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8 Incredible Things About Black Genetics That Will Amaze You


Black People Are Genetically Stronger Than Their White Counterparts

Back in 2008, a Cornell University study revealed that the genetics of Europeans have far more harmful mutations than people of African descent. These harmful mutations have continued to build up and continue to plague European bloodlines.

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229 thoughts on “8 Incredible Things About Black Genetics That Will Amaze You

  1. Bwire Vincent says:

    We don't need a study, for the obvious.

  2. Keora Akanke says:


  3. Nzingha Shabaka says:

    Wow. That is good for many blacks to know. What is listed here, there is much more about the great Afurakans. I love being black, there are no strikes against me because of my black skin, the only problem we have, is racism, not my skin color.

  4. Tiffany Renee Smith says:

    They have that weak ass recessive gene, by default.

  5. Jay Contreras says:

    Yes, I agree. It's evident. I don't believe that whites hate us. They just hate that they AIN' T us. Big difference. They mad at God, not us. lol..we are like the favored child whom the other slighted kids take out their anger on..

  6. A doctor told me that being light skin was a deformity. He said a dark skin person absorbed more vitamin D. So, I started to read about the Egyptian and their relationship with the sun. I don't understand how nature can or would play a trick on white man. The sun damage their skin. Even stranger, they talk about our blackness then run to Florida to lay in the sun. When reading about the Egyptians we find they knew their relationship with the earth, molecule, the Atom and the universe.

  7. Kenneth Lowe says:

    The last point should be more specific and should read "Kenyan highlanders", not Kenyans.

  8. Jay Contreras says:

    It's simple biology. How can being a white-skinned genetic recessive EVER be the ideal on a SUN planet? The answer: it cannot be and the fact that they have convinced us otherwise is their real genius–deception.

  9. Dan Ray says:

    Ha. What ever makes you feel better about yourselves.

  10. All Neanderthals European and Asian are not HUMANS

  11. Andres Seb Batista says:

    Hahaha omg what bullshit are you blahing.?? We don't wish to be you. We're happy with who we are just like you. And there is no God.

  12. Caesar Goodman says:

    very little fact backed up by evidence lol but if anyone was to put together a poorly written article like this about how white genetics are better (there are just as many pros for whites) it would be called racist and removed by facebook hmmmmmm.

  13. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Dan Ray: It's about the truth. However, this is something black people knew anyway. We didn't need a study to know this. Maybe, white folks know this too,. It would explain why they hate black people so….much.

  14. Mykel Keller says:

    I question the validity of this article when they can't even do simple math correctly…

  15. Nzingha Shabaka says:

    Caesar Goodman I don't think so. We have been reading hearing seeing every since we met whites, they said we are inferior, our skin is negative, that is why we are called black in the negative, we are everything negative. The reason blacks are expressing ourselves like we do, because we woke up one day and realize whites had brain washed the world that they are superior, and when you see a people who says they are superior, and believe for some time, and those people are white skin, welllll, you can understand why blacks are showing an appreciation for their Godly skin color. We are the sun people, the sun loves us. Yes it does. I hope that makes you feel better, we are not racist, when some compare white skin to black skin, actually there is no comparsion, but a hugh contrast.

  16. Nzingha Shabaka says:

    Nit picking grammar, spell checks, is elementary, you only need a fair reading comp ability to understand what is said.

  17. Andres Seb Batista if there is no GOD and that is not the reason you hate us then by all please enlighten us on the origins of Man any exactly why do many, many privileged class people hate us so much?

  18. They are man kind, not man, but a kind of man.

  19. Caesar Goodman, you can not provide "any" facts let alone very little facts that would prove that "white genetics are better" than anything let alone the dominate genes of the so called "Black" man. I know for a fact that if you could you and approximately two hundred million other privileged class Americans would have already flooded the internet with it.

  20. Dan ray you know it's true that is the reason that many, many privileged class people harbor such an incredible, extremely, intensive hatred for so called "Black" people. Of course you will never admit it but you know it's true and it is eating you up inside.

  21. Mykel Keller, WOW.

  22. Kenneth Lowe says:

    I don't see what that has to do with accuracy. Very few know that Kenya's famous distance runners actually originate from a specific region of Kenya.

  23. Reyes Paiacios, how do you know anything about so called "Black" genetics to say something is true or not true.

  24. Andres Seb Batista says:

    Tariq Williams hahahahaha thanks for the laugh. Evolution you inbred prick.

  25. Jay Contreras says:

    Andres Seb Batista And yet, you post an avatar on posturing, trying to be 'hard & thugged out, mimicing us white why is it, white people try to appropriate EVERYTHING we create, from slang to our music to our dress..EVERYTHING. But you don't want to be like us, huh? And you are HERE why? lol..delusional fool.

  26. Andres Seb Batista says:

    Jay Contreras it's a Halloween costume. You have no monopoly on any culture. That thought of mind is what will keep segregation alive. Good job.

  27. Nzingha Shabaka says:

    Andres Seb Batista Did you mean to say inbred? Blacks are not inbreds. All the other races are. There may be a few with white blood, because of the rapes while blacks were held in slavery. Blacks are 100% human.

  28. Jay Contreras says:

    And what a coincidence that you found your way here, huh? Funny, I've NEVER had any desire to go to the REAL stormfront..but then again, ain't nobody payin' me to troll.

  29. Jay Contreras says:

    Andres Seb Batista And why not Al Capone or Gotti? Why BLACK PEOPLE? B/c black culture is synonymous in this country with cool or what's hip. You know it and I know it. And whites keep segregation going b/c you know deep down that if all was equal in the world & we really were judged on our character & not our color, whites would cease to exist. Color + White skin= Color. I understand that global apartheid is needed for your basic survival.

  30. Andres Seb Batista says:

    Jay Contreras if you guys could pull your balls out of eachothers mouths for a second, and just come forward and admit youre trolling, I would appreciate it, No one can be that fucking up their own ass about being black. It's impossible.
    you guys are funny. Or just really and I mean really fucking stupid. I fear the latter.

    And the costume has absolutely nothing to do with being black. You self absorbed clowns just assume it has to be about you. it's a fucking modern warfare costume you dumbass. But aparenntly looking like you're killing people and holding a gun is reserved for black people… but then you complain about being shot down… but violence is your identity. Can't have it both ways fuckhead.

  31. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Dan Ray: You are a racist to your core. Yes, black people hair can get nappy.. However, black people don't get lice or fleas. In our hair…..bugs do not live nor produce in black hair. White folks get ashy too, it's just not as visible, because of their pale white, look like death skin. There are also, many, many white folks with diabetes…..stop pulling rabbits out of your hat!!. Black people with low IQ's please!!! read the damn….skinny weak black people. I've seen many skinny white people, and the obese white folks, please…they look like hogs. You are ignorant beyond words. FDA

  32. Dan Ray "nappy hair" (as you put it) is a good thing, white people have ashy skin also but it's just hard to see and although not as much white people also get diabetes and their are millions of white people are skinny and fat too. You presented absolutely no proof that "white people genetics are better"

  33. Day Ray I already answered that dumb azz post, why in hell would you continue to post such small minded, racist ignorance.

  34. Caesar Goodman says:

    smh i could if i wanted to try to seperate races more than many like the pig al sharpton are. what part of these posts have any science or fact to them? all say "a study concluded" but any crack head can "conduct a study" and conclude whatever they want all i am saying is that this is a cheap blow an a weak attempt to claim superiority where it isnt due. i dont understand how there can be black pride but white pride is "racist" if people focused on the human genetics there would be more peace in the world but then we get this piece of crap article that does not glorify blacks it attacks whites (if you cant see that try reading the article)

  35. Etheleen Lawrence nappy hair if not managed yes, ashy skin if not manged yes although you get ashy too however its less noticeable, diabetes isnt a black trait and lastly IQ is not based on race and various by individual as well as education but seeing how low yours is I guess you can be forgiven. And lets not talk about obese white people >____>

  36. This was cool although id like to see more detailed descriptions for each part as well as citations to learn more and for validity.

  37. Habib George says:

    Wow we did a study to prove what white racists have been saying all along that we are better atheltics , dance better and are stronger (which is why we were used as slaves ). Thanks atlanta star whats next a study how we can whip ass and take no shit ? Jesus christ and you guys sre celebreting this study??? Fucking morons..

  38. Shawn Mc says:

    Caesar Goodman this website is pretty much black racism, no different than any white racist site but opposite, most of the people that come to the site want to read that they are superior but any rational person can read through the non factual articles and understand.
    most of the articles on genetics or ancient history will always be biased and the sources non existent if not questionable, I pretty much got a understanding of the site when it stated black people founded the ming dynasty, created stonehenge , was the first samurai , it even gets worse lol

  39. Shawn Mc says:

    i agree with you lol

  40. Shawn Mc says:

    you will never get it because it's propaganda. its like a person got information genetics and pulled out sentences to create a narrative, its not true in its entirety, just sentences an quotes from anyone

  41. Ryan Minaker says:

    Jay Contreras Why is it a coincidence? I found the article on Facebook next to the article about how McDonalds is going to stop selling their food to people that are overweight.

  42. I wish they would cite sources. the studies etc, so others could use this material.

  43. With the exception of the hair which is a good thing, every other one of those things can be attributed to white people. Nothing there proves white people have "better" genes

  44. Clint Looper says:

    The idea that an entire race of people is anything but equal to other races is a very wrong and dangerous way to view the world. Also, the information here is not scientific at all. The fact that certain races produce more melanin than other races is nothing more than a reflection of what environment your ancestors evolved in. People living in climates that were hot a majority of the year constantly produced melanin while people in colder climates produced less because it wasn't necessary. Shouldn't we start thinking of ourselves as humans? Continuing to keep the races divided will only leave us weaker as a species.

  45. Just a few years into the 20th Century and we are already repeating the mistakes of the 20th! Race is a social construct and not a genetic one. There are just a few steps of logic between this trash journalism and making soap rendered from the fat of babies. Atlanta Black Star should know whose babies will be killed first.

  46. Human Heater says:

    Jay Contreras you sound uneducated……

  47. Human Heater says:

    Jay Contreras you sound uneducated……

  48. Shawn Mc, you should do your own research. Because, all of the things you just mentioned as being racist are easily verifiable and true.

  49. Ramal Davis says:

    why are you even on this site. IT IS NOT SET UP FOR YOU NOR YOUR PEOPLE. Congregate amongst your own.

  50. Ramal Davis says:

    why are you even on this site. IT IS NOT SET UP FOR YOU NOR YOUR PEOPLE. Congregate amongst your own.

  51. Eric Routon says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! Stop! Stop! That's hilarious!

  52. Eric Routon says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! Stop! Stop! That's hilarious!

  53. Caesar Goodman says:

    lol no

  54. Shawn Mc says:

    Glen Adamafio i did the research and its all bull man. much of the sources are theories and quotes taken out of context.

    it dont seem a little odd to you that the same writers always try to prove we are the creators of ALL civilizations all over the world ?

    whats the odds that we created the ming dynasty and also the olmecs which were supposedly an ancient people from egypt ?

    cmon you cant be this gullible. some of the early afrocentric writings was because we needed representation of our history but it has gone too far and its turned to fantasy and feel good stories for black supremacist

  55. Caesar Goodman says:

    this Shawn guy has his head screwed on straight everyone has the right to have pride in their race/ herritage but no race should feel superior no matter how white/ black/ red /yellow/ blue they are we are al; made by the same creator with the same elements jus have different versions of the tint lol

  56. Eric Routon says:

    Ramal Davis, we would like to stay amongst our own kind but every time we do you scream racist and demand access.

  57. Eric Routon says:

    Egyptians aren't black.

  58. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    You white folks are really bi-polar….anytime evidence is shown to contradict, the white mans lies and historical propaganda, then white folks holler we're all humans. White folks are really some very sick peoples.

  59. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    You white folks are really bi-polar….anytime evidence is shown to contradict, the white mans lies and historical propaganda, then white folks holler we're all humans. White folks are really some very sick peoples.

  60. Ramal Davis says:

    No we do not. The last time I checked it was YOU ALL gentrifying OUR neighborhoods. Fact: during the so called civil rights movement, the VAST majority of black people in America supported the likes of Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad. Integration was set up by YOUR government to assure that blacks remain dependent on you all and it is a known fact that your government propped up integrationist mis-leaders such as Al Sharpton and MLK, to continue this deceit. There was time after time where blacks had our own prosperous towns and nations independent of your people and you all either covertly or overtly destroyed them. But, rest assured, there is a new black nationalists movement underway that WILL be successful in assuring our separation from you all.

  61. Shawn, i've since read you're responses on the hidden colors article, i already known your stance. i know you do some research, but you come in with the goal of discreding real black researchers that actually had to go in the field for their evidence. Nah man, it seems you might be the gullible one here. You're making the same mistake the white researchers make, you think we all look the same. The "true negro" is only 1 of about 7 distinct african facial structures. No other "race" has any feature that can't be found on a "black african". You do know Filipinos were once black people right? There are still dark brown Chinese, not the ones in the cities that would be intermingling with other cultures, the ones that live in the country? How could they come about if the chinese werent first dark people? You study, you know you cant get dark people from white skinned people. How about the pacific islanders, that are still "black"? The west paupa in indonesia? They share the same "look" of chinese. The same look of the south arfican san. Stonehenge, they still cant figure out how it was built, just like they cant figure out the pyramids, do you honestly believe thats a coincidence? You believe that the myth that "giant black god"s built stonehenge is just a coincidence? And the fact that the oldest bones found in that areas just happen to have "true negro" facial features, thats just nonsense, coincidence? The fact that the only place you find these wonders are places where there was an african presence. But if some white reseacher writes a book of so called facts, like saying celts are Caucasian, which isn't even a thing, because neither their facial features nor genetics are unique lol, you say no the black researcher is wrong. I'm done lol. Nah im not…you dismissed van sertima's research, but do you realize he was directly responsible for Congress dropping the use of the word "discovered" when dealing with colombus? The man presents 12 different froms of evidence to prove Afircans were in america before columbus. You dismiss that? For what? A few articles written by people who's entire sense of being is built on the idea that they are the creators of civilization, that the greeks and romans civilized the world. That their people were the great thinkers of the world, Socrates plato. People who had to travel to and study under black africans? You know this is the idea you are backing. The reason black reasearch is attacked has nothing to do with superiority, that in itself is a European construct, every shade of people is naturally found in africa. And Ceasar, i wasn't speaking to you. I never spoke of superiority, that was your own projection. I was responding to shawn, and really dont care who you think has their head on right

  62. Caesar Goodman says:

    hahahahahahahahaha man i mean is this real right now? just because a skin color isnt white does not automatically link it to being a black person there are alot of shades of skin tone out there just because an asian has a darker complexion does not mean a black man was the origin of all other races lol sad that there is so much false info out there and the ones who consider themselves to be educated in the topic actually believe this…. what is this world coming to

  63. Caesar Goodman says:

    he starts his comment by saying that everyone is falsely grouped together under the term black and then claims than almost any islander and all of Asia is actually black lol

  64. Clint Looper says:

    Etheleen Lawrence First you should be a little more demanding of what you consider to be evidence. There is no evidence in this article because no sources are actually cited. At most this article is a misinformed opinion. Maybe read some of Thomas Sowell's work. He really shines a light on some incorrect information floating around out there.

  65. You're ingonrace is showing Ceasar lol…you don't know what im talking about, because you know very little about the subject. But seeing how shawn does reseaech on it, he pprobably will. I dont have the time to educate you here, go read about genetics, recessive and dominant traits, go read about human migrations, the different phenotypes of africans, study african history for about a year. Then get back to me. This is a convo between 2 players that actually know the game, not a spectator that doesnt even know the basics. Know your role

  66. Caesar Goodman says:

    Glen Adamafio i dont have to do any research to know that you have been fed a line of crap and i feel sorry that someone who thinks he "knows the game" is actually the saddest most uninformed person here… please pleasee screenshot this whole convo and post it on your facebook page so everyone on ur friends list can feel sorry for you also

  67. Caesar Goodman says:

    although i do feel my iq dropping so imma have to pull out of this little sinkhole of stupidity and black racism im glad youve found something to hold onto even if it is some of the least informed stuff going around lol

  68. Eric Routon says:

    That's is an outstanding example of why we went to the moon and you went to…. well, nowhere.

  69. Lol, keep exposing your ignorance and sense of superiority. Again i never brought up any superiority nonsense, that was all you buddy. I get it, there's no need for you to educate yourself regarding african history, because you know all you need to about "black" people, right? Uh huh… And, For you to even bring up iq shows how little you know… You know what a mensa membership and $3 will buy you? A cup of coffee lol. Fyi, iq isnt a real thing, the tests only measure a persons ability to solve iq test type problems, and that requires a person to have been exposed to the information contained in the problem beforehand. So you can't measure anyone's true intelligence you can just measure how well they can do on an iq test. But, you already knew that right lol

  70. Caesar Goodman says:

    lol man you can keep your ideas but shawn has already disproved all your theories on the Black Gods making the pyramids and stonehenge also if you want to take this debate public please post this stuff on your wall and have some other people who arent from this racist site and see if even one other person shares ur crazy fantasy

  71. Lol, you have no idea what you're saying. Shawn disagrees, he hasn't disproved a thing. You're reaching lol. For you to even think anyone could disprove "blacks" built the pyramids, shows the height of your ignorance. I'm done. I'm done, your conversation offers nothing

  72. Eric Routon says:

    Our only weakness is tolerating bullshit for too long. When the common man goes to war though…..

  73. Eric Routon says:

    Our only weakness is tolerating bullshit for too long. When the common man goes to war though…..

  74. Ramal Davis says:

    Yet here you all are trolling us.

  75. Ramal Davis says:

    Yet here you all are trolling us.

  76. Shawn Mc lol yea as much as i like this I would love for it to be supported by fact and research. Their are things mentioned here that I know are fact like the melanin part and i feel like the kenyan and afrcan runner thing is true but that could be more bsed on enviroment then race.

  77. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Are you some kin to Charles Barkley???? Odera Godhaswriitenit Adigwe. Or are you a troll???

  78. Chris Newton says:

    It's a shame that we (black folk) fall victim to the same poor society views that racists people follow. Old African proverb, it takes a village… remember? In other words, we all (ethnic backgrounds)have or God given gifts and abilities but it takes us all to come together and use our united blessings for the greater good. No race is superior, we're all equal in the eyes of God. I'm proud of my black roots and our accolades but don't tell me we're just good athletes. Those studies weren't promoting the cause, they were a distraction to it. C'mon folks, don't be distracted. Every pat on the back isn't a good thing, sometimes it's a push off the cliff. Ijs…..K.Y.P. (know your personal)

  79. LOL, that's some funny shit. Bloodlines tracing back to monkeys HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  80. Jay Contreras you are retarded

  81. Etheleen Lawrence Truth? I dont see any facts, looks like a made up story. Ive never seen a black baby that was ahead of their age, probably due to the absent parents. DNA older then adam, they failed to mention it was monkey dna linked to that man.. check the facts niggas

  82. Etheleen Lawrence Truth? I dont see any facts, looks like a made up story. Ive never seen a black baby that was ahead of their age, probably due to the absent parents. DNA older then adam, they failed to mention it was monkey dna linked to that man.. check the facts niggas

  83. Shawn Mc says:

    Glen Adamafio "You're making the same mistake the white researchers make, you think we all look the same."
    on the contrary i reject the notion that are the same due to melanin composition, thick lips curly hair or broad noses, i believe your the one creating such connections with your True Negro theory, by the way where can i get info on that theory ?

    "No other "race" has any feature that can't be found on a "black african"
    Im not sure you gave a definition of what a black african is and where are they, can you provide such information ?

    You do know Filipinos were once black people right?
    once again i don't know what your definition of black is, how far back are you willing to go to prove they are black ?
    you base all this on melanin composition when you should follow man migration and dna

  84. Shawn Mc says:

    Glen Adamafio why did all these african just vanish after they created a wonder ?
    why didnt they hang around ? they create a structure and leave.
    you seem like a rational person yet your not picking up on the same theme, the problem is your reading information from authors you know nothing about.

    "like saying celts are Caucasian"
    celts are just a group of tribes who lives in a specific area, it was more a cultural connection than looking alike.
    are you saying there were black celts ?
    once again whats your definition of black ?

    Van sertima and the americas

    what do you think was more disrespectful to the native americans, christopher columbus or van sertima theorizing that black people created their culture and were the olmecs.
    please send me the info on sertima proof of an african presence, he even later changed his theory and stated the olmecs were not black but they were influenced by africans.

  85. Shawn Mc says:

    Glen Adamafio "Socrates and Plato.People who had to travel to and study under black africans? "
    socrates died 399 BC,Plato died about 347 bc, the library of alexandria was constructed around the 3rd century so where did Plato and socrates learn ?

    you should not lash out at people who criticize your beliefs in a forum, you have to be prepared to take criticism when you speak of alternative histories

  86. First, i lashed out at no one. Wasn't it you that called me gullible? At first, i just assumed you hadn't done much reading into the subject and were baseing your analysis of the information on attitude of the site. I dont read it btw, i came through a link on fb, and assumed the article would be nonsense. And this Ceasar guy…well i just hope you don't take him agreeing with you as a compliment.

    You say i should follow people migration theory, which would be the out of AFRICA theory. But, if i follow that theory, the people leaving africa would be "black africans" or dark melanated people, correct? I mean, Africans (or Ethiopians, "burnt skin people" if you want to go back to earlier sayings) thats what comes out of africa, right? Unless you're talking about albinos, which we do produce, in higher numbers in certain parts of africa. So, following this people migration theory, the people who left africa would (mostly) be dark skinned people (or africans) and where ever they stopped they would still be dark skinned people, that came from africa…Or to put in today's terms "black africans". Well we only have to look at Australia, or the pacific islands, or india for proof. following your preferred model, the original people in those places were dark melanated and in some cases still are dark melanated. Are you suggesting that just because a group stops in Australia, or stops in India, they are no longer the same people they started off as, they're no longer africans because they stopped somewhere?

    Are you familiar with the dravidians? The progenitors of indian people? Well following your preferred theory. Those people would have started off as black africans, right? Since they came from africa. They're just as dark as or darker than many african to this day. And their facial features are no different than many of the groups in africa. if those people, were to mix with the already "black" aboriginals, what would you have? More black "african" people. So, i dont think that article says much.

    You know what kills me lol. You say look at the dna, look at people migration. But, it all tracks back to africa lol. Most varied dna sequences – africans. Most phenotypes- africans. Oldest anything- africans. Human migtaton theory- Out of Africa…come on, what are you saying really?

    You do know Dr. Yousef ben jochannan answered that question back in the 70s right. He did so publically, it's recorded. But, he actually went to egypt and talked to the people who were still there that knew the culture. Oh and your article still doesn't answer the question lol. It's not about just getting the stone down the river, it's then getting them within a 15th of an inch of each other, and then getting them on top of each other. No, cranes nothing. Each block weighing more than most trains.

    Where did these people go you ask? Well all we have to do is follow your favorite model "people migration". You do realize "white" people aren't native to what we call Europe right? They started off in Asia, thats where you find their ancient bones. You know of the tarim mummies right? Well if not look it up. You know of the Uyghur people that are still in asia right? Many of these groups and other "whites" migrated out of asia into Europe. Thats where their dna traces back to. There's an arrow on the national geographic migration map that alludes to this, since I'm sure you won't believe me. But the oldest bones in Europe all have "true negro" facial features? What does that say to you? They were killed by whites coming into a new land. Oh and that same map shows a group left from africa and went into Europe, ijs

    Wait, wait, did you just say the library of Alexandria? Lol you know by then Egypt had been conquered by the Persians and the greeks, Alexandria was a greek city man. How about the older libraries that were looted and then destroyed. Greeks had been coming to egypt before the Persians conquered it. i just rambled those names lol, but you knew exactly what i meant.

    After reading your so-called facts im even more secure in my original position. You do research to dismiss true research of black scholars. None of the links you provided prove anything – at all. You assume black researchers have a bias and practice faulty logic, but don't feel the same in regards to white researchers. Do you realize the amount of lies that had to be uncovered just to move from "you were slaves, we set you free" to "you were slaves, but you started in africa"? I don't think you do, i really don't. Because if you did, you wouldn't be so quick to base your opinions in "eurocentric" versions of history or science. Just a few years ago a top scientist came out and said blacks are genetically less intelligent lol. Like 2008, i was still in college at the time. They're still teaching kids that people (more like their people) thought the world was flat, not mentioning the moors had already traveled the world lol. That the egyptians had detailed maps of south america. They still wont show the true size of africa in relation to all the other continents lol. But, this is the system you base your ideas on lol. Come on.

    Lastly, i have articles i can post. I have dna studies i can post, but for what?
    You seem pretty intelligent. You can find it as easily as i did, actually you've probably seen them lol. but i feel like you'll just dismiss it, because the author doesnt come right out and say THEY'RE BLACK! lol

    Ok, this is my last point. Im african man, my family is from Ghana i've been there. i actually know a lot of afican people from many different countries, as well as other groups including dravidian, i dont need a study to tell me how many different looks african people have. And yes, i do know the hisory of north africa so im just talking about original africans

  87. Donna Hamilton says:

    Dan Ray The IQ test come from a man it mean nothing!!

  88. Donna Hamilton says:

    Dan Ray The IQ test come from a man it mean nothing!!

  89. Choice Felton You clearly have no idea what a human is then you brain dead animal.

  90. Roscer Ewok says:

    it dosnt mention sickel cell and other mutant sicknesses that only blacks have and also destroy every town and country they live in and only run and jump higher because they are not tired from having jobs.

  91. Dan Ray I am SunKissed and LOVED by Nature you will never be loved or liked by the Universe.
    By the time you are 20 you look 108 Just like your Mother the Dog or the she Bitch you age 7 years every 12 months of A calendar.

  92. European Americans Only A trashy no business cracker like you can be an animal.

  93. European Americans You uneducated uninformed piece of shit her is ONE of over TEN documentaries on the subject ALL put out by your animal relatives. You will NEVER be HUMAN!!!

    By no stretch of the imagination is a non-African "HUMAN", Africans are the world's only pure "HOMO SAPIEN". the factual definition of a "HUMAN" is one that is a "HOMO SAPIEN. All non-Africans are 11 – 20% NEANDERTHAL, therefore all non-Africans are ADMIXTURES of HUMAN and the SUB-HUMAN NEANDERTHAL, therefore they are ADMIXTURES, not exactly HUMAN. They should be required to check the box marked "OTHER" on birth certificate forms. BLACK MAN: YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!!! GENETICS CONFIRM, ALL NON-AFRICANS PART NEANDERTHAL :…/genetics-neanderthal-110718.htm.

  94. Eric Routon And your not HUMAN so what's your point?

  95. If you are non Afrikan you are not HUMAN! DO not participate in Bestiality of any kind.

    By no stretch of the imagination is a non-African "HUMAN", Africans are the world's only pure "HOMO SAPIEN". the factual definition of a "HUMAN" is one that is a "HOMO SAPIEN. All non-Africans are 11 – 20% NEANDERTHAL, therefore all non-Africans are ADMIXTURES of HUMAN and the SUB-HUMAN NEANDERTHAL, therefore they are ADMIXTURES, not exactly HUMAN. They should be required to check the box marked "OTHER" on birth certificate forms. BLACK MAN: YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! GENETICS CONFIRM, ALL NON-AFRICANS PART NEANDERTHAL :…/genetics-neanderthal-110718.htm.

  96. Dan Ray By no stretch of the imagination is a non-African "HUMAN", Africans are the world's only pure "HOMO SAPIEN". the factual definition of a "HUMAN" is one that is a "HOMO SAPIEN. All non-Africans are 11 – 20% NEANDERTHAL, therefore all non-Africans are ADMIXTURES of HUMAN and the SUB-HUMAN NEANDERTHAL, therefore they are ADMIXTURES, not exactly HUMAN. They should be required to check the box marked "OTHER" on birth certificate forms. BLACK MAN: YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!!! GENETICS CONFIRM, ALL NON-AFRICANS PART NEANDERTHAL :…/genetics-neanderthal-110718.htm.

  97. By no stretch of the imagination is a non-African "HUMAN", Africans are the world's only pure "HOMO SAPIEN". the factual definition of a "HUMAN" is one that is a "HOMO SAPIEN. All non-Africans are 11 – 20% NEANDERTHAL, therefore all non-Africans are ADMIXTURES of HUMAN and the SUB-HUMAN NEANDERTHAL, therefore they are ADMIXTURES, not exactly HUMAN. They should be required to check the box marked "OTHER" on birth certificate forms. BLACK MAN: YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!!! GENETICS CONFIRM, ALL NON-AFRICANS PART NEANDERTHAL :…/genetics-neanderthal-110718.htm.

  98. By no stretch of the imagination is a non-African "HUMAN", Africans are the world's only pure "HOMO SAPIEN". the factual definition of a "HUMAN" is one that is a "HOMO SAPIEN. All non-Africans are 11 – 20% NEANDERTHAL, therefore all non-Africans are ADMIXTURES of HUMAN and the SUB-HUMAN NEANDERTHAL, therefore they are ADMIXTURES, not exactly HUMAN. They should be required to check the box marked "OTHER" on birth certificate forms. BLACK MAN: YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!!! GENETICS CONFIRM, ALL NON-AFRICANS PART NEANDERTHAL :…/genetics-neanderthal-110718.htm.

  99. How About you do some research idiot.

  100. Eric Routon says:

    I guess that's why when left on your own you maxed out at the grass hut and witchdoctors. When handed civilization you destroy it like Liberia Haiti and Detroit. Your lack of any scientific logic would be absolutely hilarious if it didn't make you so dangerous.

  101. Etheleen Lawrence You're such an idiot! I laughed at the fact that you called him a "racist". God you people are such hypocrites. Did you not read your comment before you posted it?

    Fleas cannot live off of human blood nor do they like human hair. Blacks do get lice because I've seen it many times. I can see you don't understand what "ignorant" means because ignorant means lacking knowledge, which describes you entirely.

  102. Choice Felton Humans out of Africa only have 1-4% of Neanderthal DNA in them you foolish idiot.

    Homo – Neanderthalensis come from Africa and they're also not a "sub species" clearly you don't know how to read.

    I would write a long comment about Neanderthals and evolution but clearly you're too stupid to understand.

  103. Eric Routon says:

    Choice Felton, I don't care what you want to categorize us as. The facts are that we have built great civilizations and cultures while you have systematically destroyed every city that you control. Where are the ruins of great African citys that existed before contact with Europeans? Where are the ancient african writings that existed before contact with us? You try to blame everything on the evil white man but the problem is sub Sahara had nothing before contact. We had great castles and ships exploring the world while you where waring amongst yourselves over goat carcass with no written language and no technology. To this day you can't even build a bicycle yet we have explored Mars.

  104. Etheleen Lawrence What evidence? You're right! We're not all human you're a sub species.

  105. European Americans We have NO Animal DNA you Jack ass

  106. Eric Routon says:

    Yea, all these extraordinary claims about converting sound into energy but nothing about average IQ. Kinda proves itself. Lol

  107. Im sorry that I don't take random articles spewing "facts" with little to no basis. I could have written this article. Not saying it's not true it's just poorly cited. And I plan to do research and I hardly think anything I said was idiotic.

  108. Choice Felton your a fucking idiot

  109. Shawn Mc says:

    Glen Adamafio But, if i follow that theory, the people leaving africa would be "black africans" or dark melanated people, correct?
    you do know the denisovans and the neanderthals both migrated out of africa 300,000 to 400,000 years ago,

    continents are just land masses, your mixing our ancestors up with current analogies, your thinking Africa is black when it was more complex than that, migrating isnt just black people walking along routes, it was different groups migrating out of africa INTERMIXING along the migration routes.
    Homo heidelbergensis.migrated out of africa and split off to become neanderthals and denisovans, they intermixed, are they black to you ?

    im not sure where your albino comments fit in, please explain ?

  110. Eric Routon: White folks built nothing, yet, another fantastic lie of the Albino.

  111. Eric Routon says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble Etheleen Lawrence, but I have been to Germany. I've been on archeological dig sites of the old Roman frontier and been in the old cloisters. No evidence at all of Africans building any of it. I have spent weeks in China touring the ancient temples. No Africans built them either. I looked at your link. Absolutely absurd. You obviously have a very low IQ.

  112. I don't care if a study says one race is superior to another race the simple fact is we all have to live on this earth together so we might as well try to get along and try to make life better for the sake of future generations

  113. Etheleen and you have built what? Which country that has a majority black population is thriving? Sure isnt haiti, brazil maybe the beautiful country of somalia. 1000 years and they're still starving

  114. Shawn Mc says:

    Glen Adamafio "Well we only have to look at Australia, or the pacific islands, or india for proof"

    Reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,study leader Mark Stoneking, a molecular anthropologist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany
    They found, for example, that aboriginal Australians, Papua New Guinea highlanders and the Mamanwa people from the Philippines were genetically closest to each other and diverged about 36,000 years ago. This fit well with earlier genetic studies.

    just because a person has a lot of melanin does not mean they are black, this way of thinking is extremely simplistic considering you still know nothing about them other than their complexion, im not sure if your deliberately thinking this way to justify your views or your just being lazy.

    Are you familiar with the dravidians?
    dravidian is a language spoken by millions of people but i guess your talking about south east asia and the darker complexed people and where they come from.
    dude melanin doesn't prove or uncover anything when trying to define a person ancestry

    "You know what kills me lol. You say look at the dna, look at people migration. But, it all tracks back to africa lol. Most varied dna sequences – africans"
    your placing everyone on the continent of africa under one umbrella, africa is an extremely large land mass with different groups.
    this is why its hard to conversate with afrocentrist because the sources are outdated and they made just another land mass a mystical place of fantasy.

    the problem is you dont exactly know how we looked during those migrations, i believe you think we looked like tyson beckford and Lupita Nyong’o, sorry my friend but many of those groups were no bigger than 4 ft and looked like animals

  115. Brian Lm says:

    The Cornell study says nothing about blacks being stronger. This entire article is BS. Last time I checked, the world's best weightlifters and strongest men were white.

  116. Rob Williams says:

    I see youre a fan of secular humanism. If you had bothered to do your homework, you'd know that while blacks have a physical advantage over the rest of us thats where it ends. Whites and Asians score far higher on intelligence tests, across the board, while being physically smaller.

    I'll also point out that gorillas are stronger than humans. Draw your own inferences as you will.

  117. Eric Isotalo says:

    No argument on any of these, but why are they "great"? They might be really fascinating, but being a better sprinter, for example, could only be considered great by someone who gives a rat's ass about sprinting. Chinese are better Ping-Pong players. Don't care about that either. Why are all the Strong Man competitions won by Finns and Swedes and Norwegians? Don't know, don't care. Interesting, maybe. Great? No.

  118. Eric Routon, and Robert Boiteau: Eric you know the site I gave you is true. The white mans origin is the black race….the Albino…only the black male and female can produce all the races. White Albinos can only produce white Albinos. This you know and you hate black people for it.

  119. Rob Williams Are you forgetting that for centuries, Blacks were prohibited from accessing books?

    Are you also forgetting that civilization began in Africa, and the middle east?

    By the way, your Charles Darwin was an idiot.

  120. Micheal Penny: You wouldn't see black babies advanced for their age, because you're a racist, and racist only see what they want to see, and what the racist/white supremacist, has propagandized for them to see and or believe. Lost cause!!! Next….

  121. Cody Nelson says:

    Too bad

  122. Eric Routon and Michael Penney: Your jealousy of the black race is showing. Well…you can't expect to much nor from cave dwelling Neanderthals. No land…No place of origin. Must be confusing.

  123. Eric Routon says:

    Etheleen, that site is a joke! You can't possibly think the animals in Detroit could habe built anything that lasts. Your people have no history and no culture. Everything you have right now is because your ancestors came into contact with white civilization. And no, I am absolutely not jealous of you. That's absurd!

  124. European Americans: Black people do not get nice, that a fact…so stop that lie. And Africans and descents of Africa do not have the DNA of Neanderthals So…stop your lie. You are the idiotic, may those lice are eating your brains. lol……..

  125. Clint Looper: Isn't it safe to say that one must have a strong mind in order for one to have a strong body. Has the two are not separate from the other?? So, wouldn't it be safe to say, the white man the weakest body also, has the weaker mind?? I have observed many white men throwing temper tantrums. It definitely fits…definitely.

  126. Clint Looper says:

    Etheleen Lawrence No I do not think that makes any sense at all. Many people with extraordinary minds have bodies that aren't athletic or fit because they spend most of their time working on their mind. Most astrophysicists and philosophers aren't also competing in the olympics. Cultivating great knowledge or great athletic ability both take time and it is incredibly difficult to master both. I think it takes a strong mind to have the dedication to get your body in professional athlete shape, sure. But to say that someone who might not have a strong body also has a weak mind doesn't make any sense. But, that is all in response to your premise that black people have genetically stronger bodies, which I do not think has been proven. I have also witnessed many grown men and women, of all different races, throw temper tantrums. Doesn't mean I should make assumptions about everyone else based on the actions of a few individuals.

  127. Todd South says:

    What the heck is a sub-human? You'd fit right in with the Hitler youth, mate.

  128. Read the article without your shades on.

  129. You clearly cannot argue with a fool! This for you and all the others that find it so incredibly disturbing – do your homework and study for yourself without fear because that is the only way you will see the truth. You can use logic or back it up by science but either way it is there. Hope you get some enlightenment and not pass on your destructive views to others. Oh and you clearly showed your maturity and intelligence with the name calling.

  130. Etheleen it was nice to laugh when there is so clearly so much hatred so thank you for that and always stand on your truth! I love being black!!!
    For dr an ea if you studied you would show yourselves approved but clearly that is not the case. History has been stolen as in the greeks (lower case on purpose) from the Egyptians along with the Moors, Arabs and on and on throughout history along with the lies of modern day. If We black people lay claim and take back what is rightfully ours we would leave the world's nations with nothing! The truth is the truth and as noted will set you free therefore it is kept from you so you can continue in childish thoughts. Good luck to you both.

  131. Rob the same can be said for you. So foolish we sound when spewing what we think to be fact when it isn't. Read my below post to others that share in your foolishness and hopefully out of your inadequacy you can find some truth.

  132. Rob Willams. As it has mentioned, the poor intelligentacademia I see why or labelled upon the Black's is social conditioning and deprivation of adequate access to education or books. Rather the unconditioning of the latter is proving blacks are about or at par with their white counterparts.
    Now the genetics of the blacks over the rest of the other races is that genetics regardless of social prohibition or not it shall be we are physically stronger…faster have better endurance and great fighters.
    Couple with the fact Of great genetics and equal opportunities to excel in academia and be a force to be reckon with.
    Since we are using tact Mr Williams …..gorillas maybe stronger than human but they are not human's where as blacks are humans *rational animals -Plato* and yet have greater genetic attributes. May we not speak of the animal mixing of neanderthal DNA with the Nordic whites.

  133. Etheleen Lawrence jealousy? jealous of what? LOL – lets look at your land of origin and how well its doing shall we

  134. mp look at the land before your kind put its hands on it. Let's not be silly here. How did you find yourself to this article? Don't answer just be truthful with yourself. See you would never see a post from me on an article about white supremacy unless the supremacy was about deceit, lies and theft because for me that is truth. I would find no interest in anything else and surely would not give my time effort and energy to arguing a moot point! You were drawn by curiosity and stumbled on truth and like a child eating vegetables you don't like the taste in your mouth.

  135. Eric Routon: Where did white people come from, where is there place of origin?? Do you know? Tell me I want to know.

  136. Brian Lm says:

    Sharice Benford No, my comment refers back to an article I read on my homepage that led me to this article. This is the confusing beauty of facebook. This first article implies physical strength, this article implies genetic strength.

  137. Nonsense.

    And what makes blacks assume White people are "weak" — not strong?
    The strongest men in the world are White — look up the majority of Olympic weight-lifting champions.
    Olympic swimmers (upper body-strength) are White — Black people can't even swim. That doesn't strike me as a particular strength, as more than 70 percent of the earth is covered in water.
    And of course, when intelligence and critical thinking is involved, Whites, on average, are much "stronger" than Blacks.

    Look up "Rushton~Race and intelligence"

  138. What's Africa's excuse?

    The " Blame the White man" card expired in the 90's, sorry

  139. Rob Williams says:

    Tony Mza Starks Im currently enjoying a 3.9 G.P.A Tony, what was yours? Your attempts to use "big words" that you barely understand the meaning of, in a vain attempt to prove your pseudo intellectual superiority is ludicrous…….and proves my points better than any opposing arguments ever could.

    As to your comments about being human, subhuman and degenerate is much closer to the truth.

  140. Rob Williams says:

    Additionally, all one has to do is listen to rap or hip-hop, just once once, or view the deplorable and idiotic actions of the black community in places like Ferguson Mo, New York or during the Trayvon Martin case, to see the truth.

    Thats not white privilege, thats just fact.

    And thats further backed by the actions of a so-called "president" and "first lady" who are a disgrace to the entire country… well as the rest of the world.

  141. European Americans Neanderthals come from Caucus Mountains you cave dwelling idiot Go cannibalize your family you inbreed retard.

  142. Rob Williams It has been documented from 1840's until now that BLACKS always will be more Literate than you Hillbilly Cracker trash losers. You people lead the way in Suicide and Illiteracy ONLY.

  143. Rob Williams Could the white and asian intellect vs. black physical superiority have more to do with environment. In ancient Africa, more physically developed people were more likely to have access to better resources and would have a better chance of surviving and passing their genetic structure on. (Which is also what happened during slavery times). Whereas, in Europe, people with a higher intellect would be more likely to have access to better resources and would have a better chance of surviving and passing their genetic structure on.

  144. Etheleen Lawrence built nothing ? you mean cars , airplanes, computers, phones, the internet, the battery, antibiotics , penicillin , vaccines, anesthesia, x ray , nuclear fission, calculus , remote control , clocks(measuring time) . our calender system, steam power . THE ENGINE . the turbo generator , the power station….. yea whites built nothing.. your right. if it werent for white people you would still be swinging from trees eating shit out of your a*s. show some respect you imbecil.

  145. Rob Williams says:

    Illiteracy??? Keep dreaming Choice.Ive seen what passes for literacy amongst black college students, including Michelle Obama, and its pathetic.

  146. Rob Williams says:

    And by the way, works by Tyler Perry are only considered literature in the barest sense of the word. Of the hundreds of white authors Ive read, not one has had to resort to cross-dressing in place of talent.

    Keep lying to yourself and to the rest of us if it makes you feel better, but most of us know better.

    You arent even smart enough to stop killing yourselves….because youre too busy blaming the white man for all your problems.

  147. Shawn Mc I'm guessing you're not really black. Is that actually a picture of you? I'd take a look at your facebook page, but I'm pretty sure i'd want those few minutes of my life back afterwards.

  148. Rob Williams right – then riddle me this one. Why has the rate of white on white homicides been increasing while that of black on black crime continued to decrease? Rhetorical question as you're just tossing out nonsense to justify your ridiculous statements ad hominem attacks on the first lady go far in demonstrating your intellectual capacity sunshine. Thanks for sharing though lol

  149. Robert AR says:

    Eric…it's simple. Anything you attribute to success (At least American success) was built economically on slavery. Including Mars. I can't remember ever studying African history to any degree of depth as part of any history curriculum in the school systems. What is taught, has been taught for decades, so there's no telling what has been destroyed or edited significantly by European invaders at that time. African history was shared through word of mouth, and maintained accurately. That to me is far more impressive than having to read a book to remember. I don't care much for arguing superiority, as we all bleed the same and decay the same and will be judged the same when it's all said and done; but, to ignore the facts of socioeconomics and try and pass your emotions as purely factual and unbiased is useless. It just adds fuel to the fire of ignorance.

  150. Lois Henry says:

    Rob Williams How intelligent is it to pollute land sea and air? Is it intelligent to murder scores of people who have more knowledge of how to live in harmony with the Earth vs raping and exploiting? Is it intelligent to leave to your descendants gmos, wars, nuclear waste, and racial tensions? Pseudo white intelligence IQ test is just that. Until white people can be in harmony with the Earth and all of the people, animals and vegetation on Earth, you are the dumbest of ALL the races.

  151. Eric Routon says:

    Robert AR, if you had studied black history you would realize that the first person to ownown slaves in the U.S. was a black man. He went to court and fought to own a slave. The economic advantage you claim we have due to slavery is absolutely absurd and has no basis in fact. So few people held slaves that even during the time of slavery the economic impact was negligible. This is just more of the typical grasping at straws to somehow justify the inherent disparity between the races.

  152. Lois~

    Do you live in a White built society? Do you drive an automobile? Do you have a need for gasoline? Do you enjoy endless healthy food and water? Do you enjoy all the inventions that White people have brought to mankind? If so, you need to leave immediately and return to Africa. Those who don't appreciate what they have don't deserve it

  153. Robert AR says:

    Like I said, built on slavery.

  154. Robert AR says:

    Eric egardless of how many, they were at an economic advantage. They were benefiting from free labor (black and white slaves) to produce the largest exports of the time period.

  155. John Allen says:

    Left out is that our cranks average 2.75 inches more in length and 1.5 inches more in circumference. lol

  156. Wow. This says racism all over the place. Fact of the matter is, the Caucasian race far outdoes the subhuman negro race in every aspect of life. This has no scientific or statistical backing. Just an opinion from a racist negro. Keep being envious of my race. Envy is flattery to us.

  157. Ancient Egyptians were white. Keep being jealous of my race. Go on.

  158. Any suggestion that the underlying genotype of blacks and whites differs in any meaningful except that way which produces the obvious morphological differences between us is racist.

  159. Will Greene says:

    Since we have adapted the European ideology of intellect being a provisionary requirement of wealth I suggest you look up Mansu Musa and with that you will find truth about racial intellect and superiority. LOL this man is reason why the Europeans work so hard to hold us back as a race because they are aware of our past and our future. This is why they rush to genetic extermination methods to subdue the inevitable. The awakening of those that have slept for so long in despair. Rob Williams behave yourself or go back to your room until the party is over. Lol

  160. This is some plain old silly racist shit. Sounds like a KKK manual. SMH.

  161. I would just like to say one thing, different areas of the world have evolved to suit their needs in different ways. Thats the amazing thing about diversity, whites blacks asians and so on have one thing in common and thays being human. Its time to come together and let go of our differences, its the only way to conquer the beast known as racism. There has been black on white, white on white and even black on black racism throughout history. We have all evolved to the point where we realize this but till are ignorant to the fact that if we want to succeed as human beings we cant hate someone because they are different. Its time to celebrate this diversity as well as come together to share and be one. Without one another we would be nothing.

  162. Hahaha yeah you white folks a weak that's why you all lie so much….and steal just to make yourself feel stronger. Always comparing yourself to black people because we're the strongest people on earth.

  163. This is alot of complete nonsense. Especially the melanin. At least they said one thing right. It's a sunblock. But everyone has melanin other then.albikos. which of course all.people have albino kids from time or time. But the energy absorption. …lol funny. Everyone absorbs more solar energy and vitamin d then blacks so because of there lighter skin. And sound waves??? Lol is this a joke? Inside Africa there was lots of of intermingled with other hominid types. Just like everyone today except sub saharan Africans who currently still reside In sub saharan Africa all have neanderthal and Homo sapiens. And many also have Denisovans dna. So we all have many forefathers in our evolutionary journey.


  165. Yeg Boro says:

    This racist thing is interesting, Many white people the ignorant ones at least have this superior race thing too deeply ingrained Once in a while they travel outside their cocoons and get shocked at the reality, that Afrika is a heavenly, that individual black people are very intelligent. The "mongoloid" race chinese and other S E Asians provided the first jolt, to the white supremacists, but they keep explaining it away as pure brawn, the damn Asians work too hard! The black race has a long way to go before they can organize socially and politically to exploit their natural resources; the Afrikan continent is laden with natural resources, the black people who will soon outstrip all races in numbers will also provide the brain power to drive the world further. It is just a question of time the unfortunate thing is the current racist whites who thrive on the capitalist system and a robotic lifestyle will be long dead Hopefully the remnants will be balanced people of every race. NB gorrillas and other apes have no lips just like many white caucasians, the apes also have straight hair, like you know who, the only species with nappy hair is homo sapiens aka the black Afrikan, the human lips diluted but present in other races is black Afrikan in origin, Apes cannot kiss. Simple verifiable facts.

  166. We are all God's children. We come into this world alone and we leave this world alone. Birth provides us with a set of characteristics and then it's up to each one of us to develop our unique potential. The hate-filled thinking that spawned eugenics has led to a variety of atrocities and attempts of genocide. Accept who you are, be grateful for life, and "leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived – that is to have succeeded.”.

  167. Kim Mašek says:

    Wow, this fascination with race is incredible. Its just genetic variation based on survival, nothing to feel empowered by in the 21st century.

  168. The benefits of Melanin is or should be common knowledge this is a sun planet that is only getting warmer… would be a delusional fool to think that having white skin gives you any amount of evolutionary advantage……….I wish human anatomy and physiology were taught at the high school level and required…….**side note the amount of hate coming from white people commenting on a story under a black news site displays just how prominent racism is in the minds of white Americans. Any writings or studies that makes them feel inferior only causes retaliation from them…….it is basic science………whites are missing something not blacks…

  169. LOL – I cant think of a single great thing about black people This article is bullshit.

  170. Ronnetta Lee says:

    Wow, I'm just seeing this article, and the hate that is giving out, due to what a scientist discovered has gotten a lot folks panties in a bunch. Name calling, lies, wow this list goes on. The biggest mistake as a black people that we made was educating and helping a culture or race out of the dark ages. But, people will always have hate for us because of who we are. You had a white archeologist dig up the remains of a Black Egyptian King, and he keeps the information hidden because he didn't want others to believe we had power, that says a lot to me, and makes me proud to be black. You can lie, be little us, and say all the nasty things that comes to mind. You can't change the original truth. And guess what we've heard all the hateful things you can say, come up with something new. Do your research, look up The Moors, The Black Pharaoh, this list goes on. We are different, and nothing is wrong with that. We will learn, and love ourselves because we were "taught" to hate ourselves. We are waking up!

  171. Will Greene says:

    The disparaging truth behind this article is it's designed to create discord, The author has carefully crafted it for this purpose only. Note: It speaks of genetic diversity and strength but sways away from the facts of intellectual traits. Leaving an open forum for negative responses based on assumptions. Let me break this down, If the author had good intent he /she would have included facts that would leave little room for speculation.
    History 101 tells us that Africans were enslaved for their abilities not their genetic traits, The European establishment knew of our past and these abilities, they had visited our lands and saw robust civilizations, and great cities, not negroes in jungles swinging in trees as they have you believe. Their amazement was locked in awe at the farming techniques, the buildings, the societies the cultures and education passed from generation to generation in astrology, mathematics, and philosophy to name a few. They were captivated by our written languages and monuments. This is what caused our demise as a people, fear of intellect. This is what caused their reaction to erase our past from their history and repackage it as their own. We are displaced people that cling to and excel in any environment by nature, this cause is a cause designed in us all spiritually. We are descendants of philosophers and mathematicians that taught Plato and Archimedes in Astrology. Rome how to build. The focus on our genetic makeover is just a slight difference that downplays our true significance in this constantly evolving world. People look up, as our ancestors did, put that damn cellphone down! and let the stars reveal to you whom you truly are. And live righteously with your regained knowledge of self.

  172. I see some people of the other race posting some bullshit Hypothesis that some Eurocentric bastard determined with falsified evidence… I bet $1,000,000 dollars i'd beat these fools making the racism allegation that blacks can't learn..i'd beat them in any intelligence contest… See these are the typical white supremacist ideologies we have to fight… We're stronger, smarter, quicker, and more innovative than any race on this planet… That's why for centuries they steel our inventions, our heritage, ancestry, and defame just so they can stake claim to what we create, and make it theirs, and get credit for it… From the Pyramids to astrology, from science to math, from medicine to chemistry…inventions and such…they took it from us and ancestors… Then to make us seem dumb…they underfund school systems with a predominantly black enrollment and give out bogus test, where the blacks are behind and unprepared…then they come out with these statistics claiming that our you g black kids have learning disorders… You racist white supremacist white folks need to go back to the caves you were in…why our black african ancestors were building great civilizations and studying the cosmos… Where did you get your information from..

  173. Last two are kinda soft.

  174. Those African immigrants from Nigeria are also out scoring Asians, whites and even black Americans on all the test scores. that makes those Africans the super superior race. I guess they are going to take over the world something that should scare the hell out of most racists bigots.

  175. Do you see all the hate when the truth is told. As for those who state the whites and Asian are more intelligent can't imagine the how to go through all things black have gone through and still survive. To black,to strong!.

  176. Eric Guess says:

    This "Bell Curve-esk" article is garbage. Absolute Nazi-like propaganda. I cannot believe this passed the scrutiny of peers and editors. Says a lot about what this "news" organization is about.

  177. James Lee says:

    People should be careful about these type of articles and the interpretations that arise from them. Let's say that Blacks are genetically stronger – so what? That hasn't stopped Blacks from being dominated by White Europeans for the past 400 years. As a Black American male, I wear Western clothes, speak a Western language, have worked in Western companies and worshipped a Western God for most of my life. Where is my genetic advantage CULTURALLY? The racial superiority and inferiority conversation always ends badly.

  178. I wish sources were provided for some of these claims. It would be nice to read the primary sources for myself.

  179. These are pretty anecdotal studies considering the fact that the broad view of genetics is we're all more similar than different, and that race is, in pure scientific terms a social construct. Given the incredible things we ALL share on the genetic level, when do we get to the business of uniting not dividing?

  180. lol…It tickles me to see the children of the Sun Gods get all huffy about this article. My hat goes off to Atlanta Black Star for not running from controversial topics. We NEED to know the truth about who we are. Blacks knowing this information is far more important than white people gaining offense from it. We can't worry ourselves over what they feel. We have work to do. This info is just the tip of the iceberg, there's so much more good news out there about who we are. White genetics are recessive. Blue and green eyes are a birth defect. Its veins that you see when you look into "colorful" eyes. Every color comes from black. Black is not a color, its the origin of color. Why do Europeans use white lab mice when they do their research? Look up what a white mouse is. Why does your beautiful hair coil and grow upwards like a plant, towards the sky? Why do you run faster? Jump higher? Sing with more soul? Dance with more rhythm? Why is there a church on every corner in the hood? Where does this deeper spiritual connection stem from? STUDY YOURSELF TO KNOW YOURSELF. You have unlimited powers black man and woman!

  181. Eli Levi says:

    Im white and Racist, but Rob Williams you are dumb…

  182. Love it❤ and I see a lot of you are upset. It's OK to make gel good without call

  183. *yourself feel good w/out calling us monkeys and other petty names.

  184. Jeff Allen Gagne' No, as an American I live in an African(-American) built society. We've been present at every level of the building of this country since day one. So YOU can go back to the Central Asian steppe, where YOU come from, if you don't like it.

  185. They just hate me 'cause they ain't me…

  186. Edit:'s OK to make yourself feel good w/ out calling us monkeys and other petty names

  187. It's all in the MELANIN, you know! the stuff GOD is ma.

    de of.

  188. All ways white asshole talking shit break your fucking jaw

  189. As I read these comments, it is obvious that we have trolls and racists about. I have a question for all the racists, trolls and others who can't debate in an intelligent way. Why are you on this site trying to rebuke us? The website is Atlanta Blackstar, not Washington Post, New York Times or Wall Street Journal. If you really don't like black people, then it makes sense to stay off of sites devoted to black people. Calling me subhuman or an ape doesn't offend me because I know I'm better than you since I don't have to call you names or hate on you. Such hate is a waste of my time and shows that you have nothing else in your pathetic lives. Everybody is real tough behind a keyboard but ultra scary in a real world setting. I have a 3.5 GPA triple major and I can still defend myself better than the cops or most of you. I don't have a black belt, but I do have 2 different martial arts mastered from my childhood training and military training. If you don't like us, maybe you should go elsewhere and be among those that you do like. Being on black site and trying to promote ignorance is stupid. Just saying…

  190. Eugene Jones says:

    To Rob Williams… The first library, mathematics, charting the seas, and many inventions came from black people, [you] need to do your home work. The information you got is from racist [so-call] scientist who wrote the book, The Bell Curve. The reason you have cell phones is from a Black man, If we [black people] is the first people? and we are… how can someone like you be smarter, when a copy from anything [is] not as good as the original?

  191. Rob Williams And also Rob Williams, it was a Black man that educated the white man, taught him to read write spell, math among many things, while the white man was crawling around living in caves picking and eating ticks and fleas off each other l so you see my friend your race is not the smartest of people on this earth.

  192. Rob Williams [while being physically smaller]. Sorry dude Sub Saharan Africans are not a monolithic block. Had you actually read the article you would have noticed the statement they are the most genetically diverse. Vast regional disparities exist in body type.

  193. I guess I have to repeat this again. [It only makes sense that Africans would possess superior physical] Sub Saharan Africans are not a monolithic block. Had you actually read the article you would have noticed the statement they are the most genetically diverse. Vast regional disparities exist in body type. I wish to christ the people who seemed to hang so much on petty things like where the Ancestors were from, actually gave one freaking iota about where their ancestors were from, just goes to prove how petty it is when the person who claims it's so improtant DOESN'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THE REGION. Just read, really read. Read about the peoples, and cultures, histories of sub Sahra Africa NOT JUST THE SHIT THAT MAKES YOU FEEL IMPORTANT. Look, The world is huge, it's filled with many civilizations that have come and gone who have made great contributions to humanity. Take a interest, don't look for things to stroke your ego. If the only reason you read is to look for reasons to stroke your ego, well you quit reading when your ego is satisfied, and you don't learn a thing. I know you're busy. I know you don't have time to read every thing under the sun, but at least know the basics of the region, and the peoples that inhabit the place that makes you feel superior to Asians, Europeans, and Native Amercians.

  194. My genetics have no color.

  195. Never would you be superior to us. If you think you are, find a way to live forever. You can't even find a cure for sunburn.

  196. Cheryle Munroe Hunter Actually, I was stating YOU are the animals and most of us true whites aren't into apes. 🙂

  197. Great article! Unfortunately I believe you've only scratched the surface! 😉 Hmm…I read some of the comments on here…I think the others…subhumans that is-are yelling the loudest to hide their inferiority? As a black person I will not stoop to achieve equal rights. We are the trailblazers of humanity and no one is equal to us.

  198. Tabitha, take a DNA test which proves genetics and prove how"white" you are. You don't even fit the description of the "master race" which Hitler was always so vocal about. Where is your natural blonde hair and blue eyes? A lot of times, it is the people who don't have blonde hair and blue eyes have to prove to the world that they are white. When you are gone, you will have to answer to a higher power so good luck with the legacy you leave behind. I am very proud of who I am and I am in no way subhuman or envious of any race. As for the comment about AIDS and Ebola, you are the one who claimed your race is superior so you should find a cure. By the way, you are not immune to any of those diseases either.

  199. Rob Williams please don't put yourself in the same league as Asians. They don't like you either.

  200. Mike Mcivor says:

    If u want argue this shit then white people are far more genetically gifted mentally requiring us not to have to use our physical ability a like animals I mean it's statistically proven whites overall all are way smarter fyi I'm boy racist it's the individual

  201. Rob Williams apparently you didn't score high on intelligence – but thanks for the shout out!

  202. People with less melanin (DNA ha!)
    Seem to be a devolution of the original human…that we have no clue where or how we got here on planet earth…no one has died and came back to life to explain how we came about, however history does show us (humans) the facts when it comes to where we all originated from.

    (The God's made man in their image)

  203. Rob Williams (NOT THE ACTOR, HE'S DEAD) Black advanced white civilization. Mathematics, science, astrology, biology, writing. We were the first people on the planet. So, how can you say that you are smarter than us? White people are still trying to figure out the pyramids. When white people were crawling around in caves, while, we were building irrigation systems and mastering our civilization. Even in our oppressive-state as slaves, in this country, we still were able to make major contributions in every field of study. YOUR TESTS ARE INFERIOR TO OUR KNOWLEDGE. ANYBODY CAN GRADUATE FROM YOUR SCHOOL OF QUOTEOLOGY. You know what white people…you are the biggest liars on the planet And people who don't know your history don't know how to debate your sneering lies. Personally, my grades far surpassed the Asian and white people in my Ultrasound class. The Black Holocaust continues today, but God is in control–

  204. By the way. Black people already know how great they are. We dont need a stupid report to tell us our attributes.

  205. Rob Williams Post-slavery traumatic stress is real. Slavery, Jim Crow, The Bombing of our cities and businesses, putting drugs and guns our communities, profiting off our gifts and talents, injecting our males with venereal diseases, injustices, incarcerations, and I could go on…and on….. and on. Your people did a number on black people. But, your being exposed and you don't like it. So, you continue to lie–hoping that some fool will agree.

  206. I'm not concerned with Caucasians and their rated the theroies. I know what the truth is. And this truth is absolute.

  207. I'm not concerned with Caucasians and their dated race theories. I admire this absolute truth.

  208. Bwire Vincent Thanks Bwire for the staight away rational truth. That said it is on us from here to the end of time.

  209. Cheryle Munroe Hunter You are well informed!

  210. Keora Smith Isn't it time to check the mail box to see if your welfare check has arrived?

  211. Isn't it time to check the mail box to see if your welfare check has arrived?

  212. Jeff Allen Gagne' you are an idiot stupid look at how you write instead you do research you spread your propaganda that does not make sense around are you the one that believe everything fox news tell you.

  213. Michael Penney that why u are curse woth small penis so tell me what have u done to improve the world and yourself all u know is being racist and dumb u retarded looking thing.

  214. Jeff Allen Gagne' They do not make then as dumb as you for A reason.

  215. Tony Mza Starks "So what are the reparations for the injustices, rape and plunder of the Africa? "

    How about the trillion dollars in aid that African countries have received in the last 60 years?

    Do a search for "Net official development assistance and official aid received (current US$) " and download the excel file and calculate the column for Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Sub-Saharan Africa has received 788.6 billion dollars in Official Development Assistance since 1960.

  216. Edward Brown Here's a list of mineral exports from countries in Africa:

    Diamonds: 46% of the world, divided as Botswana 35%; Congo (Kinshasa) 34%; South Africa 17%; Angola, 8%.

    Gold: 21% of the world, divided as South Africa 56%; Ghana, 13%; Tanzania, 10%; and Mali, 8%.

    Uranium: 16% of the world, divided as Namibia 46%; Niger 44%; South Africa less than 10%.

    Bauxite (for aluminium): 9% of the world, divided as Guinea 95%; Ghana 5%.

    Steel: 2% of the world, divided as South Africa 54%; Egypt 32%; Libya 7%; Algeria 6%.

    Aluminium: 5% of the world, divided as South Africa 48%; Mozambique 32%; Egypt 14%.

    Copper (mine/refined): 5%/ of the world, divided as Zambia 65%/77%; South Africa 15%/19%; Congo (Kinshasa) 13%/0%; Egypt 0%/3%.

    Platinum/Palladium: 62% of the world,[11] divided as South Africa 97%/96%.

    Coal: 5% of the world, divided as South Africa 99%.

    How does the export of these minerals prevent African countries from developing?

    It doesn't seem to hold back Canada or Australia.

  217. Eugene Jones "The first library, mathematics, charting the seas, and many inventions came from black people, [you] need to do your home work. The information you got is from racist [so-call] scientist who wrote the book, The Bell Curve. The reason you have cell phones is from a Black man".

    The first libraries are in Iraq and Syria.

    The first libraries in Africa were created by Greeks.

    The cell phone – like many other inventions incorrectly attributed to black people – was invented by a white man.

    "On July 6, 1971, Sampson and co-inventor George Miley received a patent on a "gamma electric cell" that converted a gamma ray input into an electrical output (Among the first to do that was Bernhard Gross, US patent #3122640, 1964). What, you ask, does gamma radiation have to do with cellular communications technology? The answer: nothing. Some multiculturalist pseudo-historian must have seen the words "electric" and "cell" and thought "cell phone."

    The father of the cell phone is Martin Cooper who first demonstrated the technology in 1973."

  218. Amina Bey says:

    I always find it interesting how many White people are on these Black media outlets. I never go to White media outlets or feel the need to study White people. But I guess I should since White people feel the need to be here to "study" us. This was an EXCELLENT article. I learned so more things about my race and it always makes me feel so excited to know what a Wonderful race of people we are…no matter how much the World tries to demean and degrade us. Black people, Stand Strong and we will persevere! This is inevitable. May God continue to watch over all of us. Ase!

  219. Amina Bey says:

    Maman Sagbe Well said. It's funny how Black people can back our information up with facts and Science and, yet, those who support White Supremacy feel attacked so they resort to name calling or refer to fake statistics that have come out the sky or go to one person whom everyone knows was a racist. Black people are awake and steadily awakening. The jig is up.

  220. Amina Bey says:

    My point exactly. They come on here because they want us to continue to fall under their racist system and believe only bad things about ourselves. I never go to white sites that are purposely created for white people…so I'm not sure why I always see white people in our spaces spewing their hate.

  221. Amina Bey says:

    There are too many articles out like this because the whole world tries to act like white is best. Not only are you all's articles all lies but I don't know many black people who care enough to even go to your sites to dispute your articles. We know we live in a racist World so we expect the articles to state that white people are better in every way. But there's articles like this to show that your articles are not true. If you need more facts, do a Google search and read up on some reputable sources. It's not hard to see what is true and real…unless you don't want to find it.

  222. Jimmy Felon says:

    Would you rednecks please stay off this site, this is for BLACKS. I'm amazed at how fuckin stupid these white racist people are. we are all the same on the inside but white people will never understand that.

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