any man that's accused of rape if he defends himself. The act of defending himself is viewed as misogynistic. And these same women blame men for their problems and scream oppression. No, the ones doing the oppressing is themselves. And those same feminists verbally assault and bully any woman that doesn't believe in their ideology, and their agenda has made it hard for women like me, who don't believe in modern feminism. Women like me will have to pay the price once modern feminism has crossed the line. Not them.

  28. Angie Jurgensen says:

    Tiffany Irwin Have you guys actually read all the allegations?

  29. Jay Contreras says:

    Brotha, I'd agree with you if Cosby didn't have the last 20 or so years of publicly debasing black people himself. Apparently, he doesn't think much of us either. All of his arrogance has just caught up with him. It's just that he's been so removed from the 'real world' of being black in this society for so long that he thought his fame and relative wealth could protect his wrongdoing. He, like Kobe, Jordan, MJ, Tyson, etc, etc..have found out WRONG. That snake make dance seductively while you provide whatever distraction you have to offer (usually a way to make them money) but don't ever forget it's true nature.

  30. Shaheed Shabazz says:

    Tiffany Irwin his wife Camile was there and can be proven, what more do you want. Bill Cosby never touched her. You see this is all a sham.

  31. Tiffany Irwin says:

    Angie, do you even know know how this started? It seems you feminists are under This impression that these women just got the courage one day and spoke out "what happened" to them. What started this whole thing was a comedian name Hannibal Burress. He's an up and coming comedian and during his routine, he said bill cosby wrote a book and he said "bill cosby telling men to be fathers to their kids, but he rapes women". Someone recorded the event and the media picked it up. A week later, here's the first "victim". These women didn't just say "I'm gonna speak out about what happened to me". A comedian figured he could say something controversial in hopes it could catapult his career. That obviously backfired on him, because every timeline of events, like the link you posted, doesn't reflect what the comedian said at all. Burress said himself he stands by what he said, but it was just jokes during his stand up and didn't think it would blow up to this magnitude. If these women were really raped and was so distraught by what happened to them, they wouldn't wait up to 40 damn years to report it, after the statute of limitations have come out, then demand $200 million dollars from him. Like I said before, your doing REAL RAPE VICTIMS a huge injustice. Because every rape victim from here on out is gonna be looked like a liar because of women like you condemning someone for something that can't even be remotely proven or a flat out lie, like the last victim. She said bill drugged her and was licking her toes. It's been proven he was in New york. So you can add that to your timeline of events. The real problem is someone being prosecuted and bullied by the courts of Public opinion. A woman says she was raped, women like you automatically assume she's telling the truth and when the men defends himself it's misogynistic. But, when it's proven she lied, nothing happens to her, but the man's reputation is forever tarnished because of some bitches looking for a come up. You better jump off that bandwagon before it goes over the cliff.

  32. Angie Jurgensen says:

    Tiffany Irwin Actually, you are misinformed. He settled cases before because of rape accusations. The reason WHY the comedian made the jokes and the media ran with it is because this has been going on since 2005. Back in 2005, Bill Cosby was a beloved part of American culture, and no one wanted to damage the image. I think you shouldn't worry about my bandwagon, or my "feminism" either. First time I have been called that — under your context, I take it as a negative, as if I am blinded by my body parts. Unlike some, I only want justice and peace, regardless of whose sex benefits from it. If it turns out he is innocent, and it is proven 100%, I will be actually happy. Perhaps refrain from personalizing and name-calling when you know nothing about me.

  33. Angie Jurgensen says:

    Tiffany Irwin To reiterate — the first victim spoke up years ago.

  34. Sean Danconia says:

    Judah Israel I don't really know what "white" means since our genetic origin is made up of billions of people throughout history…and we are all different shades of color even if I burn a little faster than people from Calabria. As to Judaism, anyone who believes in the Abrahamic God is a Jew. Muslims, Christians, etc. are all Jews according to that standard. I am more for the universal brotherhood of men and women, based on our rational faculty, beautiful potential and heroic nature. See Alphaville (film).

  35. ? Sound like you have a lot of hate.

  36. There is certainly some truth, in some, of these allegations.

  37. Tiffany Irwin says:

    Settling out of court doesn't admit guilt. Wealthy people settle out of court all the time over BS so they don't have to deal with the drama, it doesn't mean he's guilty. Also, Bill might have wanted to fight it, but his legal team probably said "pay this woman some money and slap a non disclosure agreement on her". If she was adamant that he did assault her, she would have demanded he be arrested. Not take the money and run. Real rape victims don't sue for money. They want the person that victimized them to pay for what they did, in a non monetary sense. They want justice. Not money.

  38. Cathy Rainey says:

    You guys ( Atlantic Blavk Starr ) that you hope the comedian falls with you " wiggle out of this one" statement

  39. It's not the woman's fault , get too the bottom of who is really trying to ruin his legacy,,,,,,,, man.

  40. Tiffany Irwin you have a very valid point. Look at what they did to Chuck Berry when he had consentual relationships with White women. He was thorn in Prison for some years at the start of his career………This was not far from the 1950's….

  41. David Goren says:

    No such thing as a white Jew? You're an idiot.

  42. Of course one false allegation won't change anything. How about a lot of false allegations? Someone needs to find out why Beverly Johnson lied and who else is lying.

  43. So why didn't he tell it then as apposed to now….

  44. that probably won't be enough to have him wiggle his way out of public condemnation, but it sure can have many peple questioning the stories of the other women who made those accusations

  45. Character assassination for no reason, whatsoever.

  46. Ken Johnson says:

    I guess if I had Cosby's money and faced with all these accusers, I'd after a no-longer working manager of the most high-profile accuser. Nice try. 30 plus women? I ain't buying it Cos.

  47. Jamesl Miles says:

    This is getting interesting. Who do these inter-racial scandals benefit?


  49. Sean Danconia ……very well spoken

  50. Those of us who have been abused and then hid it for many years (because they KNEW what would happen if they didn't) understand. People who have not ever had this experience will NEVER understand! Never underestimate the power of having the ability to manipulate a less powerful person's ability to be believed!!!

  51. It's a shame that we just listen to this mess about one of our great African American entertainers and are so quick to judge. If all this was going on, how come it seems as if everyone all of a sudden just remembered what Bill did to them. Come on be for real. You mean over all these years no one has heard anything like this about him. So now we basically cursify him because some people said some things about him. I'm not doubting that he might have had some indescritions with other young ladies but didn't any of them come forward before. I can understand someone being afraid to share the incident with someone, but all of them, REALLY. Bill Cosby has done quite a bit for lifting the African American community over the years and we've seen that, but where is any evidence about these inuindos. NONE, BUT HERE SAY. It's such ashame to destroy a man's good name over some, BULLSHIT HERE SAY.

  52. David Goren umm sorry there is….now theres no such thing as a white Israelite thats for sure. But the so called jews of today come from eastern europe. Not Jerusalem. IJS.

  53. Bill Cosby's name only gets drug into a scandal when he's close to having his own television network. This has happened before from what I understand. Can't have a decent network uplifting minorities showing and proving what we are capable of if we come together, educate ourselves and fight together. I personally don't believe any of it.

  54. I never condemned Mr. Cosby. I don't want to get along, so I refuse to go along. The women are liars. Especially, the one who was already having relations with Mrs. Cosby's husband.

  55. Khayam Clark says:

    If he hadn't tried to buy NBC we wouldn't be having this conversation.

  56. So… his argument is "She never told me about it"? And?

    From the response this Ex-Manager is giving to her story, it's clear he's so close to her he'd have this conversation in private instead of taking it to the news, he's so empathetic to what she's potentially going through that he wouldn't call her a liar in public about a rape, and that he's so considerate of her that he doesn't have a problem dragging her name through the mud. Why on earth Wouldn't she tell him Bill Cosby drugged and raped her?

    Even if she IS lying, and I don't think she is, there is nothing in this story that is making any kind of point except that Beverly Johnson didn't trust her manager with this information.

  57. Alexander Crosbie good point

  58. Not saying what's true or not but it cracks me up to see people who hear 50 different women say something they don't like and dismiss them AOL as liars. Then these same people hear ONE person say what they want believe and immediately accept what they say as gospel truth. Would be funny if not so sad how gullible and self deceiving people can be. Again I'm not saying what's true but only how we just believe what we want.

  59. Thats what happens when you want to sell a book.

  60. Gilbert West says:

    David Goren … Not so fast… Let's examine what he said. If we are speaking of lineage… then he is absolutely right. Those who hail from the Volga River Valley in eastern Europe have absolutely no relationship to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ismael, etc…. and people who loook like these eastern Europeans could not possibly have been bred in the area of Israel, Sinai… which are basically appendages of north-east Africa. No… These people are converst to the "religion" of Judaism, hence they refer to themselves as "Jews." They converted under fear of execution during the Crusades, as the armies of the Crusaders and the armies of the Caliphs often crossed paths in their territory {eastern Europe} and in turn, put them to the sword if they were deemd to be sympathizers of the opposing side. So these Europeans sent to Spain to have Sephardic rabbis come to them and teach them the religion… Hence forth, they started making elaborate claims as being the rightful owners of the "Holy Land" and using scripture as a justification for invading a land they had absolutley no legitimate rights to or even historical ties to… Read "The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler." So while we would applaud the efforts of the Eastern European peoples to learn from the Abrahamic traditions {Monotheism} and the religious teachings that were passed down from Abraham, we cannot allow them to usurp the religion in order to implement some racist policies where they routinely murder and disenfranchise those whose lands they want to steal, under the guise of returning to Israel. They were never part of Israel to begin with.

  61. There could be many reasons why she never told her manager if she had been attacked. Close to 40 years ago, I was attacked by a big name professional football player who was in his hometown for the weekend. I managed to escape from him and make a phone call to a friend to pick me up. As I was waiting, a State Trooper saw me and asked if I was ok. I lied and told him yes. I felt if I told him the truth – who was he going to believe??? The same could have happened with Beverly Johnson.

  62. Gilbert West says:

    You are right on point… For some, being smiled at or pat on the head by some white person is worth more to them than their dignity…If this account of what actually "didn't" happen then Ms Johnson's "stardom" was a mirage… If she would lie about that… what else might she do? Why would she prostitute herself?

  63. Emmett Xaa says:

    Cosby's accusers are starting to crumble. I never thought he raped anyone all along. Just deadbeat actors who need a sympathy payout. The truth is coming. God bless Cosby!!!! Never trust white America who wants to bring down Black power figures!!!

  64. Emmett Xaa says:

    I promise also I was lstening to the Ray Charles radio on Pandora and the song Night time is the right time by Ray Charles was on.Remember the Cosby show when Rudy did the high pitched part of the song for the granparents anniversary? Oh the irony! And yes racist Jews have thier hand in our demise, along with the made up term white people. Any hoo here is the video- great memories in Black African America history!!!!!!!

  65. Bruce Farmer says:

    one of the reasons is he was attempting to buy a big network like nbc to put on good family shows.

  66. Jay Contreras he talked about ignorant black people. Most of us intelligent black people agreed with him.

  67. David Goren Rev. 2:9…

  68. Many people are uaware of the lead role of Jewish leaders in White Supremacy. The Jewish role of twisting people's minds and character via the media they own. It is good to see someone other than myself banging away at satan's most prolific workers. People need to research Jewish history, religion, culture and secrets to understand why we have these words to say about Jews. If Whites want to know why they are now facing some of the same shit-storm Blacks have faced for centuries… then you should direct your research to books like "The Invention of the Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand, "Jewish History, Jewish Religion" by Israel Shahak, "By Way of Deception" by Victor Ostrovsky, "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews", "Aids, Opium, Diamonds & Empire" by Dr. Nancy T. Banks, Watch "War By Deception" by Ryan Dawson and any book by Eustace Mullins. Knowing who hates you allows you to understand why they do what they do. Because the truth is… as the brotha quoted MJ… "They Don't Really Care About Us". That goes for you White people too. Wake up

  69. Gilbert West That's a little too much truth for someone who has had lies as a regular ingredient in their diet. They even have a prayer that they say on the Day of Atonement called the "Kol Nidre". Its a prayer where they tell "god" they are going to lie to the Goyim and not keep any oaths that they take for the coming year. They are now freaking out because a larger number now knows the truth about who they are and who tey are not. Thanks to the Internet making books available to the world which Jewish leaders thought they'd burned or banned from public viewing

  70. 'Wriggle his way out of public condemnation.' The 'public' does not think for itself and only believes or disbelieve what the corporate media tells it to believe or disbelieve. The adulation of the 'public' is as fragile as a cobweb.

  71. Angela Jurgensen how long would you wait to get authorities on a crime committed against you–would you wait 12, 30, 40 years to bring in the authorities if not but to protect somebody else from experiencing what you went thru–even if you failed you would try wouldn't you–these women are the same–they did not wait 40 years to disclose a crime because it did not happen–some lies are so thin–these are the thinnest. THEY WERE NOT RAPED.

  72. It has NOTHING to do with Jewish people. The Jewish religion teaches righteousness. The Elites in the US worship MONEY (Mammon) and are luciferians, they are NOT Jews, Christians, Muslims or any other monotheistic religion.

  73. Jalil El Owaysi I am "white" and I have been asking these questions. If a woman agrees to get drunk with a married man alone in a hotel room, then wakes up naked, I wouldn't exactly call it rape. If I ever agreed to go to a hotel with a man, you can be sure I knew what I was gonna do there! The majority of stories don't add up. It seems he is a philanderer and a cad, but that is not the same as a rapist.

    Secondly, we know how the casting coach works. A certain producer who is a "pick up artist" has been inviting women to his hotel rooms for years. So far, no one has accused him of rape. So why the outrage that Cosby does the same? If Cosby were a white man, this crap would have been dismissed. Someone in Hollywood or higher up wants Cosby's head on a platter. The Elites want to eliminate every African American who does not play by their rules. DON'T BELIEVE that every white person is falling for this ruse!

  74. It's not all "white America" who wants to bring him down. I grew up loving Cosby's TV shows, and I don't understand how women of any color can AGREE TO GO TO A HOTEL ROOM ALONE, get high or drunk with a married man, screw him, then have the nerve to claim 30 years later that they were raped. The white asshole Elites behind this travesty DO NOT represent the rest of us. Signed, All White People Who Are Not Racist Pricks

  75. Jr Gough says:

    Amen! I care about you guys though and so do most whites. Jews are not whites and the Zionists among them have a hidden agenda against us all. And you are 100 percent correct on Cosby being character assassinated to cover up the fact that he was outspoken about being pro Muslim and anti 'the other misrepresenting them' aka the controllers of media aka the Les Moonves of the world. Oh and not only that but it's pretty safe to say that after 50 years in show business it would actually be the other way around. Cosby probably has piles of dirt on these 'others' and their disgusting, pervertedness he could blackmail them with if need be. And of course it's 95 percent these 'others' coming out to destroy him. Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Lena Dunham, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne geez the list just goes on and on. And of course it was a Russian one who killed Cosby's son in retaliation for his almost successful bid to run NBC (where it took a few Jewish families' combined assets to outbid him) back in the mid 90s. Those fucking, talentless pussies don't believe goyim should have any power and get in the way of their perverted, oppressive agenda. Anybody in their right mind knows there is only one real enemy in the world today. And that is anybody who is pro Israel and thus pro Palestinian genocide. How anyone can side with a modern day Hitler indicates just how poor our educational system is and how poor our mainstream media is in adequately informing the public. But it's these same people who are the ones Bill Cosby brought attention to. And it was those same people using their endless wealthy to pay off the desperate, lying women. They've set up their media to trick the goy into believing their role model father figure of their younger years is some sick, twisted old pedaphile like that Chinese tranny boy lover Les Moonves. Disgusting we live in a society where you're guilty until proven innocent..where people are repulsed by flimsy accusations and not the flimsy accuser. Where you can believe what a bunch of fucking flakes say after 50 years of supposed endess opportunities ..and absolutely love the stand up routines of filthy scum like Sarah "Merry Christmas! Jesus is nothing but gender fluid' Silverfuck. And Amy "I've had a lot of dick but I'm a big fat ugly cow unlike my gun control senator uncle' Schumer. These scum need to be called out and defecated on. Their Talmud Holy Book is racist to its core and it needs to be exposed! Long live Bill Cosby..And Michael Jackson..Heroes in a racist, brainwashed world.

  76. Jan Holmes says:

    Gilbert West ..Spot on

  77. Jan Holmes says:

    Jay Contreras ..They keep going around in circle doing the same thing. Tyler perry and Oprah better watch their backs. the moment one of the step out of line. It will be their turn.

  78. it is her fault (sharing the blame) if she allows herself to be used for that purpose. The term would be "accomplice" (i.e. aiding and abetting).

  79. Bruce Farmer I wish he would have tried to make his own network rather than buy one (especially one steeped in "old money"). I understaned that buying abc would have created ripples through out the media (and the world), but at the same time Cosby should have realized that it's about power not money; money is simply the side effect of power. Let it be known that those in power will not give up nor share power with anyone let alone our people.

  80. well whether you "buy it" or not you are "supposedly" innocent until proven guilty in this country. is 30 the magic number that makes accusations true (especially ones that are decades old)? if so then you're gonna start seeing this trend more and more. "IF" he did it then yes he deserves to be punished, "BUT" if not then we have proven that all it takes is a magical number of people saying whatever they want to ruin someone's life (because we all know that has never happened before in american history *rolls eyes*).

  81. Jan Holmes says:

    Jordan Allen because Cicel drop some knowledge and truth hes racist? Is that how it works? Are we suppose to suger cost everything because we don't want to hurt white poeple feelings?…What I know to be true is when somebody shows you who they are believe them. Look at the histroy of this country, tell me, how has it gotten better for us as a black race. every freaking day some white person are saying I am sorry for what I said or did, and that is suppose make everything better.Our melanin is a threat to them,and because of that. we will always be a target.

  82. Mona, why can't the question be, "How much were these women paid to LIE on Mr. Cosby?"

  83. Brenda Williams Adrine Exactly !!!

  84. Well. What an interesting development. I believed her. Stupid me.

  85. Penny Marie Sautereau

  86. Mister Huxtable is a FUCKING FICTIONAL CHARACTER you idiot. And Cosby has ADMITTED he did it. He just doesn't think fucking drugged women who can't consent is rape.

  87. You're an idiot.

    1) Assuming she did in fact lie, there are still over 50 other women who didn't.
    2) Not telling her agent she was raped does not by default mean she wasn't raped. It just means she didn't tell HIM.
    3) COSBY HAS FUCKING ADMITTED HE DID IT. He just doesn't believe it was rape.

  88. 1) Assuming she did in fact lie, there are still over 50 other women who didn't.
    2) Not telling her agent she was raped does not by default mean she wasn't raped. It just means she didn't tell HIM.
    3) COSBY HAS FUCKING ADMITTED HE DID IT. He just doesn't believe it was rape.

    Stop defending Cosby because you miss Heathcliff Huxtable.

  89. Greedy women? NOT A SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM wants any money from him. They're not suing, they don't want his money. They want him held accountable. Go educate yourself you sell-out quisling idiot.

  90. As for "Innocent until proven guilty"? Doesn't mean sweet fuck all when the guilty has publicly admitted he did what he was accused of.

  91. Alexander Crosbie No, he IS guilty. HE FUCKING PUBLICLY ADMITTED IT you moron! He just doesn't think fucking drugged women who can't consent is rape.

  92. Silva King says:

    Penny Marie Sautereau. Actually you're the moron he admitted to giving women pills for sex of you know anything about the 70's cocaine and pills very popular whores recipe learn some actual facts you waste of sperm

  93. Al Soup says:

    Lol they were all ready on drugs before Cosby . During that time neatly everyone was doing it. It was the thing to do in the 60s and 70s

  94. Bro. Gilbert West thanks for the elaborate breakdown. Def dropped some knowledge and provided in-depth insight on the topic. Amen

  95. John Goffe says:

    Kevin Mensa Bonsu You are very obcure in your statement who are you refering too?

  96. John Goffe says:

    Before you all get out of hand saying things that is idiotic and baseless, and mounts to only just preconcieved notions, lets all take a deep breath and think about what we're all saying here!! Because all some of you are DOING is pedaling and propagating hate that is in you'll hearts!! God is in control here!! And by the way Sean Donconia make much sense!! We need to appreciate good Wisdom when you come face to face with it!!!

  97. These bitches are jezbels…..If your someone wife, you should understand Camille side. No question ask from her….. These whores cross the marriage vows…..No sympathy for the Jezbels.

  98. Al Soup thank you so much for this link. so many people are so unaware of facts, hear it on the news and just run with it. Smh

  99. I didn't believe her story from the beginning. Her story seem a little shakey from the beginning. I saw her interview it was like she was making it as she went along. I wonderful how she could remember so much if she was so heavily drugged. Shame on her.

  100. Ty Kordell says:

    Penny Marie Sautereau You Lard @$$ scumbag. The very one person who had him arrested was paid in a Settlement in 2004. Do you homework you ugly SWISHERR!!!!

  101. Penny Marie Sautereau GTFOH!! 50 white old hags are going to wait 40 some odd years before telling somebody that a black man raped their stupid ass??? Fuck you bitch!!!

  102. Bruce Farmer the nbc myth is not accurate cosby has an enimy that is playing invisible . an aticle came out lately that a willemina model said someone once offered her 100 thousand dollars to sleep with mr cosby and collect samples of his semine this happens to be the same model agency that janice dickson worked for for most of her career

  103. 50 people waited so long to come out please stop the bullshit, im sure this man cheated on his wife and im sure he took drugs with women but rape now that im not sure of . infact one alleged victim says cosby raped her at the playboy mansion when she was 16 and the question i asked myself was what is a fifteen year old doing at the playboy mansion her statement Said ( " i met mr cosby at the playboy mansion") so you was there befor he arived so what was you doing there especially since you are a minor

  104. do you remember when Tommy Matola paid that women to say that Michael jackson raped her son and then we found out she lied and years later it was Matola who paid her lawyers and do you remember how a doctor who was on Mr Matolas staff was the last person see with mr Jackson and administerd illegal drugs so potent it could knock out an elephant into mr Jackson and walked away scott free (who paid that judge off ?) and thats why we dont believe anything these people say the L.A. conty court system didnt believe them more than a few casses proove that Mr cosby wasnt even in town when he was accused then this and the willemena model who gave an article saying she was offerd 100 thousand to sleep with mr cosby and collect samples of his semine a i stated befor the same model agency that Janice Dickson worked for for nearly most of her career (did you see her on the news looking all coked out) thats why we dont believe them the stories dont add up

  105. then you are by definition a coward

  106. are you on crack you sound stupid people believe what they want to believe sir , what do you believe ?

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