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10 Disturbing Online Comments From Cops About The Eric Garner Decision That Will Make You Cringe

Some officers have stepped forward and actually admitted that racism still plagues their departments and that police brutality is something that needs to be handled immediately. Of course, these comments are coming from officers who decided to speak to the media, show their faces and reveal their identities. These officers are also very few and far between. For the officers who are still hiding behind anonymous online handles, many of them adamantly claim that people like unarmed teen Michael Brown and unarmed Staten Island father Eric Garner had their deaths coming to them. Thee Rant and PoliceOne are online forums specifically for police officers, and the websites are revealing the troubling views of some of the people who are still out “serving and protecting” their communities on a daily basis. Here are some of the most cringe-worthy responses to the death of yet another unarmed Black man by police officers:

ABS_eric-garner-protests-new-york-city‘People Are Protesting the Police and Honoring Criminals’ 

One comment by Rick445 accused the nation of turning its back on officers in order to honor criminals. He also slammed federal authorities for even launching their own investigation of the case.

“Okay this is bad, right. People are protesting POLICE and honoring CRIMINALS. And now for the multiplier: ‘Federal Authorities will conduct their own investigation.’ i.e. the first one was somehow flawed. ERIC HOLDER you are HELPING tear this country apart and attempting to tarnish my profession. Look in the mirror, do the right thing and RESIGN NOW! President Obama, if he does not do the right thing, do it for him.”


‘F * C K Black America’ 

Some officers had messages that were inherently racist, but one officer was as open and honest as it can get about his or her feelings about diversity.

EddieR wrote:

“F * c k Black America, their equal or worse than whites, when speaking of Racism…”

“F * c k Diversity, it’s not working and never will work, Water and Oil don’t Mix, no matter how much you try it always separates itself, Diversity only accomplishes one thing, Lazy, Dumb idiots who don’t care about any Position they attain, You Listening Mr. President ?”

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5 thoughts on “10 Disturbing Online Comments From Cops About The Eric Garner Decision That Will Make You Cringe

  1. I'm for war! Tell all of our soldiers to come home. To hell with fighting abroad for these people. You come home and have to deal with this shit! Thats why Muhammad Ali didn't go fight for these cowards who didnt want to go fight for their so call country!

  2. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    I agree totally with you Cecil…back in world war two the armed services were segregated. Even though blacks were fighting to protect this country, they were not allowed to enjoy the benefits. After world war two the Federal government created the FHA for veterans to purchase mortgage loan for homes. However, black Veterans were not told about these loans nor was they encouraged to participate in them. This is when white flight took place, suburbs were created. Also, the FHA had maps of every city and on these maps red lines were drawn, and these red lines were drawn in neighborhoods where these mortgages would be denied. I'm sure I don't have to tell you who lived in these neighborhoods. Yet, white folks keep repeating that old fantastic lie, that blacks have the same opportunities and means as they are allotted, and this couldn't be further from the truth. White folks are liars and the author of lies.

  3. White folks the most deceptive and barbaric race on the planet.

  4. Don Brown says:

    It's good to hear that some honest and caring law enforcement officers are finally stepping forward and admitting that racism is a BIG problem in their departments. This is exactly why the Racism Evaluation Detection Program Act or (RED Act) is an absolute MUST. TAKE ACTION at: Sign the Petition and send YOUR letter to Congress TODAY!

  5. Farntella Graham says:


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