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10 Disrespectful Things You Should Never Say to a Black Woman

Rude things to say to Black women

‘Do You Know Your Dad?’

You would be surprised at how many times a Black girl is actually faced with this question. There is an awful stereotype that all Black women have serious daddy issues and have never even met the man who helped bring them into this world. The assumption, in and of itself, is racist and offensive. Actually posing that question to a Black girl is incredibly insulting and just downright foolish.

Black woman irritated

‘You Act Like a White Girl’

It’s the most obvious one in the book. What exactly does a white girl act like? What is a Black girl “supposed” to act like? Most of the time that question is posed to suggest that a Black girl is polite, intelligent, well-spoken and conservative. The fact that those traits are automatically associated with white people and an apparent surprise to see in Black women is only proof of the damage caused by years of negative, stereotypical portrayals of Black women.

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