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City Council Meeting Flies Off the Rails Over Councilman Who Mocked Black Shooting Victims

A city council meeting turned ugly Monday night as a group of angry Ohioans turned out to protest a local councilman who made racially insensitive remarks following a murder in the area.

In a Facebook post last month, Lorain City Councilman Dennis Flores griped about hearing police sirens early in the morning at his home, which he claimed happens “like clockwork.” Flores then proceeded to mock victims of criminal violence by using stereotypical language usually associated with Black Americans.

“ … Brothaz be at da club spending weedz man’s money, mf’er ‘N’ you got my money?” he wrote. “POP, POP, POP POP cuz that’z how we roll in So Lo.”

Flores’ offensive remarks came in response to a recent deadly shooting, which he claimed happened at a local business called The Cotton Club, Fox 8 Cleveland reported. The owner of that business, Anthony Barnwell, is now suing the councilman over his Facebook posts, in which he accused the club of being a hub for violence, drugs and other criminal activity.

The suit also accused Flores of linking the club to the murder, even though the shooting happened miles away.

Barnwell isn’t the only one ticked off at Flores, however. Dozens of residents showed up to the Lorain city council meeting to demand disciplinary action against the councilman, even though he issued a formal apology to “the African-American community” and his fellow council members.

“Dennis Flores, you hold a leadership position in this community,” resident Inez James told the council on Monday. “I am here today because leaders do not deserve a pass for making racist comments that mock, disrespect, stereotype and belittle other cultures and businesses.”

When asked why he used the language he used to mock Black people, Flores told Fox 8, “That’s how they talk … that’s lingo in the hood.”

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