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First Daughters Malia, Sasha Join Parents on European Trip

 The daughters of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, Sasha and Malia, are growing up fast and taking more prominent roles in many of their parents’ trips across the globe.

The first family set off for Germany earlier this week where both Sasha and Malia proved that it is possible to grow up in the spotlight and still become respectful young adults.

The Obama girls have clearly inherited more from their mom and dad than just their looks.

The president’s daughters displayed innate  poise and class as they travel with their parents, and it appears they have picked up their mother’s daring fashion sense.

On Tuesday, 12-year-old Sasha and 14-year-old Malia, were by their parents’ side as they took off to Germany.

Despite their youth, both of the girls carried their own next to some of the most prominent political figures in Germany. They listened respectfully to the sober history of the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Memorial during visits there, and at one point Sasha was seen slipping a bundle of bright yellow flowers into the crevasses at the Berlin wall.

It also appeared that both girls have been taking fashion notes from their mom as they stepped out in chic attire that would impress fashionistas.

Malia wore a simple light blue top that she paired with skinny leg brown trousers and flats.

She also wore black shades and pulled her hair back into a messy bun. As for accessories, she opted for a simple pearl necklace and minimalistic wrist wear.

Younger sister Sasha was not to be outdone and it’s surprising to see a 12-year-old in such an amazing ensemble.

Sasha wore a silk, blue button-up blouse with an uneven hem that she paired with the most fabulous pair of printed pants. She added a little more color to the outfit with a pair of color- blocked flats and skipped all accessories other than silver stud earrings.

She also pulled her hair back into a bun, but her updo was neater and more controlled than Malia’s.

Simply put, the first daughters looked stunning.

Their European excursion didn’t kick off in Germany, however.

The trip to the Berlin Wall and Holocaust Memorial came a day after the first family got in touch with their Irish roots.

Michelle Obama addressed a crowd of awaiting Irish locals who greeted her with tons of cheer.

“It’s good to be home,” she said, which caused them to erupt into even louder cheers. “You are surrounded by such a beautiful country.”

Obama shared his wife’s sentiments about Ireland and he said he was more than excited to get the chance to return.

Obama visited Ireland in 2011 when he told the crowd that the only thing he didn’t like about his trip was that it wasn’t long enough.


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