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37 thoughts on “This African Model’s Attitude Towards Skin Bleaching Only Confirms the Impact of Colorism on Global Scale

  1. She lacks knowledge of self.

  2. Paulo Shakur says:

    Piece of shit who taught you to hate yourself?

  3. Why are they lying to her telling her that she looks "amazing?" That is a lie from the pit of hell.

  4. Seth Jacobs says:

    This woman looks terrible.

  5. Listen to her rationalizations and deflections, sad, but not uncommon.

  6. Farntella Graham says:

    this woman is in complete denial.

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    I bleached my skin too, but I just can't get that Damn strong smell off of me. Plus it didn't work , just goes to show you whatever GOD has CREATED MAN CANNOT CHANGE.

  8. Nzingha Shabaka says:

    Here we have a sickning case of hating your black skin, then the whites tell her she is beautiful, fooling themselves and her. She really looks like something else. Sicko.

  9. Disgrace. Bitch look like a dam fool. Big ass wig on. Welp lost another one…

  10. …the legacy of colonialism/neo-colonialism/slavery/Jim Crow, missionary-eurocentric education, media mind control, loss of culture, loss of identify. "The road is narrow and the numbers are few" that will survive this.

  11. Evadne Smith says:

    she is suffering from self confident, and lacking of wisdom.

  12. Yonah El says:

    Some people would rather climb a tree and tell a lie than to stand on the ground and tell the truth. You were beautiful in your natural skin, and now you look like a painted lady. But, I ain't mad at you. It is your life, and this is my opinion. Right on for the blackness.

  13. Why would you destory your Melanin. Melanin is worth $353 per gram more than gold or platinum. Self hatred is a Mental diease that needs to be address.

  14. She looks like a retired boxer who finally decides to go drag. Her head is too large; to much hair in the wig. I do like the before picture though. So sad that she has become her worst enemy.

  15. Carolyn Ewing says:

    What is that thing on her head?

  16. I think this woman has a real problem. First of all, she does not explicitly understand the health implication of what she is deliberately doin to her skin. Secondly she has very little knowledge about sun tanning and she tries to compare the two as the same socio-cultural process. I feel very sad for her.

  17. She looked so much better before she started bleaching. Oh well, c'est la vie.

  18. Torodoh Jobe says:

    Poor thing. She's looking like a lion Zimba. Akuna matata lil

  19. Susan Murphy says:

    My first response to this was anger. I thought to myself, what a BLACK FOOL! But now I think that she has a bad case of self hatred and denial. I actually feel sorry for her. She is in such denial, that she doesn't realize how ridiculous she sounds and looks. She has post traumatic slave syndrome.

  20. Nadia Jules says:

    She's ridiculous. She doesn't see color but she decided to lighten her skin?

  21. She looks crazy. Poor woman.

  22. She's made herself look like a damn monster…especially with that poor hair piece on her head! SMDH

  23. Nia Duke says:

    idk what's worse…the skin or the wig.

  24. Nelly Diaz says:

    She desperately needs to change her hairstyles.. Horrible ..

  25. So hypocrite! Disgusting, she look ugly and crazy!

  26. The mop on her head makes her look so crazy! How pathetic! These people must have been paid by the companies making these products! How could they tell her s

  27. white people and gay people are the devil,there not capable of the truth and moral capacity that we posses,what did you expect that white woman and that battyman was going to say. "Oh my god what have you done to yourself,you hate yourself.its our race thats been attacking your people 24/7,I feel terrible,dont bleach.

    NO they'll say you look great.


  28. Sure the creatures the sun hates, will tell her she looks beautiful, because she is trying to look like them. I do not believe anyone truthfully speaking will say white skin is beautiful. Let's face.

  29. Ralph Long says:

    What's even worse about that is, Melanin wears off in a month of 2. When we bleach, it's forever….

  30. Ralph Long says:

    She's still not satisfied….she doesn't believe she looks better, but this is what the image f death does to us. White 'people' praise the look of death: models have to be milky white and weigh under 100 lbs sometimes. That sounds like a skeleton to me….but they've pushed the agenda SO MUCH until we Afrikan People now believe that we have to look like death to be "pretty"

  31. Soleil Aluyi says:

    Chronic mental disorder and we all know the reason why!

  32. John Velez says:

    she looks like a clown.

  33. John Velez says:

    nice wig too…..that is an ugly man…i mean woman.

  34. John Velez says:

    blacks are delusional…she/he believes there will be no damages to her skin…i feel sorry for her kids…i would be embarrassed as a husband.

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