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29 thoughts on “Is Oprah Spitting in The Face Of Protesters With This Stinging Criticism?

  1. Russell Lawrence Benford says:

    There was a list of demands from Occupy and from out of Ferguson but the media has shaped the narrative that it is just a bunch of people whining and complaining about their conditions. Secondly regarding the leadership, it is there. The leadership emerges organically but there has never been a head honcho LEADER in a one person capacity because Occupy has learned as indicative in Selma, that leaders are quickly targeted, marginalized and assassinated figuratively and/or literally. Furthermore, if you are not trying to be the change you want to see especially with the power and influence you possess, then you can miss me with that b.s. you're talking.

  2. Edward Morrell says:

    There is leadership, Oprah just doesn't acknowledge them because they are not celebrities.

  3. Oprah has never supported Black Men. She is a intergrationist. Her Billion don't mean nothing! Her silly love of her Jewish captors is sick!

  4. Oprah has never supported Black Men. She is a intergrationist. Her Billion don't mean nothing! Her silly love of her Jewish captors is sick!

  5. Shannon Beckford says:


  6. Shannon Beckford says:


  7. Leadership Is Right Here.

  8. Tony Thompson says:

    I don't think she is spitting on protestors. But what she is looking for is a leader like King. But you can't do things the same way as King it's 2015 the demands are out there we have to make it happen. Ferguson was not planed but the window is open right now to make change happen we can't drop the ball fighting over leadership.

  9. I have a real problem with this article title because it was written in a clickbait amateur-ish way. There is nothing "stinging" about this criticism. No one's dissing anyone here. I will say that earlier points on here about lack of accurate media coverage of protest leaders, demands and message is correct. Oprah doesn't seem to be speaking from a super informed place here. But I do believe she's speaking from the heart and that's fine. We just need to remember there are actual activists out there on the streets every day and Oprah just plays one in a movie.

  10. Jacklyn P. Everage says:

    I'm so tired of that Black male actor. He always wants to frame issues from being primarily Black issues as if they have lesser value if they are just "Black problems". It's somehow more important if it is an "American" problem. He says some jerk trash mess. It is a Black problem. And it shouldn't have to be an everybody or American problem when you have a segment of people having their rights being violated consistently for people to take action, especially those who are suffering the most. And then Oprah agreeing gets on my nerves. And I am really tired of that Black British actor with no relatives who lived through the civil rights movement always playing in roles that has defined Black America when he has such a limited and personally uninformed point of view. What was happening in Selma, was a Black problem. And what is going on is still primarily a Black problem. And the majority of those people in Selma protesting were Black people. It was not a fully integrated effort on the level this man and Oprah are promoting. Selma protests were dominated by Black folks who have had enough. Other races of people who participated were in the minority. We are getting the brunt of the worst that America has to offer as Black folks. I don't care if it is impacting other Americans and how Americans perceive our situation. I care about how we perceive our situation and then doing something about it. Tired of these two folks constantly being seen as the mouthpiece for Black America. And that guy isn't even a U.S. born Black American. He can just have several seats and be quiet.

  11. Edward Morrell says:

    I say it this way to reveal the paradox, A billionaire needs a leader. A media mogul needs a leader. A former news reporter and #1 talk show host needs a leader. Philanthropist who builds schools in Africa needs a leader.

  12. LOL. I knew it, the actor, David Oyelowoand and Oprah's summation of Selma is to direct the energy away from a more "radical tone", which is dealing with white supremacy, and redirect that energy to a more palatable lets get out and vote protest tone. Nothing wrong with voting per se, but it's not the end all be all. And, black folks, are we really surprised with David Oyelowo comments? After all he is married to a white woman.

  13. Love Queh says:

    All people can do is complain about what Ferguson should be doing….but if they ain't doing shit either then they need to shut the f*ck up! Why isn't Oprah marching..funding..and doing shows covering the young people's story. The only outlet Ferguson has had have been these racist and biased news stations. They need their voices heard…Oprah has the ability to get their voices heard..but she blows it and only talks about "what they should be doing". I'm done with some of these celebrities.

  14. JF Williams says:

    Honestly I don't trust Oprah.

    She is too mainstream for my taste. I feel like she is being directed by other parties who are unseen to draw out any leaders in these Ferguson/New York anti-police corruption movements.

    So that then the powers-that-be can do their thing and take those young leaders out one way or another.

    My main questions are why hasn't Oprah used her network to illuminate the police state corruption that is going on in America? Why hasn't she allowed the activists a voice on her network.

    She is full of isht on so many levels, it ain't funny any more.

  15. Que Hampton says:

    I agree with what Opera is saying. I also know that there are organizations like Justice League NYC that do have a list of demands and are well organized. How ever Opera is still right, there is no, one organization or a conglomerate of organizations, into one, that the majority of protesters are following. The majority of protesters, we are seeing, are not behind any organization. If we want change, the majority of protesters, have to get behind either one of these organizations or combine these organizations and get behind them.

  16. Rahim El says:

    Be done with all of them! They are controlled by their masters!

  17. Karl Makinda says:

    Whether we like it or not, Oprah is not wrong but I would go much farther by declaring that, overall, Black America is in trouble. Black America needs to learn from White America: White America has been experiencing all kinds of social difficulties, but when Blacks are "involved," Whites stick together the way they did during slavery. Loosely speaking, Black America, with the help of White society, has lost the will to become self-sufficient and live in harmony. The ascension of a few Blacks as Representatives to the Legislature has caused many to believe that Blacks was have made to the verge of prosperity and harmony, but where is their national plan?

  18. Karl Makinda says:

    A people without a broad-based plan of action will not amount to much. Too many seem to believe that. Marcus Garvey, the premier Black liberator, laid the foundation many years go, but indulgence in religion, entertainment, sex and self-hatred–some to the point of cursing their ancestry–have rendered Black America most vulnerable t o all sorts of problems.

  19. Karl Makinda says:

    Black America is fortunate to have had the cohesive qualities of Garveyism, but a great many are not interested. Some of their leaders are sports and other kinds of entertainers. Meanwhile the fail to work wisely and collectively, other sectors of American society are moving on.

  20. Oprah is a part of the problem, therefore her opinion means nothing. Like Mr.Benford stated "leaders are targeted". What has she done for her race absolutely nothing.

  21. Tony Thompson says:

    JF Williams You're right on…. Black people are back into the Jim crow… Just about all the mainstream blacks are on the same boat right now. Yes they are trying to find the leadership but it's not the right time to come out. I don't think the movement have full attention yet.

  22. I totally agree with you! I'm disappointed in Oprah, she should have built a Community Center down in Ferguson, she sent Ilyanla down there to talk to the Police Chief, why weren't they talking to the whole Police Department! Common sent a video, others "tweeted"–why weren't they MARCHI There are young LEADERS who are organized, they WERE on her Show! Oprah NEEDS TO GO DOWN THERE and MARCH!

  23. Well said, Babygirl! I see a lot of "Black" British actors doing our roles, I've heard some of them say they don't say they are "Black" in Great Britain! But, you're Black in the US! And, why weren't THEY marching in Ferguson! I saw a lot of young Black males going door to door trying to organize that community! Oprah should do a "MasterClass" on that!

  24. The problem in America today is that there are too many people in position of leadership who aren't qualified for the position. When you come to understand how the divine order of things work you will understand the concept of putting the right person in position. Many holding leadership position today were ill gotten I speak in reference to all leadership position great and small. The divine order of leadership is whatever resides in the head becomes the body therefore if an unqualified person is put into position they will only produced themselves. Henceforward if you every desire to know who a leader is pay attention to those operating under their commands. From this point of view we know that many law enforcement leaders are corrupted because we witness their mindset being portrayed by those they are leading. So yes there are leaders but the question would be who are they? Oprah and her billion have nothing to do with the chaos of today she just managed to escape corrupt leadership by becoming a woman of study and in so doing obtained her piece of the American pie. Once people understand "RIGHTEOUSNESS" is the only thing that will cause one to excel without condition folks will began to seek after righteousness. When it is time to VOTE many fail to do so allowing the wrong folk to take office and the outcome is some of the result we are seeing everyday. Sorry to tell you that a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruits neither can a good tree bring forth corrupt fruits as it is written is the scripture. So why would anyone put a corrupt person in leadership expecting a good return only the unlearned operate in this manner. Therefore Oprah is not spitting in anyone face she is simply revealing how to get that which is being seek after. The smart thing about Oprah even though she is a billionaire she know how to as Judge Karen wrote stay in her lane. What she is saying in a nutshell is that I am not the leader but I am looking for the leader who is to come from all of this and even though I am not THE leader BUT I am in a position to help the right leader.

  25. JF Williams says:

    Tony Thompson

    Too many of the masses are still sleep right now. They still think Mr. Charlie's ice is colder and his kool-aid sweeter. And it's doubly so for establishment rich black folks like Oprah who are essentially useless to the masses.

    It would be crazy right now for any revolutionary-minded leadership to come out and open themselves up to persecution and assassination.

    I honestly don't understand why people still take Oprah seriously.

    Yeah she may give some Morehouse/Spelman scholarships to some black peoples here or there…but I don't see her hiring them in huge numbers at her OWN television network once they graduate.

  26. Antoine Ramone says:

    What she essentially did was remover herself from responsibility as far as leadership is you have unarguably the most powerful African American in the world, talking about she'd like to see leadership come out of this. Really, you are a form if leadership. And she has the biggest format available, owning her own television network, to bring about change!!! Where are you oprah… and the cherry on top of her shit pie, is to produce another we shall overcome movie geared toward teaching black people to continue taking assswhuppins without defending ourselves…naw, don't fight forreal, hold hands n humm….don't demand change regardless of the consequences, and the only true vehicle for change.. give him your left cheek too… fuck that. She was even silent when they gunned down trayvon martin. Fuck her and obama.

  27. Ecclessiastes Clee Raiford says:

    well you have the finances, the "power", and a platform to help evoke change. yet you do NOTHING! SO FUCK OPRAH!

  28. Ron Seay says:

    Oprah if you're reading this. Ask your self what did MLK ORDER strategically change. The negro is still being abused. Dont assume we made because of your billions oprah. Consider you only have peanuts compared to solomon before slavery was ever in america…

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