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4 thoughts on “Ta-Nehisi Coates Offers A Very Intriguing Opinion On The History Of Violence vs. Non Violence In America

  1. Charlotte Sherrell says:

    The brother is so right….

  2. Awesome job Ta Nehisi. On more sugar footing around these issues. The truth is the truth.

  3. Black life is not precious but property some how is! Wow if the courts won't protect Blacks from police brutality then maybe destroying property is the answer! The JUSTus system continues to thrive while justice system ignores the rights of African Americans/Blacks in this country! Sad but true!

  4. Yogi Smith says:

    AmeriKKKan History pronounces constantly (through data, school teachings, and History books) that horrific events that lead to building AmeriKKKa's wealth was through violence.

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