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Suspicious Selfie! Rare Instagram Photo of First Daughter Malia Obama Reveals That She’s…A Teenager

White house investigates Malia selfie The White House is reportedly investigating a mysterious alleged selfie of first daughter Malia Obama that appeared on Instagram a few days ago.

The First Family has made it a point to keep both Malia, 16, and Sasha, 13, off social media and protected from the public eye.

Despite their attempts to keep the girls’ images private, several photos of Malia have hit the web recently but none sparked any more controversy than the latest one of her rocking a Pro Era t-shirt.

The White House is allegedly investigating to figure out how the photo made its way on to the web but a rep for Joey Bada$$ says the explanation is simple.

Pro Era is a Brooklyn-based hip hop collective with 19-year-old rap star Joey Bada$$ at its head.

The hip hop star was recently charged with assault during a tour stop in New Zealand.

A rep for Joey claimed that a mutual friend of one of the Pro Era members and Malia sent them the photo of the first daughter rocking one of their t-shirts.

The White House has not commented on the Instagram photo controversy just yet, but some people are still struggling to find out why the picture is such a big deal.

“I’m no dem (Democrat), but I have to ask, is this important enough to stir up a political s**t storm,” one comment on the Instagram post asked.

Other users questioned whether or not the girl in the photo is even Malia while others criticized Malia for what they considered to be a seductive pose.

Barack Obama daughter selfie While the White House is usually successful at having photos quickly ripped offline, the image of Malia is still live on the Pro Era Instagram account.

It isn’t clear if the White House has even requested for the photo to be removed.

Either way, the fuss surrounding the photo comes as a surprise for many.

In the image Malia appears to be adjusting her ponytail and in the middle of a sentence as she is sporting the wrinkled t-shirt.

The disheveled shirt seems much more like the average teenager’s decision to throw on whatever clean t-shirt they have in their possession as they lounge around the house.

It certainly doesn’t appear to be Malia’s attempt to snap a promotional photo for the hip hop collective as some people have suggested.

Regardless of the intentions behind or purpose of the photo, it doesn’t seem to be worthy of massive backlash.

The photo has sparked a series of questions from social media users and others who have come across the photo.

Is this Malia? How did Pro Era get the picture? What will the White House do now? Is the picture really inappropriate?

In the midst of a sea of questions, however, when it comes down to it the image only reveals one thing—Malia is just like any other teenager, except that she happens to live in a very famous white house with a very famous pair of parents.


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