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Dennis Rodman Crawls From Under A Rock, Showing His Need For Attention Persists

Dennis Rodman has the subtlety of a pancake block and the relevance of a disgraced preacher. He has to know this. And yet, in an effort to create interest, he instead reminds us of how peaceful it was without him around spewing nonsensical gibberish.

The former NBA player has the credibility of a loan shark and what he says carries about as much weight as a small leaf. But his rail against the Knicks in general and Derek Fisher in particular speaks to his need for a hug.

Fame is a drug, and many of those formerly in the spotlight crave it when they don’t have it. Rodman lives out of our vision for a while, but then re-emerges with utter nonsense, like building a “friendship” with the North Korea leader Kim Jong-un. You’d think he’d be disgraced enough to take out the nose rings, scrub off the tattoos and dye the hair black (or gray) and slink away forever.

But he has no shame. Criticizing Derek Fisher with his team 4-20 is the lowest hanging fruit around. He criticized the hire of Fisher, who was a championship player, former head of the players’ union and about as smart and upstanding a guy as you can get. Didn’t hear from the Weird One when Fisher was announced as Knicks coach in the summer. To wait until his team with a bad mix of players struggles and then come in with snide remarks about Fisher is weak.

He also had some things to say about Steve Kerr as coach of the Golden State Warriors. Listen, when a team messes up, the coach gets some blame. So Kerr, until something changes, has to get some credit for the Warriors’ best record in the NBA.

But not to Rodman. Seldom has he re-emerged in public spotlight with ease. It’s always a big thud with him. That he misses the attention is something he will have to endure the rest of his life. Many athletes struggle with that part of retirement. They were not that fond of the media attention when the media had intense interest in them. But once they were done and the reporters gone, they missed that adulation, that forum to express themselves.

Rodman misses it probably more than most. It would be better for our senses if he just slinks away. . . for good.

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6 thoughts on “Dennis Rodman Crawls From Under A Rock, Showing His Need For Attention Persists

  1. mr Curtis bunn, I bet you could have done better at singing oprah, rather than attemping to write this article. damn you boring!

  2. Farntella Graham says:

    I hope dennis is sober. I hope his health is better, too. I don't know why these international leaders are so fond of dennis? his excesses have gotten him into trouble. perhaps it is his basketball skills.

  3. Ray Darwin says:

    what do you expect with a last name like BUNN? Bunns, butt buns? ASS! better yet11? ASSHOLE! lol

  4. you suck curtis bunn. Imagine that, America actually having a dialogue with another country. What is embarrassing is the fact that an ex nba player is our best diplomat in north korea. Instead of talking to North Korea we impose trade sanctions that starve the poorest people of NK and DO NOTHING TO THE PEOPLE IN POWER AND THE RICH. The Worm was one of the greats (strategy, execution, and theory if you don't believe me check some of the things pippen and jordan are on record saying) and if he has an opinion a nobody like you ought to listen.

  5. Lon Rabaduex says:

    and by writing this article you are granting him the attention he so desparately seeks.

  6. hahaha , I'm laughing real hard.

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