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8 thoughts on “Is This Why The Bombing Of The NAACP Was Not Labeled As Terrorism Like The Paris Shootings?

  1. it not terrorism unless: white people are killed and the terrorists are middle eastern.

  2. Red Dipper says:


    Outraged that your Enemy doesn't serve you Justice.

  3. Terrorism is Terrorism. Stop letting White People define the issue. As many Aboriginal have been murdered by Whites, we know who the terrorist is. Jewish Media always tries to redefine what is and isn't. Shooting of Black and Brown is terror!

  4. Shereen Renee says:

    This would be the time for ALL Black people to step up to the plate.

  5. Claudia Charles says:

    I don't recall if anyone was killed in the marathon bomb attack in Boston, but that was certainly labelled an act of terrorism. Whether or not people die, should not be the defining measure. Terrorism is terrorism whether it is done with a handgun, an oozy, missiles, a bomber, or a drone.

  6. Noyb Nal says:

    I have so many problems with this video, I don't know where to start. The NAACP "bombing" happened outside a barbershop. The endless speculation that this is a hate crime is irresponsible and disturbing. There is no motive, because nobody is in custody (and I suspect nobody ever will be caught). The "NAACP bombing" is similar to FIVE other incidents of the same nature in the past two weeks, where explosives ignited in America. Not one of those other incidents (one at a Safeway Supermarket in Seattle, one at a Cuban restaurant in Miami, one aimed at a police cruiser in Ohio to name three) received national media attention.

    Did you know that a federal building in Arizona was the target of a bombing in 2012? You likely did not. It happened in Casa Grande by an Iraqi refugee. The FBI did not label it as domestic terrorism because of "political considerations."

    The fact that the Nigeria attack by Boko Haram was not even mentioned in this MSNBC dialogue and likely killed up to 1,000 people just this past week is disturbing. THAT one is not being reported because the victims are Christians or Muslims who are "insufficiently Islamic."

    But of course the Oklahoma City bombing was mentioned, which happened almost 20 years ago. The other examples, the Gabby Gifford shooting (where people were killed, including a little girl) was perpetrated by a "left wing pothead." The "Bundy Ranch Murder" was perpetrated by a crazy couple who ALSO attended an Occupy Wall Street gathering (and even spoke with the organizers) just illustrates how partisan, cherry-picked and ridiculous this report is.

  7. Noyb Nal says:


  8. Che Bella Weaver says:

    FBI Probes NAACP Office Bombing in Colorado as Act of Domestic Terrorism

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