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10 Racist Bands You Won’t Believe Are On iTunes

According to an investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Apple’s iTunes service, along with Amazon and Spotify, sell music produced by hate groups. Even though Apple is the only company to report taking any action in response to this claim,┬áit only removed some of the hate music being distributed through┬áits service.




H8Machine is an American right-wing rock and hatecore band from New Jersey that plays white power rock music. They were the head of the U.S. hatecore movement and are close to the Hammer Skins, whose emblems they point to in various recordings. They have 50 songs available on iTunes. Lyrics from their song “Bound for Glory” read:

“Dreadlocked bastard, gangster rapper/Raping white women is all that he’s after/You’ve fooled the rest, but I know what you’re about/Your threats will fall silent when you’re the body count.”



Brutal Attack/Ken McLellan

McLellan’s group has been labeled by the Anti-Defamation League as “one of the oldest hate bands in continuous existence,” according to SPIN. The self-described “white power” anthems have lines like “This is the final solution/ Our turn/They’ll burn.” They have five songs available for download. Their music is also sold through NSM88 records, which is owned by the National Socialist Movement, the largest neo-Nazi group in the U.S.


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14 thoughts on “10 Racist Bands You Won’t Believe Are On iTunes

  1. The picture of H8machine is not even h8machine, nor do they have a song titled "bound for glory or a single racist lyric. You have failed

  2. Eric Marullo says:

    Hate Machine from Rochester NY, not racist at all. Bullshit article needs to come down. Do your writers just make shit up as they go?

  3. Don't associate H8Machine with this shit it's the furthest from the truth. Everything about this is wrong please stop spreading these lies to my people. Thanks in advance!

  4. Hate Machine is from Rochester New York and is not a racist band and your reporting is borderline libel, if not outright libel. Check sources and get your facts correct before publishing false information. Leave the bullshit false reporting to Rolling Stone. I hope Hate Machine sues you for defamation. You as a media outlet cannot be taken seriously.

  5. H8 Machine has nothing to do with racism. The band is NOT from NJ. The author as well as the publisher of this article face serious legal ramifications if this article is not retracted immediately.

  6. Eric Prince says:

    Remove hate machine from this. Im from rochester ny and I've seen them several times since the 90's. They are not into that shit. Wtf!!!

  7. The picture you have pasted under H8Machine is NOT H8Machine. This picture is of a Rochester, NY based band called Hate Machine. They are NOT the same band, nor is the content of their music remotely similar. It is absolutely shameful that you are so flippantly marring the name of a band that is such a pillar of the metal community in Rochester, NY. This type of shotty research calls to question the validity of any and all of the content on this page, and frankly this site. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  8. Eric Marullo says:

    Still the wrong picture asshats.

  9. Unacceptable, fix that shit immediately.

  10. Interesting how this photo has still not been updated… I wonder if your advertisers know that you are wrongfully slandering an innocent group of great men. This picture is NOT OF THE BAND YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Seriously? Why is this picture still up here? You are putting the respectable, unaffiliated members of this Rochester, NY band in danger. What is wrong with you people?

  11. James Sugrue says:

    LOL! H8Machine isn't racist. They're just a bunch of washed up nu metal guys who *almost* made it in the 90s and still think they're rockstars.

  12. I insist that all the racist and mysogynistic rap lyrics from black rap artist be immediately removed from iTunes.

  13. why aren't Beyonce and Kanye on this list?

  14. Andrew Foley says:

    I see most of the comments are about H8Machine, well I am here to tell you all that there is a current band that is part of the white power movement by that name, they have been around for nearly 20 years, but they do not have a song called "Bound For Glory," not sure where that came from. It took me about 5 minutes on Google to find all of this out, you guys should try it some time.

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