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35 thoughts on “Watch Don Cheadle’s Reaction to the Surprising Reality That His Ancestors Were Enslaved by Native Americans

  1. Heyward Johnson says:

    That's why when folks cry about Natives, I remind them Natives owned Slaves too.

  2. Rafael Martinez says:

    But many tribes also accepted Africans, it's not the same as the European owning slaves for economic reasons. It's as with everything, some good, some bad.

  3. Blacks owned slaves too, so what is your point? Don't trust nobody?

  4. Rafael Martinez says:

    As the post above states, blacks owned blacks too. And African blacks aren't fond of American blacks, etc. When are we supposed to move forward?

  5. Heyward Johnson says:

    Ankhti M'tennu Heh-ānkh Pa-Khard Black people owning slaves were many who purchased their own kin out of slavery. Other than that reason there was NO JUSTIFIABLE reason for people to own other human beings in America. It is worse for those groups like Natives who did suffers injustices to turn around and do to others what was done to them. You cannot justify that no matter what you say. Sorry.

  6. You justify it by saying that they were freed, they were not. They were slaves, not free men. You must be a Christian so I'll leave you alone lol.. Sad bunch of people

  7. Que Levi Abraham says:

    Always half a story given,. the so called Black African Americans are native Americans. They were deemed to be animals and did not receive god given rights as dictated by the rule of those who conquered America. Relationship were strong among the so called Black Native American and the Red Native American. Slavery among the so called indigenous races were nothing like slavery under the colonials system, in fact, the so called colonial slavery was not slavery at all; the enslaved were prisoners of war. Indigenous slavery was indentured servitude; many so called Black Native Americans choose this route instead of the ladder and many so called Red Native Americans mitigated circumstances to circumvent their brothers and at times family from being enslaved in the harness of what people think was colonial Caucasian slavery. When you do extensive research of history, you find out that someone has been perpetrating the biggest identity fraud ever existed. I'm not just talking about the So called Jews but the Greeks, the Germans, the Scots, the Irish etc…. It started with Philip of Macedonia(THE FATHER OF THE GOAT) who is the descended of Esau. The Greeks were Israelite called the Maccabees whom the Macedonians conquered and stole their identity.

  8. Rafael Martinez says:

    Heyward, seems like you're justifying it for blacks owning blacks as long as it's in Africa. You never replied about African blacks having a dislike of American blacks. You only mention about Native Americans not liking blacks, if you're going to mention one group, mention them all and African blacks don't like American blacks. Africa blacks discriminate just like Native Americans do.

  9. Heyward Johnson says:

    Rafael Martinez Heyward, seems like you're justifying it for blacks owning blacks as long as it's in Africa. You

    I wasn't referring to Africa, but the small number of Blacks who were free and owned Black slaves here in America.The article was about Don Cheadle ancestors being owned by Native Americans. Try sticking to the story and not introducing your own agenda to the discussion.

  10. Erika Deyon says:

    Blacks owned slaves yes true…. and Indians also yes..but they did not treat them as did the white man who carried out heartless , cruel, and unbelievable acts of hatred and evil on their slaves. Black and Indian slave owners treated their slaves as a lower class who had to work hard to gain a new level of stature they weren't stuck slaves for life… didn't treat them like animals as the white man did. Please stop comparing to make it sound equal.. It wasn't then and will never be okay what whites have done to the planet and humanity.

  11. Tremayne J. Smith Sr. says:

    There were once what is and has been called, "The Civilized Tribes." Americans, and sometimes American Indians, called the five Southeastern nations "civilized" because they seemed to be assimilating to Anglo-American norms…and what they tend to leave out is that it would include their participation in the realm of slavery and the trade as well. Due to their refusal to automatically make the former slaves citizens of their nation, the U.S. Government penalized the tribe by taking over half of their lands without compensation. Though the United States government promised that all of the lands of the Five Civilized Tribes would be free of white settlement, this was not the case as thousands violated the policy.

  12. Farntella Graham says:

    you believe their lies?

  13. Nzingha Shabaka says:

    Don I could see the hurt in your eyes, I saw the hurt on your face, it shows the love you have for your people who were held in slavery, like so may of us. I wish Dr. Gates had held his laughter, I have seen him do it to other people, and I could see you were not comfortable with his laughter. I have a question, for Dr. Gates, how long did the Indians hold blacks in slavery, and on what level, I do not believe it was very many, and I do not believe it went on that long. And how did they come by black people, did they go to the auction block, or did they buy them from whites? If they did, then, yes they were held by whites, until they were sold. Dr. Gates acted like it was some kind of relief for Don telling him his ancestors were not held in slavery by whites. I bet they were, and if they were not they still were kidnapped, and brought here by whites. So whites do not escape being responsible for Don's ancestors being held as slaves.

  14. Greg Hunt says:

    I appreciate your racist input. Thank God the black race has done so much for this nation by killing, raping, horrible music that breeds hate and death, your racism even amoungst your own people, having many baby daddy you cannot even name, filling up jails by not being able to stop doing any hard crimes, thank you for your people leeching the welfare system.

    See how stupid that sounds? That's how stupid your remark was. Can you ignorant bigots say anything that is not an embarrassment to your people or humanity?

  15. Greg Hunt says:

    This can't be right. Only white people are evil!

  16. Greg Hunt says:

    Heyward Johnson Minorities of every culture practice racism against other people. Every race stands accused of this just only the white race is called out on it, except by people like me. I don't mind calling idiots out for being idiots and even speaking ignorance so they can understand what I'm saying.

    However, you are spot on. Owning another human being is the most despicable thing you can do. There are just not enough horrific things you can say about it. Terrible and may every one that ever did enjoy the fires of hell if they never repented.

  17. Karl Makinda says:

    The colonial White man was a two-footed swine, loosely speaking. No form of wickedness should be ruled out under his regime. Had African not been taken from their Motherland to this blasted out-of-the-way place, Native Americans could have have laid hands on them. Gates is just another apologist for the White side of his ancestry.

  18. Rafael Martinez says:

    Heyward, I wasn't introducing any agenda and you know that. I was stating that everyone's race has treated other races or their own as slaves in the past and that we need to move forward from our past.

  19. Heyward Johnson says:

    Rafael Martinez That's not true no other race in AMERICA has been treated as Black Americans have by our government and fellow citizen. Its only when it comes to Black people are we told to forget the past and it's time to move on that's racist and unacceptable. American Blacks are not the same as other Black people who willingly forget their history to appease others.

  20. Since the Choctaw Nation broke its treaty with the United States of America by not giving slaves membership in the Choctaw Nation, the Cheadle Family is legally owed MILLIONS of dollars. I wonder why Skip Gates failed to mention this.

  21. Nyansapo Dickson says:

    Blacks owning slaves was an imposed condition, as they had no other recourse for money. Additionally, the majority of the time it was to ensure protection, so that slave status had to remain.

  22. Nyansapo Dickson says:

    Rafael Martinez You really don't know about the relationship between Blacks in America and other Blacks (from Africa etc), so maybe you should NOT speak on things you don't know nor understand.

  23. Hassan Abdullah says:

    Gates is a personal friend of President Obama and they are pretty much indoctrinated not to bring forth the platform for the issue of slavery reparations in public.

  24. Eric Browley says:

    We are all slaves on this earth right now. All of us.

  25. Darryl Owens says:

    Marcus Garvey, had insight.

  26. I said this in a comment before that, the resentment of black people towards slavery is not being sold into slavery but the treatment of slaves by their masters. often times it is white people who often scorn, discriminate and kill black slaves and the past always replenish the future, thus the remnants is still there.

  27. Tau Etsile says:

    Nyansapo Dickson preach!

  28. Fatou Toure says:


  29. Fatou Toure says:

    Rafael Martinez should tell us about the racism practiced in Latin America against Black Latinos from past times until now…and stfu about African Americans.

  30. Fatou Toure says:


  31. Bull shit…look into the first black slave owner in virgima colonie…he refused to let his slave go…don't rewrite history you were no part of…my ancestors never owned slaves…so bite me.

  32. Are egyptians considered african? They aint black.

  33. Philip of Macedonia was white. DNA shows the Greeks who live there today have the same DNA as Greeks who lived there over 3,00 years ago with some admixtures from invaders such as the Turks.

    Search for this: DNA reveals origin of Greece's ancient Minoan culture.

  34. you hit right In the head (300) years ago, well go back 2000 to 3000 years ago, those Greeks were very different and were people of a darker hue. Those that conquered them took their heritage, roots and culture because they had none. This is the reality of the world today, the people who had no culture stole the identity of the people they conquered. Lastly, Philip of Macedonia is a Caucasian man, the term white is status not a race.

  35. 300,000 union whites died for the end of slavery. Probably the first time in history that so many died that were all part of one nation for the freeing of slaves. your welcome.

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