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Beverly Johnson’s Former Manager Says She Lied About Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Accusations

Only a few weeks after former model Beverly Johnson claimed she had been targeted by Bill Cosby as he allegedly sexually assaulted young Hollywood hopefuls, her former manager is breaking his silence and insisting that Johnson made up the entire story.

When Johnson sat down on The View to share her story of alleged sexual abuse at the hands of Bill Cosby, it seemed to put the proverbial nail in the comedy legend’s coffin.

Now, it seems, Johnson’s story might not quite add up.

Her former manager Don Gibble says the beauty told him about her meeting with Cosby many times in the past and it never included any claims of sexual assault.

In fact, he says Cosby’s wife was also at the brunch and that Johnson said she enjoyed the entire encounter.

“She said she had brunch with him and his wife, and it was a great experience,” Gibble told The Daily Caller. “And then on ‘The View,’ it flip-flopped.”

Gibble has known Johnson for more than two decades and said he was shocked to see her change her story in the midst of the growing controversy.

“It was odd to me that she changed her story,” he continued. “She said [she was] drugged and raped. I just remember that was not the conversation we had. And we had it repeatedly.”

To be clear, Johnson never blatantly said that Cosby raped her but she did say it was a great possibility.

Johnson insisted that her memory was blurry after she sipped on a cappuccino that Cosby offered her.

Either way, Gibble said the story was completely different than the one he had been told for so long.

“It was brunch,” he said. “It was just one time. It was a typical nice pleasant experience. It can be easily proven that Camille Cosby was at that brunch, so it was kind of dumb for her to lie.”

Outside of that brunch, Johnson allegedly told Gibble that she never really saw Cosby again unless they ran into each other at other functions.

According to Gibble, she even listed Cosby as someone she hoped to work with again in the future.

“Basically, she only had a good experience with him, so if he had been producing something at that time, I could have easily called that office and gotten her an appointment,” he said.

It isn’t clear which party is telling the truth but it’s certainly enough to have some people thinking twice about Johnson’s story.

With roughly 30 other sexual assault allegations on the table, however, one allegedly false account certainly won’t be enough to help Cosby wriggle his way out of public condemnation.


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