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10 thoughts on “Malcolm X Beautifully Articulates Why It Is Essential for Black People to Create Their Own Wealth

  1. Nixon Manuel says:

    Let's stop selling our businesses off into the mainstream. A black-owned business must remain that way–just as a Jewish-owned business remains that way. Let's contain and control our own wealth, at a high percentage.

  2. I am doing so, I am Blu Tint Photography support my small business, by not just hearing the words he says, follow them. Support small establishments like mine, just tell friend help spread the word small black owned businesses. Google Blu Tint Photography.

  3. RIP Our Black Prince El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.

  4. Pc Sanderson says:

    Yes my brother Malcolm, we as a people need to work towards becoming economically independent for ourselves, so we can take care of our own!

  5. We need to unite all as one, that is the challenge we have to take. Truth and justice shall rise all day like the Sun…..its up to us to turn this will to a reality. Lets act now…we have no time to be deceived….Freddy from West Africa Ivory coast brother from my overseas afro american. As Jesus said it " may all become 1"

  6. You said it correctly. We need to boycott, and then buy from our own. The problem is…. you can't buy from black people. Business is never smooth and efficient like some of these other well oiled machines. The only way this is going to change… is exactly how it's been changing… with a new generation with a new way of thinking. Time. Time is all it will take now. Just sit back and watch all the changes take place. Slavery was only some 60 years ago and look how far we have come as a country. Newer generations bring bigger and better ideas. Labeling yourself as black separates you from the rest. We are all human… that's the commonality.

  7. Also we should not focus on skin color (white/black), but we should be focused on humanity and being connected to everyone. Black people are just not connected to black people. Everyone is connected to everyone. Don't separate yourself or label yourself differently then other HUMANS.

  8. Greg Shackleford I want to respond to your statements: "Black people are just not connected to black people. Don't separate yourself or label yourself differently then other HUMANS." White people has been doing this since before I was a thought and it's been working for them so I'm not sure if I fully agree with you. It's been working for other groups as well. For example, in NY, you have China town. Their business is booming with them separating and self identifying as Asian descent owners. Take a look around, they are owners of Banks chains, now you can purchase things on Ebay for dirt cheap coming from Hong Kong, China etc, They are also big in the realestate development specifically housing (low, high & mid). When it comes to businesses outside of hair, restaurants and banking, they will partner with a US based company but only to facilitate and maybe manage but not ownership. I know for a fact they only hire their own (for the most part). Only in recent years they may hire Africans to work in hair care stores but they do not sell to Blacks as far as distribution is concerned. They are also developing hair (weave) for Blacks, which we all know is a billion dollar industry. So when you say identifying as Black is limited and separating ourselves from the rest, I do not exactly agree. The only difference, Asians is not outright saying buy/sell (distribution) to Asians only because it is already known fact. It's business 101 rule for them and so far, it's been working and that's how you dominate a particularly industry. See mainstream television and cinema for examples too. There are only 5 owners for television/newspaper and not one is Black.

  9. You put that so well.

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