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9 thoughts on “These Are Extreme Measures Black Parents Need to Take to Protect Their Children That Causes So Much Emotional Stress Everyday

  1. Vic Stafford says:

    This is ridiculous!

  2. Nolan Brown says:

    I'm not one to judge but I personally think he's doing more harm then good forcing your kids to conform to the views of other regardless of race or status will hurt them when confronted by these people

  3. Elissa Malaikah says:

    I read your comment before watching the video. I don't agree that he's doing more harm, because he's being proactive as the parent of black sons. I do feel, however that it still may not be enough, if skin color alone is the one determining factor. Years ago I watched a let's-test-your-racial-knowledge video in where they were comparing how black people and white people perceive the same visual images. None of the white people seemed racist to me; different walks of life, but just ordinary people. And yet, when asked to pick out who looked more likely to rob a store from the two men (one white, one black) both wearing jogging suits, most of them chose the black man, who turned out to be an investment banker on his lunch break.

    As the mother of a black daughter in NYC, I'd have to say many black parents have these extra conversations with our children. I do it with my child, as my mother did with me. Things like "Always keep your hands in plain sight of police officers, and yes, unfortunately if it's cold too". "If you need to show ID, just let know where they can find it." "Just do what they say, DON'T EVER DISPUTE THEM even if they're wrong; we'll sort it out later." The premise is to keep our children alive. I don't think that all law enforcement and/or white people are in the same category of George Zimmerman, still, often enough our actions are perceived in a different manner than other groups performing the same activities. Trayvon Martin was steps away from HIS home, in the rain, talking on his cell phone. This is common behavior for all people, regardless of race. Amadou Diallo stepped outside HIS building, and was shot 41 times for a wallet. To me, what this parent is guilty of at most, is being overly protective, but for the right reason. Enjoy your holidays.

  4. Nolan Brown says:

    I understand where you coming from im just speaking based on my experience and what he is saying I live in philly "hey neighbor lol" and growing up the only thing the cops cared about was making quota at the expense of alienating the public I was a victim of this I was about 14-15 when two cops pulled up on us with their flood light in our face both officers had their guns drawn pointed at us telling us to get on the wall after they watched us walk out the store with our food they unjustly searched us squished our food and when they found nothing said enjoy your grub I can go on but my point Is he should at least teach them of their rights as citizens regardless ofhow old the kids are so the same thing won't happen because at the end of the day for those cops it's about what skin your in not the clothes

  5. Nolan Brown says:

    *us I mean me an my brother*

  6. Ade Daini says:

    So this is what it's come down to in America, wow!

  7. Misses Muhammad says:

    Well at this point, why not just go ahead and start bleaching your skin because it doesn't matter what you're wearing. IT"S YOUR BLACK SKIN. PERIOD.

  8. Misses Muhammad says:

    Well at this point, why not just go ahead and start bleaching your skin because it doesn't matter what you're wearing. IT"S YOUR BLACK SKIN. PERIOD.

  9. Ade Daini says:

    "Black-People" have got all the powers to kickstart their own economy and keep any hating race out of it, why have we decided to allow our own potentials to be locked down by the our own haters, I still don't get it till today, if a race have decided to permanently be your enemy, why are you still there on your knees begging for its help and acceptance? We really are a strange people indeed!

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