6 Black Celebrities Who Are Upset That Black Fans Don’t Support Them

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Bow Wow

The rapper has received a lot of backlash since beginning a relationship with Love and Hip Hop New York star Erica Mena. Last month, Shad Moss (Bow Wow) went on a Facebook rant saying:

“Funny how it’s only one race that hates on my relationship and anything I do. BLACK FOLKS. Says a lot about us. Exactly why folks think we can never elevate because we stay holding each other back with the bullish*t and the ignorance. Maybe we are just that. IGNORANT.”

Fans have most recently bashed his fiancée for allegedly getting his name tattooed on her body, pointing out that this is a trend with Mena as she also had her ex Rich Dollaz’s name tatted.



Wayne Brady

In an interview with BET, the Whose Line Is It Anyway star said that he believes Black people are harder on him than any other race.

“No one can be harder on Black people than Black people. And I understand that, we like to claim what’s ours — we are a very loyal audience. We like to call people out when we feel they’re not being what we want them to be.”

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