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5 Reasons Why Black People May Be Happier in the South

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 57 percent of America’s Black people were living in the South in 2010, a higher percentage than at any time in 50 years. And that trend has not changed. Many Blacks, who at one time migrated to the North for opportunities and to escape Jim Crow, are heading back to the South. A 2009 study by sociologists at Queens College in New York, for example, found that approximately 17 percent of those who migrated South over a 10-year period arrived from New York state. And that number has not decreased over the years.

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Although many Blacks lived in the North, they continued to visit their Southern homes for family reunions, church celebrations, weddings and the like. So, they may have left the South, but the South never left them. Returning frequently broke down the feeling that the South was not a place for them. “[The South] is home,” Charles Steele, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta, said in the Huffington Post. “Even though it’s a dark side of your history, you can never forget about it. You always want to make it better.”

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Black People May Be Happier in the South

  1. My order: weather, weather and cost of living. Once our northern transplants hook-up with their country Cousins, it on, there goes the short-lived hospitality. The pace, damn sure will slow you down, everything's 25 minutes away. I hate cutting grass and keeping this big house warm during the Winter, it's expensive. I hope I'm half entertaining. Seriously, I miss the greater sense of Black consciousness in the North, replaced here by people asking me "what's my church family", my reply, "I ain't got no church family!" Sometimes I miss riding the A2 bus through Southeast DC, hollin' at Bammers on the street from the windows of the back of the bus. Damn, a pack of coyota's just killed a police dog here – repatriation please

  2. I visited Atlanta five months ago I love it I love it I love it if my cousin took us to this church not far from her home she was telling me and my great aunt Saturday that the minister who have 5000 or more this church was big the ladies were friendly and everybody were nice plus after the service my cousin took us to this restaurant call Pascos where the Civil Rights leaders ate as well as Our President Himself Bro.Barack Obama if everything goes as plan for Me one day I might visit there again I might considering relocating there with My little girl either there or Brazil.

  3. Theo McGary says:

    I appreciate what you're saying about the "black consciousness" but if you think about it, the fact that southern blacks have less of it may be a positive thing. You have to black and conscious in order not to become whitewashed. However in the south where blacks have a greater presence that defense mechanism of "asserting one's blackness" becomes unnecessary which I feel is healthier psychologically overall.

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