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6 Ways Hip-Hop Can Have a Negative Impact on Race Relations


hip hop and race relationsPerpetuates Negative Stereotypes About Black People

For years, hip-hop has at times perpetuated negative stereotypes about the Black community. Many popular songs from the genre have painted the Black community as a culture shrouded in drugs, sex and violence.

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5 thoughts on “6 Ways Hip-Hop Can Have a Negative Impact on Race Relations

  1. Diop Bankole says:

    In regards to the drug usage among our Black youth. I recall the songs that promote illicit behavior.
    the songs "Gin an Juice"… "I got 5 on it" and the current song. by Usher " I don't mind"…. I feel these songs subconsciously lower our standards on how to behave.
    A number of hip hop songs a paint a sad but realistic scenario "Ghetto Vet"…or emphasis positive habits "Be Healthy"….. From my observation Hip Hop has to be a major factor in marijuana usage.

  2. Lead Boned says:

    Gordon, you no talent hack…what garbage.

    Unfortunately Hip-Hop is the only real "culture" that is embraced by a large portion of the black community. Take that away and you have nothing. Whatever happened to Kwanzaa and what it stands for? How did that work out?

    What else can a child look to when not having a father around to teach important life lessons…other than fear , propaganda, and mistrust of course? 2 in 3 African American children don't have a father figure around. Unfortunately Hip-Hop is just a very small part of the issue in the black community…and it's embraced for a reason.

    I wonder what would happen if more men in the black community started talking about the real issues instead of placing blame elsewhere…hmmm.

  3. Dimé Vee says:

    Hip Hop is for mostly clowns. That's all I see.

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