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4 thoughts on “Watch ‘Selma’ Director Stand by Her Statement That She’s Not Making a White Hero Film

  1. Dave Mills says:

    Luv to see a sister in the Director's Chair. I have to admit, I haven't seen the film. Dr King was a very courageous man, who I have great respect for. But I'm saving my money for a Film based on the life of Toussaint Louverture the Great. Hopefully we'll see it. If Danny Glover or Spike Lee can secures the funding.

  2. Rita Broils says:

    It's pissing me off that I watch and of thr videos on this site. I can share a post snd everybody else cannot see and interviews or pieces. I going to start skipping them altogether!! Screwy site!!!!!!!!!!

  3. David Adams says:

    You can find it on YouTube.

  4. Guilt Breeds Paranoia!

    Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday Celebration is upon us and Black History Month is in a couple of weeks, and the patronizing has begun.

    Along with dropping the race card accusation whenever the topic of Slavery in America is brought up, the response is typical of those insensitive or ingenuous about the atrocities of America's history, and the other response, " That was the past, when are You People going to let it go?

    Those who respond in this manner and feel no guilt, than your responses are judgmental; this is the problem, instead of trying to understand Black America's perspective, you choose to dismiss it as being narrow minded, out dated and prejudice, to me, It also shows your lack of empathy.

    "The White Race are not All or always Our Enemy; The Enemy is the White Attitude of Superiority, Prejudice, Privilege, Entitlement, Control, etc… "

    How can today's White Christian ministers who profess to be the guiding spiritual light for their parishioners knowingly attack or remain silent to the truth of the horrendous legacy, in regard to the injustices of slavery in America's past history?

    We are taught to accept the Holocaust, but we are encouraged to forget the atrocities and the injustices perpetrated on the millions of Native Americans, Africans, Asians and Mexicans on which this nation's prosperity was built. "

    Those self proclaimed Christian who still hold on to the old prejudices of the past are making mockery of the death of Christ and His sacrifice, a Dream Deferred.

    What I have noticed is that those who feel that they are of pure blood, no matter what race are less tolerant of diversity, in fact we All know of people who fit the Racist Profile, just like I do.

    Americans, who are really ignorant to the past and are sincere in opening up true understanding and dialog, watch this film:

    Slave Catchers, Slave Resisters.

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