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66 thoughts on “Watch This Panelist Try To Argue In Favor Of The Eric Garner Decision But Get Shut Down By An Attorney In Epic Fashion

  1. Who the hell is that phat lady, I feel I could pool her out of my screen right now. W. T. F.

  2. She have a identity problem however she will learn as all of the do .

  3. The house vs the field

  4. Marcine L Wheeler says:

    Can you say stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!

  5. Exactly Kenneth Fields…House (died blonde hair with warped vision and mind) vs. Field…clear vision and healthy mind…..view the slave owner for who they are…..until it happens to the attorney on the left….she will not believe that yes….an entire grand jury can be racist……

  6. Jeremy Lloyd says:

    Funny how they put 2 black women on there to debate against each other.

  7. Can we all see that the plan was to destroy the love that we had for each other. Malcolm X said it best. That some of us are so totally in love with Masta, that you have lost the love for self in kind. How can you love someone who continues to kill, rape, maim, and oppress you? I hope are young are awaken by this buffoonery. "He cleary resisted", said by the same sister of your kind. Does she hate her kind that much. What about the 12year old Timar Rice? Did he resist? This a new code word for lynching! !

  8. Notice the White woman just quiet in the background… she don't have to do nothing … the work is done for her.

  9. She auditioning for a anchor job for FOX…

  10. Jojo Bola says:

    Lauren Johnson thats it,thats it , your own brother will be bribed and will take to dissagree with you….remember what BOB MARLEY said ..they keep you hungry and when you wanna get some food your brother got to be your enemy ambush in the night

  11. C.l. Elder says:

    Sunny is still fine and was a former AUSA so the dirty tricks that the Federal A and AUSA use are well known to her.

  12. Desiree E Jordan says:

    "CNN IS RACIST" is what the people standing up for JUSTICE chanted in the street last night when Chris Como showed up. I concur.

  13. Troy Shaw says:

    She will never work with Fox.. Ever..

  14. Sundiata Keita says:

    so choking people to death isn't illegal? that's new to me. man I hope I'm on the grand jury once these coons kids start being killed.

  15. Sundiata Keita says:


  16. Sundiata Keita says:


  17. Sundiata Keita says:

    she was on a few times in one week a few months ago as a commentator or whatever

  18. Echo Grill says:

    All of this over a man selling a loose cigarette.

  19. Chuaht Van Peski says:

    Does any one have expertise in Grand Juries? According to a legal website, "Even though a grand jury may not choose to indict, a prosecutor may still bring the defendant to trial if she thinks she has a strong enough case." Thoughts anyone?

  20. Lenora Scruggs says:

    Yup she the house one going against her own people. Let's put her brother or husband out there!!!

  21. Anita Heard says:

    House Ni%%A..with her fat azzzzz!!!. What the he'll did she mean by saying that he was significantly larger than six cops. Wtf…. witch you are significantly larger than most.. so how many to take your big azzzzz down?

  22. Hey Family, we have to take it easy on Auntie Ruckus, LMAO. Neo-cooning pays, liberation costs! This negro taking the road of less resistance at the expense of her own integrity, it is called CO-INTEL-PRO! It happened to Marcus, Malcolm, Martin, Huey, Hampton, H-Rap, the list goes on. Never mind the coons, will the real Africans/Blacks please stand up!

  23. If she saw video of her husband/boyfriend engaging in "activities" with another woman, I wonder if her first response would be… "I wasn't there".


  25. Bianca Brantley says:

    Who cares who was in there with the Grand Jury …what the fuck did you see …sellout ass

  26. Veronica Alleyne says:

    what the hell is she talking about? there is racism all over New York.

  27. ProfessorDee Dee says:

    Tara needs to be slapped!!!

  28. Bryan Durham says:

    I ( as an officer for more than 20 years)… believe that, "YOU MUST COMPLY WITH THE ORDERS GIVEN BY THOSE WHO ARE SWORN TO UPHOLD THE LAW". But…. in the state of Texas, ( had this happened in the fashion that was CLEARLY seen on video)? THE OFFICER THAT DID THE CHOKING, AND THE KILLED MR. GARDNER… WOULD GO ON TRIAL, AND THERE'S A EVEN GREATER CHANCE THAT THE OFFICER WOULD GO TO JAIL. "THAT WAS MURDER".

  29. Sonya Pritchett-Bratton says:


  30. All I know is that the sister questioning the legality of the chokehold was about to get crunk on Mrs. Uncle Tom! The anchor wan did right by remaining quiet!

  31. The Houston Grand Jury system has failed to indict an officer killing 218 times! We hear you. But facts are facts! Intergration has harmed us greatly.

  32. Jeannine Austin Fisher says:

    So according to her logic not resisting arrest should never lead to anyone getting hurt or killed, well tell that to these people:;_ylt=A0SO8x8lvYFUOYoArFZXNyoA;_ylc=X1MDMjc2NjY3OQRfcgMyBGZyA21jYWZlZQRncHJpZANJZU4xcXVpOVJhdUI3VlE1RnVRWUFBBG5fcnNsdAMwBG5fc3VnZwM0BG9yaWdpbgNzZWFyY2gueWFob28uY29tBHBvcwMwBHBxc3RyAwRwcXN0cmwDBHFzdHJsAzIzBHF1ZXJ5A3dvbWFuIGJlYXQgdXAgYnkgcG9saWNlBHRfc3RtcAMxNDE3Nzg4ODA0?p=woman+beat+up+by+police&fr2=sb-top-search&fr=mcafee&type=B211US679D20110328;_ylt=A2KIo9R1xYFUFkMAx4H7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTByZ2N0cmxpBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMg–?p=woman+beat+up+by+police&vid=f483898fae8eb77b95a9402e266f5014&l=3%3A36&;_ylt=A2KIo9R1xYFUFkMA2YH7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTBzdmtvYW9lBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMjA-?p=woman+beat+up+by+police&vid=1e7e09c6794fcf20e1aa432867569c55&l=3%3A11&;_ylt=A2KIo9R1xYFUFkMA24H7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTBzM2wzMzdjBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDMjI-?p=woman+beat+up+by+police&vid=fac2625396a6e930acef2bdfa550730e&l=4%3A04&

    Shall I go on?

  33. They always pull a coon out to be the "Devils" Advocate. I hope she can walk around in public.

  34. Robert Ross says:

    It is true that a prosecutor can indict even if the grand jury decides not to. But keep in mind that prosecutors work close with law enforcement when indicting criminals. So the question is how hard will they really fight to indict one of thei own, so to speak? What really needs to happen is to appoint a special prosecutor for every officer involved shooting. That way maybe the cases will be looked at objectively.

  35. Curlen Middleton says:

    I bet she would be singing a different tune if Garner were a member of her family.

  36. Reg Goodloe says:

    Boom! Minimum 8 for violent takedown..

  37. Oh how I wish she could read your comment. You head the nail on the head with that one!

  38. This is just the stuff that white people love: two women of color on opposite sides, I don't blame them this is the white system at work….that's what needs to be STOPPED!


  40. Mia Love says:

    It she for real? "We don't know….." She must be legally blind!

  41. John E Byrd says:

    She works for The Blaze which is Glen Beck's magazine. Nuff said.

  42. Kevin VinCal says:

    the Babylon system is a vampire. feel it in church and university – bob marley

  43. Matu Feliciano says:

    The blond, is not well. Maybe its the dye she keeps putting, on her brain cells. She is wrong, period. Obviously, she doesn't want to except that its against the law to use a choke hold. She is doing what is called, shade. Lacks compassion on any level. I'm sure this hurt the parents involved.

  44. Matu Feliciano says:

    Sonya Pritchett-Bratton , some burn the house, verbally, o yeah.

  45. Matu Feliciano says:

    Lauren Johnson , she won't be able to strude her culo everywhere. I have a question. Was she a Foster Child product?

  46. Matu Feliciano says:

    No wonder she became a blond, all the other women dye their hair blond, all of them. I did crack up. 1% will make you conform, ja ja ja.

  47. Angry Sell Out Jenny Craig with a FKD opinion versus Educated Intelligent EXPERIENCED LEGAL Beauty Queen. DO the math… #KooneryKFCChick.

  48. – How does this guest argue the law and the prosecutorial process with Sonny Hostin, who is an attorney and former prosecutor. Did this guest ever spend a day in law school? I don't believe this guest has an appreciation for the struggles African Americans have encountered, and she should be ashamed of herself considering that even European American's recognize the problem.

    She is clearly attempting to gain "brownie points" from the segment of the population that may not be ready to deal with this issue. She has to be misinformed, uninformed or chloroformed to not see that most of the protesters throughout the America are European Americans, because they recognize the problem. Why make statements to suggest this issue does not need attention, which would could cause the support to wain.

  49. The semantics, the rhetoric, all is good TV, but tell me this when a rat has pressure on your neck! or loved one's neck!

  50. Bernice Rush-Harrison says:

    I love Sunny! She always keep it 100

  51. Some blacks feel if they say the all the things whites want to hear, they'll gain points.

  52. Vh1 does it everyday.

  53. Police Shooting By Race! Unarmed Black American Citizen are Murder by Police Officer 31.17 per Million, Unarmed White American Citizen are Murder By Police Officer, 147. per Million The Age are 15-19 in 2010-2012 Stand-Up, for Freedom, and Civil Right, and the In Justices, of 465 Shooting, of Unarmed Black Young American Citizen, died by Police Officer "465 2014 year", to Day! and Murder in American Urban Inner City Street!

  54. Police Shooting By Race! Unarmed Black American Citizen are Murder by Police Officer 31.17 per Million, Unarmed White American Citizen are Murder By Police Officer, 147. per Million The Age are 15-19 in 2010-2012 Stand-Up, for Freedom, and Civil Right, and the In Justices, of 465 Shooting, of Unarmed Black Young American Citizen, died by Police Officer "465 2014 year", to Day! and Murder in American Urban Inner City Street!

  55. Exactly the house nigger versus the field nigger.

  56. Barry Williams says:

    As an employee of an organization and perform an act, by the way which has been strictly prohibited for 20+ years because it is shown to cause the death of a person on the receiving end of the action, and a death occurs; what should happen to that person who committed the act. The medical examiner has stated that such an act can and has resulted in a death and the person has been thoroughly trained not to perform that act and does it anyway and a death occurs while a supervisor is also present at the scene of the act, what should happen? Answer: Indictment of all involved and those that did not prevent it from occurring. Question: Upon completion of presenting the state's case, did the prosecutor close his statement by saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, based on the evidence that I have presented; you must find that the individual should be indicted in the death of Mr. Eric Gardner? Will we ever know if this happened?

  57. Barry Williams says:

    Did the officer state at any time that they viewed him violating the law? They only knew of his history of being arrested of selling loosies. Did the first officer state that we have a warrant for your, Mr. Gardner, arrest? No, he just reached out for his wrist and Mr. Gardner told him not to touch him. Why did the Sgt., the very large man in uniform with three stripes on his sleeve, tell them to stop or cease holding Mr. Gardner in a recognized NYPD prohibited restraint maneuver? No, he just stood there and watched and after five of officers laid on Mr. Gardner's lower portion, back and head and neck with their full weight and then and only then did he decide to get into the pile thereby adding MORE weight on the now deceased's dead body.

  58. 12 yr old Timar Rice wasn't resisting you pig woman!

  59. That uncle ruckus ass bitch

  60. Red Dipper says:

    They deliberately use a Black WOMAN to defend their debauchery.

  61. Joe Brilly says:

    Well according to Garners wife it wasn't about black and white…… Soooo.

    It is amazing, you got 300 years of blatant systematic oppression of black people but they refuse to bring up possible and suspected continuing systematic abuses of black people. Oh, but that's right, he didn't say the 'n word' when choking Mr. Garner so it isn't about race. And Bratton didn't say the 'n word' when he said it was justified, so it isn't about race. Only when you have on Klan robes and spout the 'n word' is it about race.


  62. I know the sister and she's not a sell house n$&& But we have to learn to accept others in our community who have a difference in opinion.

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