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7 thoughts on “What Nas Has To Say About Present Day America In Relation To Apartheid South Africa Is Immensely Thought Provoking

  1. Ase', Ase', Ase'! The Victory!

  2. Farntella Graham says:

    who let the dogs out?

  3. Bwire Vincent says:

    American Black man is still a slave; Farrakhan, Rev. Sharpton, and your lawyers won't tell you because they want to keep making money off your misery.

    Any Black who wakes up to the truth and speaks about it is either silenced (sometimes, permanently), or forced to flee the country.

  4. For more then 59 years Farrakhan has been delivering nothing but truth yo the black man the problem is the black man will not listen and this is why the black man is still a slave in America

  5. Take away religion and what do you have ? At one point we owned the land they came and gave us the bible and took the land now all we have is the bible

  6. It's really sad to know that in 2014 black people, not all still have a serious case of ignorance, to think the Bible is the word of God and it was composed by King James for all the wrong reasons , my suggestion is research and the truth will set you free

  7. There is Good on all wisdom how ever one must learn how to study in order to abstract the good

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