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4 thoughts on “What the University of Notre Dame Is Doing About White Privilege Is Something More Educational Institutions Should Consider

  1. Tony Mza Starks says:

    A great Idea.

  2. Myriam Dormer says:

    What are the parameters for who can enroll? Any demographic specifications?

  3. ZeeZee Heilman says:

    Not bad for a white, middle class institution whose support group are generally conservative Catholics. Openning eyes is what college is all about (except for computer engineering, the goal of which is is to make money. Sorry for the sarcasm.)

  4. Ann Eds says:

    All True:

    –Psychopathic Racial Personality.
    Mon 29 Dec 2014 by Abagond.

    The psychopathic racial personality is a psychological disorder common to most white people. Not just White Americans but Europeans and Arabs too. We can tell because they act in a psychopathic way towards blacks:

    – self-centered
    – disregard for the rights of others.
    – violent
    – unfeeling
    – almost complete absence of ethical and moral development.
    – make commitments they do not intend to keep.
    – get angry when their integrity is called into question.
    – unable to accept blame or learn from experience.
    – lack of discipline or respect for authority.
    – take advantage of blacks without any guilt, anxiety or threat to their self-esteem.
    – unable to love deeply leading to sexual inadequacy – leading to rape, castration.
    and hypersexualization of blacks.
    – White behaviour towards blacks goes far beyond anything that can be accounted.
    for in any other way.


    The sustained sexual atrocities committed against the Black race by the White race has no parallel in history and there is no scientific explanation except under the rubric of psychopathology.

    The trouble with psychopaths is that most of them seem like nice people, at least at first. Unlike psychotics and neurotics, most can function in society, therefore few get sent to prisons or mental hospitals. And yet because they lack much of a conscience, they are capable of great evil and violence.

    They are beyond the help of religion and science, which they just twist or overlook.

    This disorder is what drives racism: “the oppression and exploitation of people because of their race.”.

    It even leads to black-on-black violence:

    Historically, the European system has encouraged the killing of Blacks. Because Blacks have been led to believe that they are part of the psychopath’s system, they simply follow the practice.

    Psychiatrists, both black and white, are taught to apply the medical model to their black patients. As Dr Samuel Cartwright did when he said runaway slaves suffered from a disease called drapetomania. He was not some nut – he was one of America’s leading experts on black disease in the 1800s. But because he assumed white society was healthy he saw blacks as screwed up.

    What this means:

    1. Whites have no moral feelings that you can appeal to. They know the difference between right and wrong but just do not care.

    2. There is no known cure for psychopaths. The only successful treatments are imprisonment, radical psycho-surgery or death.

    Therefore the only thing that will work for blacks is violence and revolution.

    Let's hope not. Let us hope it doesn't come to this.

    I've chosen to ignore the generalization, because if the shoe doesn't fit, please don't put it on. –AnnEds

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