Struggling Knicks Have a Bright Side, Carmelo Anthony Says; Guess What It Is

carmelo-anthony-opt-outThey have lost nine straight games, 19 of 21 and they’ve looked inept in doing it. The New York Knicks are a mess, but star Carmelo Anthony says it could have been worse.

Moreover, it has not been worse because of the entity many people believe is among the problems: coach Derek Fisher.

The former player and five-time champion inherited somewhat of a mess in his first head-coaching job, or coaching job of any sort. But he has not been able to reel in a floundering team. . . or so it seems.

Anthony says it would be even uglier if Fisher were not in charge.

“I think if it was anybody else in his position, I think this probably would’ve crumbled already,” Anthony said. “I think he’s doing a great job of keeping everybody focused on the task at hand and believing in what we’re trying to do.”

If that’s true, then Fisher deserves some kudos, because it is virtually impossible to hold together a team once losing becomes a part of its culture. Bickering begins, back-stabbing and the like, and the collective confidence shrinks.

It has not helped that Anthony has been struggling with his health. A bad left knee has sideline him at times, rendered him ineffective at others. But that’s beside the point for him. It’s about experiencing the feeling of a win again.

“I don’t really like doing the New Year’s resolution, but I just want 2015 to be better than 2014,” Anthony said. “We’ve got to find a win. We can’t be thinking about the turnaround. We’ve got to find a win first and see what happens from there.”

Anthony speculated he might eventually have to shut it down for an extended period if the pain grows worse. Earlier this week, he admitted he might not even make it to the All-Star Game, which is in New York this year.

“It’s tough. Some days you’re able to do some things, some days you’re not,” Anthony said. “Some days it’s tough to even run around and cut and jump. And then other days I come in and I don’t really feel it.

“I’m playing because I love to play and I want to play. I know what I can tolerate and what I can’t tolerate. The games I feel like I can’t tolerate it, I’m not going to play.”

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