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Pharrell Says That Michael Brown’s Behavior Seemed ‘Bullyish’

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 3.30.29 PMDays before the grand jury came to a decision on the Michael Brown case, Pharrell Williams did an interview with Ebony  about racism and the occurrences in Ferguson, and criticized Brown’s actions.

“It looked very bully-ish; that in itself I had a problem with,” Williams said of Brown’s actions. “Not with the kid, but with whatever happened in his life for him to arrive at a place where that behavior is OK. Why aren’t we talking about that?”

He then went on to bring up Bill Cosby’s previous diatribes in a speech at a 2004 NAACP event that Black people need to take some responsibility for the judgments placed on them.

“And I agree with him,” Williams said about Cosby. “When Cosby said it back then, I understood; I got it. Listen, we have to look at ourselves and take action for ourselves. Cosby can talk that talk because he created Fat Albert, he tried to buy NBC, he portrayed a doctor on The Cosby Show and had all of us wearing Coogi sweaters. You’ve got to respect him. I believe that Ferguson officer should be punished and serve time. He used excessive force on a human being who was merely a child. He was a baby, man. The boy was walking in the middle of the street when the police supposedly told him to ‘get the f—k on the sidewalk.’ If you don’t listen to that, after just having pushed a storeowner, you’re asking for trouble. But you’re not asking to be killed. Some of these youth feel hunted and preyed upon, and that’s why that officer needs to be punished.”

He did, however, acknowledge that “the hangover from Ferguson is going to be a long one, worse than Trayvon Martin.”

After the Ebony interview, the “Happy” singer yesterday tweeted about the verdict in Ferguson, “I’m heartbroken over the news of no indictment in Ferguson. Let’s all pray for peace.”


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109 thoughts on “Pharrell Says That Michael Brown’s Behavior Seemed ‘Bullyish’

  1. Jeffrey Walker says:

    So Pharrell the murderous cop's actions weren't bullish? That stupid hat you think is cool… as stupid as your statement! Take your happy behind and go sit down somewhere!

  2. Bryant Fuller says:

    Just missed whole point didn't you…

  3. MisterVee Thedj says:

    He's a coon who is trying to ride both sides of the issue.

  4. A coon who's trying not to loose sales… why you had to open your mouth. Shut up stupid…

  5. Jeffrey Walker says:

    No Bryant I didn't miss his his point….even bullies do not deserve to be executed! That's the freakin point!

  6. Sheron Denise Harrison says:

    Bryant Fuller I fully agree with Pharrell Williams and its commonsense.

  7. Sheron Denise Harrison says:

    I fully agree with Pharrell Williams and its commonsense. Some of us tend to always jump on the bandwagon of topics, events, ppls opp's and never getting to real demographic root of what is…..
    sometimes. Instead of always reacting, anger or otherwise.

  8. So its ok to analyze mike brown's upbringing and behavior, but I don't see anyone doing the same for darren wilson. Why is it always the victim that gets the most scrutiny in these situations?

  9. Helen Malloy says:

    Jeffrey Walker So the victims of bullies: white or black, should just be given a pass at the psychological damage that they do?

  10. Helen Malloy says:

    There are two sides to every story. The truth is relative, no matter the circumstance.

  11. Jeffrey Walker says:

    Helen are you illiterate? Read what I said instead of ignoring the fact that this "bully " you want to crucify was shot an killed by a murderous cop. He was UNARMED!!!! What part of that you butt kissin Negroes don't get? And read your response to me ….it doesn't make sense. Here's a tip Helen….read your crap to yourself 5 times to yourself before you hit the REPLY key! Hopefully it will eliminate your stupidness.

  12. Helen Malloy says:

    Jeffrey Walker Yea your name calling tells me all I need to know. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Jeffrey Walker says:

    @Helen…enjoy yours too.

  14. Jeffrey Walker says:

    Helen…..what you need to know….is to buy you some Chap Stik!

  15. Jeffrey Walker says:

    Brotha….there are always gonna be butt kissin Negroes who think Masta will invite them to the big house. But what they fail to realize is that he don't like em…never has and never will!

  16. Jeffrey Walker says:

    Brotha….there are always gonna be butt kissin Negroes who think Masta will invite them to the big house. But what they fail to realize is that he don't like em…never has and never will!

  17. Key Ankh Amen says:

    He need to watch what he says and who and what he praises…this a touchy subject.

  18. This is what's known as a Crooning Cooner!

  19. Jeffrey Walker Coonery beyond belief!

  20. Jeffrey Walker says:

    @Derrick….I know, I know. Just obstacles in the road to complete equality. Go around or through them but never ever let them stop you.

  21. Dave Mills says:

    House Negro's of America just enlisted a new member!

  22. Pharrell is saying what he discern I saw that same Spirit that's not the issue
    What can parents do to recognize when our children need anger management
    Some times we just don't see it , I know from experience . But nobody has the right to take a life no matter what I've experienced that as well I know the hurt

  23. How do know about his behavior your goijng off what someone said. The uncle tom negores always have something negative about black pepolr but but never helps his own. Sit down

  24. Excuse the typos damn phone

  25. The victim gets the scrutiny because everyone's doing their best to make them look like a VICTIM. Duh.

  26. Arcy Sone says:

    Damn brother you on point. I don't feel sorry for him like I don't feel sorry for any other coon. black facebook black educating from the elders.

  27. Arcy Sone says:

    a Coon is a coon don't feel sorry for him cuz he don't feel sorry for us join us black facebook there you will educate our people.

  28. Arcy Sone says:

    Don't worry about him, he's a woman but join us on we want you to come educate our people and help us build our community.

  29. Offer an opposing view, get labeled a coon, how predictable. Probably the most precise reason you do not have leadership, is that anyone that reaches a position of influence and tries to exhibit reason yall turn on them and attach such labels. It just hit me, yall are the modern day definition of cannibals, cause yall truly eat your own.

  30. Musa Ibraheem says:

    So, in Pharell's view, Mike Brown deserved to be shot down like a dog for something the police never saw. Glad I've never bought any of his music.

  31. Musa Ibraheem says:

    Helen Malloy There's no such thing as "relatively dead".

  32. Arcy Sone With your attitude I will never come on your facebook, I did register, now I need to delete it.

  33. Arcy Sone says:

    Nzingha Shabaka what do you mean by my attitude? Our people are dying every day and I don't see these football player boycott games. Shouldn't I be mad? they shoot us doing everyday and the people with the loud voice don't say nothing. I voice ain't loud enough.

  34. What is wrong with these blacks? They don't know when to shut the heck up. He is one of their little darlings, they have allowed him to make some money, and he is playing the role that is expected of him, to get the money. I wish to tell him your talent is not that good, you are being paid to be a mouth piece for white supremacy, even though you are not a member, never will be, because it is a system created by whites for whites, no blacks allowed except in the capacity he has demonstrated. How can he show such insensitivity, or no sympathy for these parents, and grandparents, and siblings, and any other black who agrees with him, or see nothing is wrong with what he said, you are a hater of your race just like him. I do not like his music either. Where is he from? I can give a good guess.

  35. Arcy Sone Maybe I misunderstood you, what did you mean when you said, "Damn brother you on point"? Who are you talking too, if I misunderstood you, I am sorry.

  36. Matt You are right, what about his mother, she is a low life criminal, check her out, she has a pretty good criminal record.

  37. Jeffrey He looks like a silly little boy.

  38. Arcy Sone says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Damn was for brother MisterVee Thedj for calling the coon out. and we need to call them out. they are poisoning our brothers and sisters

  39. Excuse me, but no European can criticize any black individual. Look at your own record, when you do, you will not be back on here, because it will take you a long time to learn your own history, and it is worse than all the people on the planet put together.

  40. Arcy Sone I apology again. You see I deleted my post. Since the none indictment, I believe I have an emotional burn out. I am off here.

  41. Arcy Sone says:

    Nzingha Shabaka I ain't mad at you. Our people need us all

  42. Nzingha Shabaka Thats my point, no one can criticize a black individual, and thats why yall have no leadership. As far as my history, my grandparents came to the US not speaking a lick of english and managed to find success. My history is one of personal drive and determination not excuses. Moreover, my culture knows enough of their history to know where they came from and learn from it, unlike other cultures that obsess about their history and remain stuck in it. No doubt you will not agree with my words, but for the whites that put chains on your ancestors, its your own kind that constantly reminds each other that your still shackled. You keep telling each other your broken, your raised by your families and told your broken, your in the churches being preached to that your broken, what banding yall do have are centralized around broken themes, even when you reach a boiling point you react in a broken method, of damaging your own community. Every other culture would have found ways to damage the system against them, but the world watched as a people damaged their own kind and scoffed at its recent mark on HISTORY

  43. Jay Contreras says:

    Maybe you have a different definition of 'leadership'..we have a lot of self-serving, grinning, sambo negroes who have been co-opted & bought and paid for who are passed OFF as our leadership. These negroes ain't a bit more leading nobody nowhere but to hell in gasoline draws. And that is specifically why they are touted as our 'leaders'. The last time black people in this country had leaders, like Malcolm, MLK, Medgar, Fred Hampton, etc..we all know what happened to them. Same thing with the white so called leaders who actually were about changing the status quo–the Kennedys. And the same thing that happened with African leadership that was about autonomy. Apparently, there are a lot of insecure old crusty white men who are incredibly threatened by people whom they cannot control. That shouldn't cause fear–that should be seen as an opportunity–because what it REALLY means is that even with all of their supposed might and power—THEY are scared. That should motivate us, not deter us.

  44. Arcy Sone says:

    Morgan Freedman said that he was American and,nothing else Maybe Pharell is American too. Bill Cosby was American but see how they are treating him now. See how they treat the president even though he's doing work for them. Pharell's Bill Cosby, O.J time is going to come. Unfortunately most of our people will defend him when his time comes.

  45. Johnathon Wofford What you are saying makes no sense to me. Unless you really know our history, and what happened to us, what you saying is just talk, everybody wants to criticize blacks for our own problems, I don't think so. Your grandparents came to US and found success, that is because all the opportunities were for whites. We never got the breaks whites got, they go so much free stuff besides taking them a country and making my people work for free building this country. Whites go all the free they wanted, along with many other entitlements, not for blacks, except crumbs from social programs, we already have paid for. I don't know what you are talking about, and you don't either.

  46. Nzingha Shabaka Your looking at just my last name. My grandparents were Mexican

  47. Jay Contreras Jay Contreras That may be it, just the different definitions of leadership. I was just listening to a video Nzingha posted and it shows one Claude Anderson from the Harvard Institute talking about reparations, it was an exact confirmation of what I said in my last post. He stated black folks need reparations, cause without reparations "you're through in this country", "You're getting ready to be buried", "your going down". Now this type of leadership gets applause but its unrealistic. Other cultures leadership dont teach dependence on a system guised against you. Centuries later yall still falling for the same ol trick of a crutch designed to keep you where your at. Why other cultures surpass has absolutely nothing to do with assistance from the might, its independence where the true success is achieved. And we dont have strong leadership figures that are telling us that today, but thankfully our parents do not teach us to depend on or wait for some kind of assistance. In this day and age, the crusty old white guy has no say over the independent individual that didnt sign a contract with them.

  48. Jay Contreras says:

    Johnathon Wofford You can talk that bs but at the end of the day, there is a global system of apartheid under WHICH YOU EXIST too. Dude, don't think b/c your cage is gilded, that it ain't still a cage. Just like apartheid in S. Africa..there are certain groups who are afforded 'honorary white status'..there are many southern european groups who came here at the turn of the 20th century who were not even seen as 'white' til amerika had to turn loose it's slaves and decided it didn't want to extend full citizenship to a people who have been here for LONGER than most white people-who gave a quarter of a MILLENIA of UNPAID & forced labor to build the wealth of the 'west' with nothing offered in return but 3rd class citizenship, brutality & ass to kiss; who have fought in ALL conflicts & wars defending a freedom that we have YET to fully see–do you realize that at the end of WWII, black soldiers fought in a segregated army against so called fascism abroad when they were REALLY living under it here–and what did the US govt do to repay that bravery? Secretly brought thousands of former Nazi war criminals here to country under Operation Paperclip– forged documents, gave them 1st class citizenship & then jobs as the heads of intel and other govt agencies, BUT native-born black soldiers who had just risked their lives for something that they themselves didn't possess–came BACK here to more 3rd class citizenship & lynchings–yet, you wanna talk about lack of 'leadership' and what's broken. This country is broken. It was BORNE of the trifecta of theft, genocide & slavery. How could it be ANYTHING but screwed up from the word go. This country is a fuccin insane asylum. Run by the patients. The fact that ANY OF US ARE EVEN REMOTELY functioning and not doing the Colin Ferguson thing is a testament to our resilience and strength. Again, some people may be happy with a gilded cage or jail cell…But there are some of us not interested in settling for anything less than full autonomy & freedom for our people. You can keep your fake, co-opted, bought & paid for 'leaders'…

  49. Johnathon Wofford What you are saying is not true. Go back and reread my last post before this one, if you still don't see you are wrong to say what you have said, I am done with it, you just don't get it, and you are not alone, most people think like you do, because they hate us for some unjustifiable racist reason. We are owed the world, go read it, the Case for reparations, that is what it is title.

  50. Nzingha Shabaka I went back and reread what your last message and it was applicable to whites. As I stated, my grandparents were mexican. So what your saying makes no sense actually. And your actually owed nothing. My grandparents had nothing to do with slavery of blacks, they made no profit from their backs, and the only thing your owed is the truth. And that is latinos can find success in this country, continue to want to come this country, cause our history has shown racism can not stop personal drive and determination. And that is applicable anywhere in this world, on the heels of passing the worlds richest man is Carlos Slim, a mexican. No where in history do reparations have a correlation with a culture finding success.

  51. Jay Contreras And then we have the undisputed counter argument, of if this place is so bad, why remain? So well versed in history, only to continue to add more pages of dissent. As for resilience and strength I find hard to point to Ferguson as an example, more of that, destroying your own, only resolves to a weaker position. Perpetual weakening of position, that is indeed insane. As for me in particular, im an anomaly, Im not your everyday racist white guy slinging the same old hate. Im in a transitioning stage in my life where my everyday independence grows and my position strengthens. I was blessed to apply the mind God gave me and find a way to succeed on my own merit. Later on, people will dig up my records and there will likely be controversy over my words, but at the end of the day I'll say, look at the people I was speaking to and look where Im at and tell me who was in the cage. I speak brashly, cause I know what it takes and I actually want other AMERICANS to succeed. Unfortunately, most every black will be unable to hear this message, but there is a hope that one will catch what Im saying and find success by abandoning a method proven to yield no results.

  52. Johnathon Wofford I am going to tell you this, and that will be all the information you get from me, because I am beating a dead horse. Look when your grandparents came to American and they found success, who do you think is responsible for that happening? Black people, we created all that you see today, and then. America is the most powerful empire created by blacks, and all the European world. Again, read The Case for Reparations, I have nothing else to offer you to make you see or understand. You may give this fellow some creditability in what he said about black people being held as slaves, Carl Mex, he said, If it were not for slavery, you can wipe the US off the map of nations". Google that, he is a white Jew, you will probably give attention to what he said, since he represent whites, we blacks are just stupid, being mixes you probably feel like your other half, we are just stupid, and what we say, is a bunch of bull shit. Go educate yourself about the world, and what impact blacks had on building this world, I know that is a bit much for you to comprehend, but believe it, I would not be so adamant about it if it were not the truth. Not only that it can be proven, your own other half or what ever your percentage, white economist will tell you this, do the research.

  53. Johnathon Wofford I do not know why I respond to opinion like yours.

  54. Nzingha Shabaka All that says to me is blacks capability to build under direction, but incapable of reproducing similar results on their own. Again, the differences of where we stand are one who is aware of their history and one who is stuck in it. You will garner respect from your own for your knowledge of your history, but it will do little to advance them as undisputed history has shown. I watched that video, and it precisely confirmed what Ive been saying all along. "Go the way of the Indians" cause they are just in rolling in success. There are at least 30 millino blacks in the US, it is unrealistic to presume a flood of new casinos would support even a fraction of that volume. Meanwhile many Indians are poorly educated and barely getting by. Your crossing the street to get the same result LMAO. And you have no concept that you are a contributor to holding your own people down by advocating a system intimately designed to keep them where they are at.

  55. Nzingha Shabaka Well, I invite opinions that expose the truth. If you could produce cause and effect statements that demonstrate success with your methods I think that would have a greater effect than the opinions of individuals you cite. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

  56. Pharrell's mind is messed up by drugs and the job he has on tv (where he give more breaks to Whites than Black). Wait til he gets fired and Black folks stop supporting him… lets see his mind clear up.

  57. Johnathon Wofford You have good leaderships? Name the good leaders you're talking about.

  58. Johnathon Wofford You have good leaderships? Name the good leaders you're talking about.

  59. Jay Contreras says:

    Johnathon Wofford This is my issue–black people's injury is ongoing and continuous. It did not stop with the passage of the 13th amendment, you do understand that don't you? We are consigned to a permanent caste system that is no less systemic than the one in Indian society. It is more covert and veiled. But it is there nonetheless. Those who have historically made it in this country, are what percentage of the total black population overall? Less than 1/10 of 1%? I'm talking numbers, not feel good platitudes about the amerikan dream and pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps. There is actually research that has been done that proves that most people end up in the same social strata they started out in life. That not just me saying that. —- As a recent study for the Boston Federal Reserve Bank discovered, among the nation’s poorest families, the percentage that were able to climb simply to the next quintile (still far from well-off), fell from over half in the 1968-78 period, to only 46 percent in the period from 1993-2003. Additionally, the study found that poor families are 10 times more likely to remain poor than to move into the highest income quintile, while those who started out rich are 5 times more likely to remain there, as to fall into either of the lower two quintiles of earners.

    Another study found that persons who start out in the bottom fifth of all income-earning families as children are twice as likely to remain there as to jump even into the middle class as adults, while those born to families in the top fifth of earners are more than two-and-half times as likely to remain there as adults, as to fall into merely the middle class.

    When it comes to wealth and asset status, the problems with mobility are even greater than for income. Research has determined that at least 45 percent — and perhaps as much as 80 percent — of an individual’s wealth is accounted for by intergenerational material transfers, either during the life of one’s relative or upon death. This suggests a deeply embedded and structural advantage for those who are born to affluence, which owes nothing to their own hard work.

    Additional research that examined families from the 1980s through 2003, discovered that about three-fourths of where an individual ends up in terms of wealth is explained solely by the wealth status of that person’s parents. Only about 10 percent of those who start out wealth-poor ever attain high wealth status by adulthood, while most who start out at the top remain there.

    So you see, it's NOT just about hard work and pulling yourselves by your proverbial bootstraps. This system is rigged from top to bottom. And if whites have a distinct advantage today, intergenerational wealth factors into that & where did most of the wealth originate? Slavery. If that wealth & labor had of been passed down from those who created it, then we wouldn't be having this discussion. People can get mad, but I always say, white people are just holding our stuff for us. And this is why people like Claud Anderson push for reparations. And that's why I dismiss people when they bring up hard work & ethics as the supposed reason for blacks collective lack of economic progress–the West didn't ethically work for anything they have YET they admonish us to be industrious? What a crock. 250+ years of forced free labor, the Reconstruction Period & Black Wall Street have more than PROVEN that when left to our own devices, we can more than succeed, we can excel beyond imagination. And I believe that's precisely what some fear.

  60. Joseph Ayo-Vaughan Actually, there are no leaders currently I really aspire to. Some Republicans that I share views with and support. There are supervisors I had in the military that clearly drew the line between great leadership and horrible. There are philosophical views that have influenced me from that of Plato, Thrasymachus, and Arthur Schopenhauer. And there are businessmen of the past that I will undoubtedly take experiences from Rockefeller, Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, Henry Ford. But ultimately, I have my own ideas about business and leadership, and they began with my upbringing. The best examples of leadership start with my parents that taught me nothing was owed and to find what you want and work for it.

  61. Jay Contreras says:

    Johnathon Wofford Dude, you need to delve deeper than surface. Out of how many nations, how many have casinos that are 'rolling in dough'? Do you know what life is like on the average plantation, um I mean, reservation? Do you know the grinding poverty that exists on MOST reservations? Do you realize how high the rates of alcoholism are in the native american community? So don't think the few casinos they have, have been a panacea. And the US govt has reneged on damn near every treaty they've signed with them. So I don't know why WE think we can trust them. And basically, what the native americans have done is what reparations would look like for us. A separate nation within a nation that is still rife with poverty, disease and neglect. Which is what we got now. The only difference is proximity. But that may just save our sanity if nothing else. I think we certainly had more peace of mind when were segregated.

  62. Johnathon Wofford Wait you said, "All that says to me is blacks capability to build under direction, but incapable of reproducing similar results on their own." WTH? Are you so blatantly ignorant to the fact that the richest man that has ever lived was an African from Mali, or that black people have successfully jump started their lives at different times in history? And have you ever heard of black wall street from the early 1900s; black people were doing well and enjoying luxuries that white people couldn't and then white supremacists felt the need to put them in their place and bomb the place mercilessly to the shanty it is now. I could mention more examples. How can you find it reasonable for people to capture other humans and work them as slaves, free their uneducated children, withhold proper education from them, set up systems to keep them down, destroy them when they're rebuilding and then scream, "Fucking animals, get your shit together!" That's insanity! I know people go through shit and get over it, but not like this. It's not easy. If the government wanted to help black communities, they could. And they know they can. The government was stupid enough to release a bunch of uneducated people all over their home and now the American people are surprised that shit is crazy.

  63. Mamie Bell says:

    Victoria, number one learn how to write, number two, Pharrell's time in the spot light just came to an end….

  64. Jay Contreras The casinos point I made was sarcastic about them rolling in success. If you follow the rest of the track of comments I made following that statement it was not to go the way of the Indians. But that was taken from Nzihngas video 'The case for reperations' which featured a black leader actually recommending that route. And Thats what I meant about your own keeping your own down.

  65. Jay Contreras You are right that black peoples injury is ongoing and continuous. But it is also you own cultures failure to identify the greatest cause of damage. You go to the doctor and he tells you “You got black on black cancer, and you a white cough” And the response is to focus solely on the cough. Even with the figures you quote, they are all about how another culture has more than the black people. There are plenty of Asians that have more, plenty of Russians that have more, In an another post I commented about how Carlos Slim a Mexican is on the heels of surpassing Bill Gates as the worlds richest man. And all this happened under the White Americans watch. Point being, yall are stuck on an outdated problem. Your numbers show a culture stuck in the same social strata cause they are stuck in the same social mantra of an idea that is centuries old. And whats worse, is your own people convince each other to aim for unrealistic idea of reparations (and the like thereof) that aint gonna happen if it hasn’t happened by now, or even if there is some approval it would be so small and likely squandered because nothing was changed mentality wise to continue to generate that bump. Translation, with exploding increase of welfare recipients the factual numbers do not correlate with a culture picking themselves up with such assistance but rather remaining stuck in the same position of stifled potential. But it gets worse, the stifled potential only leads to unsatisfactory results and what we see is aggressive infighting, theft, drug use, assault, and murder of your own kind. And what seems so amazing, is how well versed blacks can be on other cultural statistics and not be prioritizing facts like 90% of blacks are killed by other blacks. Maybe its just me, but if I were conducting a threat analysis, I wouldn’t be placing so much stock in the 10% chance I would get killed, Id go for the blatant 90!
    On an economic scale, I do agree that the middle class is diminishing and the divide between the rich and the poor only enhances. But a lot of that fault stems from a lack of economic education. What we see is a voter base that votes in taxes and regulation on business and then wonder why the jobs continue to disappear.
    But as far as whites staying in their comfortable position or increasing it, has to do not from some hidden system. Its quite open, there are books written on it. They teach their kids how to save, how to manage and how to invest. We look at what blacks glorify in their music videos and their daily dialogue and its all about squandering. Blowing money on fashion accessories, celebrations, or assets they become unable to afford. Its not a racial disparity, its clear as day stupidity.
    But ultimately, even with the horrendous past of the African American culture, we can easily point entire country of Africa today and theres no speculation of lack of achievement for Africans left to govern themselves. All the statistics provided, are tremendously worse over there. I hear lots of pride for African roots, but I hear of no tidal waves Blacks desiring to go back. And we are talking about a continent that has the earliest traces of humanity and they still cant get it together? Again, a prime example of repeating a cycle of low bearing results. Which is fine if you want to stay true to your roots, but don’t bitch about being stuck in last place cause your still using horse and buggy modes of transportation. Im just a voice, and though my view may be opposing, but if the teachings of your culture were really helping you would all these other cultures be able to pass you by? Irrespective of what my profile picture looks like, if the black message to other blacks was working would we have an increase in welfare not just number wise but percentage wise? Somethings gotta change, I hear that all the time, and I agree, and its not by continuing methods of substandard results. Give a fuck about my color, stop doing the same thing damnit it aint working. There are racists out there yeah for sure, just like there are a lot of racists black arguably more so than whites. But people are delusional, just like that video you posted of the liberal and the conservative you posted talking about integrating the black and how he becomes essentially one of them. I look at that, and I say yeah…..except with the evil intent. I want my brothers to succeed, cause I want clean neighborhoods, I want good people, to be good to each other. And the times are changing, the old white mentality is fading and there are more people that think like me and just want to be American. I will say this though, and it has nothing to do with color, but a lack of sympathy is definitely raising against the mentality of handouts. That shit is definitely trending in the opposite direction with challenges to affirmative action and such. Its foolish double down on reparations of any form. It has to be about pulling up your bootstraps, let the facts speak for themselves, every other culture is teaching that and making it work and yall the only ones getting left behind.

  66. Joseph Ayo-Vaughan “Are you so blatantly ignorant to the fact that the richest man that has ever lived was an African from Mali, or that black people have successfully jump started their lives at different times in history?”
    King Musa also inadvertently devastated the economy of the region. All across Cairo, Medina and Mecca, he was giving gold away to everybody which destroyed the value of metal for almost a decade. “Handouts, messing people up for centuries.”
    But Speaking of centuries, that of black people jump starting their lives during different times in history, but just not today. Man, it all goes back to the same thing, reflecting on history, and how the white man got you down. Theres no excuse brother, when latinos can come to this country with even less money than their black peers and be disadvantaged through tongue and literature….and still make it, its not about the White guy holding you down anymore. Maybe it was back then, but this isn’t then, this is now, we have a black president, anything can be accomplished, but bitching aint gonna get you nowhere.

  67. Johnathon Wofford Wait. Are you saying racism doesn't exist? Are you stating that there is nothing in the American system that keeps, at the very least, the black community down. How many Mexicans do you hear about making it out poverty? Because your parents did, you think that means everything has changed? For your sake I will stop referring to those on top as white people even though they mostly are and because many white people are not as heartless. From now on, I will call them Rich-Powerful-Evil-People-Who-Own-Everything. Does it now make sense when I say Rich-Powerful-Evil-People-Who-Own-Everything control everything and are the only ones who can almost immediately turn everything around but don't are holding black people down? Can you not understand that we are all humans and we share the same Earth? We were meant to help each other. It is only natural that if we don't many will die. They have decided to live their lives with a selfish mentality. What is the point of having everything if your brothers and sisters are dying? Forget that for a second. Are you going to not take into consideration that White America received free labor for centuries? Do you know how much that is?! Do you have any idea how rich a company like Apple would be if they never had to pay their workers? This is basically what you are saying, "Shut up. Work hard. But stop whining about the systems in place to keep you from being successful" From that, I say you're insane. How about I chain you to a car and ask you to race me; I'll see you at the finish line…

  68. Cherie Hussain Burroughs says:

    Wow…I didn't know black people called other blacks "coons". WTF!

  69. Farntella Graham says:

    another coon is right. he will get his reward just like cosby is getting. we should be proud of the fake dr huxtable? we got real doctors to be proud of, one right now who may be running for president, without the backing of people like pharrell. we should be proud of cosby's sweaters? we should be proud of a cartoon character? this man, pharrell, sounds like he is depressed.

  70. Farntella Graham says:

    I don't respect pharell and I will not support him. he will pay for disloyalty. when I first heard he said these things, I defended him and said he could not possibly said it. now it seems that he has, indeed, said these awful things about the murder victim.

  71. Farntella Graham says:

    Johnathon Wofford we have no leadership because the white man murdered them all.

  72. Farntella Graham says:

    Johnathon Wofford we have no leadership because the white man murdered them all.

  73. Sheron Denise Harrison says:

    Johnathon Wofford yaasss spoken from intellect

  74. Joseph Ayo-Vaughan In expedition of time, I will make this one quick. But I did state that there is racism, and its on both sides, but arguably more so on blacks. Moreover, the black community is overt with it and gets a pass being able to express racist sentiment so publicly. But yes, there needs to be a message of stop focusing on that period cause its getting you nowhere. And as fo the Rich Pure Evil People That Own Everything, they dont care about your sentiment, they are gonna stay rich cause they have capacity. Even if one location became hostile to them, they have the ability to up and move and likely find another location that would be of greater benefit. Going after the rich guy is just as dumb and even less fruitless. It has to be about changing your mentality as a culture. Slavery occurred, but yours wasnt the only culture that it happened to. The Pharaohs of Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, the Romans that once ruled everything all had slaves as an integral part but you look at where they are now, and they are blips on the map. Slavery is not the only element, but your holding it like it is. And as for your example of racing to the finish line, as I pointed out with Latinos, the facts are they can come here with less and quite easily pass you by. Sure there are some bad apples that I condemn for wanting to come to this country only to take advantage of the system, but as a whole there are many more Mexicans that found success in the terrible lands of the Rich Pure Evil People That Own Everything. Frantella Construction, LLCood job on living up to the label of blame. Meanwhile the cameras were rolling and watching your own kind say "Burn his bitch down" and the actions that followed were just that.,…..except to your own kind. Your opinions are littered with inconsistency and a true tribute to your credibility.

  75. Farntella Graham Why the black community is fucked: Because you value 'loyalty' over truth or improvement.

    Thus rioting in the streets over Michael Brown, meanwhile day in, day out, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, around 15 young black men are shot to death by other young black men. And nobody gives a shit. Nobody remembers their names.

  76. Nzingha Shabaka You've only studied the evils of white people. You haven't studied the rest of whole of human history. That's an incredibly ignorant statement. If all you know is the evils of whites, then sure whites will seem the most evil.

  77. Jay Contreras says:

    Johnathon Wofford Ok, Mr. Wofford..with the opportunity available to those who LOOK like you (racially ambiguous) with a NAME like yours (definitely not Spanish sounding–if that's your real last name)…and with the option now to check the WHITE box on the US Census…in an apartheid society, which this can talk a good talk about simple hard work and leaving the past in the past can do for good lil negroes like me (who worked HARDER than a damn slave & what did they get & whose unpaid blood, sweat & tears BUILT this country?)..but again, according to those like you–the past is the past. Well, Mr. Wofford, the truth IS, the PAST is just as recent as TODAY. History doesn't exist in a vacuum. Why do whites celebrate their PAST history if it's irrelevant? There is a continuous thread that connects what happend back then to today's current events. Mike Brown's state-sanctioned murder happened on August 9th..there was a lil 12 year murdered AGAIN by the cops in Cleveland the other day…but people like you don't want to SEE that this is systemic, this is not random, unrelated events. It's systemic. It's as amerikan as apple pie. And this country will ultimately CHOKE on it. It is Amerika's original sin. A sin that she doesn't have the moral fortitude and courage to admit to; let ALONE honestly deal with. So I'll leave you to your delusional fantasy of what this country is while those of us who have stepped out of the matrix and the land of oz, do what we need to do.

  78. Jay Contreras says:

    Johnathon Wofford What I will say to you is this: Understand trauma based programming. Take a look at human psychology, sociopathy and pathological psychology. Take a look at…and then tell me who is the one with the profound pathology? Look at those faces. And then realize you are looking at the Darren Wilson's of the world TODAY. It's not us, dude. If you are immersed in crazy from cradle to grave..eventually you are going to start acting crazy. I will NEVER blame my people for trying to navigate a crazy, racist, rotten to the core system that was NEVER meant to uplift or nurture us. I simply won't. And conversely I will NEVER give a pass to those who either directly or indirectly rubber stamp this system. And as for your question why don't I leave? When whites create a Back to Africa fund for those of who want to leave, then I'll take your question seriously. After all, when a black man actively created a Back to Africa movement, the US govt sabotaged it and deported him. You may want to ask yourself WHY they would do that if blacks are such a drain and problem for this country? As for me, don't worry I'm working on it but in the meantime, I'm going to continue to tell the truth about this country and his treatment of my people.

  79. Jay Contreras says:

    Alyosha Shepherd Truth? coming from people's whose whole history is STOLEN & plagarized. Who are sociopathic & predatory in nature. Who have historically & continue to wreck havoc where ever they have gone on this planet? Who donated MILLIONS & rallied to the defense of 2 loser murderers? This country is a cesspool of lies, pathology and mental illness. And is S. Wales in the prison colony that is now Australia? What happened to the Aborigines? And the Tasmanians? So when are YOU going to get in the streets decrying the white on white crime that is World Wars Inc? Or the fact that criminal bankers are looting every country in the world? Or that the CIA is the biggest drug dealer & illegal arms dealer in the world? Yeah, that's what I thought. But yet you are here talkind about black boys killing on another, like you REALLY give a damn. Laughable.

  80. Jay Contreras More blacks are murdered by blacks every seven months than were lynched in the entirety of American history.

    "The Tuskegee Institute has recorded 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites being lynched between 1882 and 1968"

    Blacks murder more than 6,000 blacks every year in America today.

  81. Jay Contreras says:

    Not so fast on Dr. Carson…he's starting to look 'coonish' too. Believe me, Sis, if he's being even considered for the white people's house, you know they have stamped him acceptable to the status quo. Which means he'd be another Obama. Nothing but window dressing on a rat & roach infested hovel.

  82. Jay Contreras says:

    If it walks like one, talks like one, & carries water for the system..then coon it is. I also call white people the true ni&&ers b/c they exemplify that word truly when you know their history & I believe all that they say about us is simple projection anyway.

  83. Jay Contreras Your racial hatred is showing.

    And I've been in the streets, arrested multiple times in the states protesting wars.

    Aboriginals hadn't invented the fucking wheel when Europeans came. Literally, their technology and societies were at pre-10,000BC levels. There wasn't a single building on the whole continent. The height of technology was literally basket weaving and stone arrow heads. The first explorers were shocked by the brutality they saw here, how the people treated each other. There were a total of 700,000 aboriginals living here. Now, it's a country of 30 million, that produces massive amounts of food, and is a safe harbor for people from all over the world. The number of aboriginals is the same – 700,000.

    If the Brits hadn't come here, the Japanese would have, and they would have simply exterminated the aboriginals.

    Seriously – in your ideal world, nobody would have touched the Aboriginal land, and it would still be a giant empty plain without one single structure on the whole place, the entire continent too dangerous too even visit, and only hunter gatherer tribes? Is that really what you are advocating? Would that be a better world than the current one?

    You've been brainwashed your whole life to only see white crimes and ignore the crimes by all other people, and to ignore any good things white people have been done. It's straight up hate propaganda that has been stuffed in your head.

  84. Jay Contreras says:

    Alyosha Shepherd And how many people worldwide of ALL Stripes have white males who number less than 2% of the world's population murdered, either directly via world wars or indirectly via the transatlantic slave trade, the maafa, genocide, land theft, colonization, imperialism, lynching, proxy wars, neo colonialism, neo-imperialism, manifest destiny, destroying the eco system, poisoning the water, the air, the land and the food, via bio germ warfare and manufactured disease, you ain't EVEN trying to compare body count, sweetheart. It's like comparing a pick pocket to a serial murderer. You are looking at a block, I'm looking at the GLOBE. Stop using FBI/Stormfront talking points when coming in here. That bs don't fly. And just so you understand the SCOPE of white pathology….250,000 people EACH year are murdered by HOSPITALS. But yet, trolls like you post up here. And to have the NERVE to mention many DECADES did the US govt covertly experiment on poor, black men in the TUskegee experiment with Tax dollars collected from BLACK people too? LOL..yeah, you need to sit your ass down somewhere. Stay in your lane cuz you ain't ready for prime time, believe me.

  85. Jay Contreras says:

    Alyosha Shepherd I've been brainwashed? No, I've been CLEANSED of the slave-based trauma programming that whites pass off as his-story. That's what happened. And check this: Truth often appears as HATE to THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH. I quoted your shit-story back to you. Unfiltered and without the whitewash. Ain't pretty, is it? And another thing–you may want to check your cultural arrogance at the door. Damn near EVERYTHING europe has passed off as it's own was learned at the feet of BLACK people. Most of your culture is nothing but unacknowledged, appropriated & perverted 2nd rate knock offs of ancient Kemet. The Moors brought civilization to Europe, sweetheart. Euro PEON royalty was living in barns, was illiterate & people thought bathing was a sin before the Moors (which means black) came to power in the 8th century Spain. Just take a look at the symbols of the US: the Washington monument is nothing but an egyptian tekken, the layout of DC (by Benjamin Banneker) is a knock off of Alexandria,Egypt, the US flag, the US dollar, The US shield..Christianity…secret societies, the mystery sciences..even your cartoon characters–all direct or indirect knock offs rooted in kemetic symbolism and ritual. And let me stop you before you even THINK of starting: If the ancient kemites were white, where are the corresponding monuments & structures in Europe? If they were white, why would they leave monuments that have stood for millenia in AFRICA, but leave nothing of their supposed superiority in EUROPE, where they were supposedly from? Does that sound logical? Nope, didn't think so. So this is the problem with your polemic: Whites have destroyed existing cultures from whom you basically received the foundations of what you like to proclaim as your birthright–civilization. Whether the aborigines appeared 'primitive' to the prison lepers who were dumped in Australia b/c they didn't want them in Britain, is really irrelevant. They were THERE & civilized people would have afforded them basic human dignity & respect. Not systemic and calculated genocide. But that seems to be too much to ask of your kind though. And that is the problem and it's a consistent one. Yeah, I'm aware of Australia's official policy of forcibly taking Aboriginal children from their mothers and ethnically cleansing the aboriginal out of them. I also am aware Australia didn't officially recognize the basic humanity of Aborigines til, what like the 70's? And all of this coming from descendants of common CRIMINALS dumped in a penal colony b/c the Brits didn't want your asses. Then again, maybe we shouldn't be surprised. The rotten apple falling from the proverbial rotten ass tree, huh?

  86. Jay Contreras Stupid ass piece of shit. You're fucking brainwashed.

    Ever heard of the Mongols? Ever heard of the Arab slave trade? Ever heard of the Ottoman Empire?


    No, you haven't – you don't know a goddamn thing except bad things white people have done. You're ignorant as a bag of fucking rocks. You ONLY know about bad things whites have done, and nothing else.

    Whites have protected the environment better than any other group on Earth. Just look at a fucking ghetto in America. Just look at any city in Africa or India.

    Hell no, and you'd never go, because they're all totally fucked up, even those that were in fine shape when the whites handed the keys over such as Zimbabwe.


  87. Jay Contreras Stupid ass piece of shit. You're fucking brainwashed.

    Ever heard of the Mongols? Ever heard of the Arab slave trade? Ever heard of the Ottoman Empire?


    No, you haven't – you don't know a goddamn thing except bad things white people have done. You're ignorant as a bag of fucking rocks. You ONLY know about bad things whites have done, and nothing else.

    How about the black genocide of every white in Haiti? Killed more in one year than were lynched in the entire history of America #FACT.

    Whites have protected the environment better than any other group on Earth. Just look at a fucking ghetto in America. Just look at any city in Africa or India.

    Hell no, and you'd never go, because they're all totally fucked up, even those that were in fine shape when the whites handed the keys over such as Zimbabwe.

    TUSKEGEE IS AN ALL BLACK UNIVERSITY IN ALABAMA YOU STUPID, STUPID MOTHERFUCKER. Again, ALL you know is bad things white people have done, and nothing else, not even about black culture. You're a fucking demon of racial hatred, just like the Haitian genociders who doomed their countries to centuries of hell.


  88. Jay Contreras Get yourself educated on black inventions at least.

    Oh, there are none. Blacks have literally invented NOTHING IN HUMAN HISTORY.

  89. Jay Contreras says:

    Alyosha Shepherd Ah…your TRUE CIVILIZED manner finally showed itself penal colony descendant. My work here is done. Thanks for the confirmation of your TRUE nature. You sociopaths can hold it in for a minute..but the neanderthal ALWAYS wins out in the end! lol..

  90. Jay Contreras Boy, you really have to go faaaaaaar back in history to find black culture that is worth a shit.

  91. Jay Contreras Yeah, enjoy your miserable existence, maggot.

    Just remember that in the city of Atlanta, the blacks who make up 50% of the population commit 95% of the rapes. If you call that 'fertility…'

    Blacks commit more than 50% of all murders in America. Mostly you goddamn idiots killing each other. You've got to live in fantasy land to find black culture that isn't complete shit.

  92. Jay Contreras says:

    Alyosha Shepherd Poor thing. Just admit to yourself that you are insecure. Nobody who REALLY believes they are superior erects a system that artificially props them up while oppressing others. If you REALLY were able to compete on a level playing field, you wouldn't need white global apartheid or imperialism. You wouldn't fear melanin so much. But I understand. You are doing what a parasite needs to do to survive. No global apartheid. No white people. Black + White = Color. It's simple biology. So I understand that you are in a life & death struggle to simply EXIST. And it's really Black people and other people of color who are keeping you alive. You already have the lowest birth rates on the globe and falling fast. So I'll leave you to your lament. You are nothing but a dead man walking at this point. You are now enjoying the spoils of your global & historical crime laugh and giggle it up now sunshine..cuz karmic law is hot on your collective heels and the PUNISHMENT portion of the program is coming up soon. Then we'll see what's shit & what's not shit. are TOO funny. You make this too damn easy. I'm going to find somebody worthy of debate now.

  93. Jay Contreras Whatever. Good job spreading racial hatred. I'm not guilty for the crimes of white people hundreds of years back.

    Hope you catch a bullet, asshole.

  94. Jay Contreras says:

    Alyosha Shepherd Oh yeah…going back far for esteemed black culture? Nope, not really cuz the US is nothing but black culture APPROPRIATED. What would the US & by extension the WEST be without stolen & free black labor. AGAIN, you owe all you have to us. This time around it was our labor that enriched you. So 3 strikes YOU'RE out homie. Enjoy it cuz the pendulum starting swinging back OUR way long ago. We're on the countdown.

  95. Jay Contreras > What would the US & by extension the WEST be without stolen & free black labor.

    It would be a lot better than it is today. All blacks did was pick cotton and make beds for a small handful of people in the south. The rest of America was built by english settlers and other European immigrants. Blacks contributed very, very little to this country other than some grunt work.

    Blacks only destroy – Detroit, Baltimore, Camden. Some of the greatest cities in the world, 50 years ago.

    You're right: the story of humanity is a delicate flower of consciousness constantly at risk of being blown away by the eternal winds of chaos and destruction. Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, Haiti, Zimbabwe.

    Go read about what was in Africa when European explorers first arrived, and get back to me.

  96. Jay Contreras says:

    Alyosha Shepherd Child you are seriously mentally ill. I hope you are not operating any heavy machinery or equipment. The industrial revolution was POWERED by chattel slavery. The US could have NEVER led it without a quarter of millenia of FREE BLACK LABOR. And the WHOLE of the country & WORLD benefited. Do you know that blacks were traded in open markets on what is now Wall Street? Do you realize how many corporations and businesses, both domestic and international, got their start from the kidnapping, transport, trading, insuring and selling of stolen African slaves? And that 'delicate' flower of humanity SURE ain't springing forth from the blood soaked soil of Europe's descendants, that's for sure. Again, who is poisoning the air, the land, the water and the food? Black people? lol…and I don't know, what did euro PEON vandals find in AFrica? More riches and natural resources than they had EVER seen in their pathetic, desperate, diseased existence in europe? The Greeks & the Roman acknowledged the magnificence of African culture; hence why they came to Africa to learn at their feet. It wasn't til the transatlantic slave trade & they decided they needed free black labor that the tables turned. But it's ok, history is cyclical. You still have your karma ahead of you. The sins of the father…that's in your perverted good book. And sweetheart, tell me this, if you are SO superior, why didn't the Greeks & romans go study in Finland, Denmark or Norway? Huh? Why did civilization seemingly START south and go north? I must thank you for allowing people to see what the mentally deranged delusional sound like. It's eye-opening. Well, not really. If black people attended public school or have been around whites for any amount of time, you know this fool is representative of their delusions. White girl, you doth protest too much. And on BLACK SITE NO LESS. Transparent, much? lololol…

  97. Jay Contreras Again, you have to go waaaay back to find valuable black history. You're going back all the way to the Greeks to find Africans society (maybe) contributing to the world civilization.

    Meanwhile, you ignore the true reality of slavery: EVERYBODY took slaves. Asians had slaves, Incas had slaves, Europeans had slaves, Africans had slaves. Jews dominated the slave trade. Muslims had lots, and lots, and lots of slaves.

    WHITES ENDED SLAVERY GLOBALLY – as much as they could. To the extent that slavery is gone, it was extinguished by the British Navy. The Ottomans had official slavery until they collapses in 1918.

    That's the legacy of white civilization. And you hate us for it, because hate is all you know.

  98. Jay Contreras says:

    Alyosha Shepherd You are hilarious. You are so clearly outclassed, this really should be considered an assault but one last parting know why whites have the lowest birth rates in the world? (along with the highest suicide rates)…because strap-ons don't produce sperm. I would bet that at least 80% of the market for strap ons is tiny membered white males. I guess we should thank you though..since you're now able to buy a black penis online, you no longer have to engage in that lil CIVILIZED habit you had of lynching black men and cutting off their penises and taking them home to do only God knows what with them…and you REALLY think you are superior to anyTHING, let alone anybody? Got scat? Animal Brothels? LOLOLOL… you are a hoot. It's been fun. You got VERBALLY KNOCKED DA FUCC OUT!! LOLOLOL

  99. Jay Contreras says:

    Alyosha Shepherd You are hilarious. You are so clearly outclassed, this really should be considered an assault but one last parting know why whites have the lowest birth rates in the world? (along with the highest suicide rates)…because strap-ons don't produce sperm. I would bet that at least 80% of the market for strap ons is tiny membered white males. I guess we should thank you though..since you're now able to buy a black penis online, you no longer have to engage in that lil CIVILIZED habit you had of lynching black men and cutting off their penises and taking them home to do only God knows what with them…and you REALLY think you are superior to anyTHING, let alone anybody? Got scat? Animal Brothels? LOLOLOL… you are a hoot. It's been fun. You got VERBALLY KNOCKED DA FUCC OUT!! LOLOLOL

  100. Joseph Ayo-Vaughan Im not sure if one of my posts were deleted, but I had responded to you earlier and my point was that yes, racism does exist, but arguably its blacks that are the most racist, and seem to get a pass by displaying their racism publicly. But, racism against the power is the equivalent of cat hissing at a lion. Because even when you change the title to "Rich-Powerful-Evil-People-Who-Own-Everything" it doesnt change the sphere in which they operate. They have capacity, they can pick up and move and find other lucrative ventures no matter what. Westinghouse is a big fish, but was swallowed by the whale JP Morgan when the threat of patent came about for electricity even though Westinghouse was in the right. What makes anyone here think they could make even a dent when Im only speaking of one conglomerate? But there lies another mislead sense of guidance minorities have been fought for in vain. Nearly everyone I talk to says, "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer" but somehow they still cling to the idea that they can force the hand of the rich. Thats about as silly as it gets cause when people like @Jay Contreras say Im delusional, Im not the one who clings methods with unproven results. In contrast however, I can speak on proven results and that is, latinos can come to this country with less than their black peers, disadvantaged by a foreign tongue and often illiterate and yet still find success has nothing to do with the racism. Some are not as strong, and some like to come to this country to take advantage of the system and just the same, I want those people out of here too. But MANY (not some) find success here in the same country of the "Rich-Powerful-Evil-People-Who-Own-Everything". So if such is true, that many find success, with even greater odds against them, the argument of racial inequality should be labeled more for what it truly is, just an outdated excuse.

  101. Farntella Graham Great job living up to the mantra of blame. Yours is the weakest type of mindset where, you actually raise wild notions that far exceed the baseline. Bare in mind, it was your own culture that looted and burned down their own community. Your looking at the stye in the white eye when you got a plank in your own. Btw, at least Jay Contreras & Joseph Ayo-Vaughan can articulate their points but your pitiful form of debate has much to be improved on, please go back to the kiddie table where you are used to sounding intelligent.

  102. Jay Contreras Im gonna completely defeat your perception of what advantages my name and color have in a minute but first things first. "Why do whites celebrate their PAST history if it's irrelevant?" People can still celebrate their past, make no mistake Im not advocating to forget your past. Im simply saying dont dwell on it. It is absolutely true that those that do not know their history are doomed to repeat it, but if all you do is focus on your history it defies all logic on ones capacity to move forward. And the biggest mistake I like to revisit is your incapicity to conduct your own threat assessment. Over 300 murder have taken place against blacks in Chicago and with over 90% of those murders coming from their own kind. You give me two examples of murders by a cross culture interaction and I give you 300 yet your reaction will be to go about tomorrow as if thats not alarming. But im not bringing anything new to the table you already knew those kinds of statistics. They just dont make for good banter and your community as a whole can surely not qualify as appropriately prioritizing their safety by focusing their efforts on the handedly proven lessor threat. Now lets get on to me, as I stated earlier, Im an anomoly. My race, appearance or last name have nothing to do with my success. Im blessed with the ability to see things for their greater value and resell them online. Ive only been buying and selling for a few years, but I am even surpassing a pool of professionals because I work harder than my peers at obtaining knowledge, and applying it. When I purchase a product, the price is on the tag, when I sell an item the price is on a screen. In no way does my race/ethnicity have any bearing on my success or failure, its completely merit based and I am a living example that trumpeting race for your woes is simply an excuse. Its very interesting that you would think that Im the delusional one though, your statements follow a pattern of blacks being left behind yet you still believe that what your culture tells you is the right way to get ahead. Off that statement alone, how is it that Im the delusional one?

  103. Jay Contreras As far as the idea of providing tickets to Africans that want to go back, Im down with you on that one. Heck, I might have to look you up in a couple years and do a collaboration because its something I would like very much as well. And for everyone out there who has it in their minds that I want all black people to go, thats not the case, I have knowledgeable, strong minded black friends that dont mind looking at me as an American of which I view them no less. But anyone else who is so anti-american, oh how I would love to help facilitate your departure.

  104. Jay Contreras Kinda wish I read all the way through the thread before giving you credit for articulation. Alyosha quoted you a simple statistic and you responded with tirade of global animosity towards whites, and a conclusion of statements of, "you need to sit your ass down somewhere. Stay in your lane cuz you ain't ready for prime time, believe me" Of which followed mud slinging which completely devalued whatever material was being presented. Amazingly you went on to suggest that globally there is some statistical support base that favors your position. But your statistics will undoubtedly be off by magnitudes of margins because we cant even get anything close to reliable statistics for the atrocities that occur in Africa being committed against their own kind. Instability in the region, lack of financing, poor communication a myriad of substantial blocks that for account for grossly inaccurate reporting towards the crimes against humanity being implemented by their OWN KIND. Why would you even introduce that aspect? It destroys your grounds against the imperial white ruler holding your culture down. I mean we are not talking about a few alleged innocent teens being shot by a cop, your now on the platform of proven habitual genocide. Thats like comparing….a pick pocket to a Pol Pot.

  105. Johnathon Wofford Dude, I quoted facts. What can YOU dispute that I wrote about that sociopathic & pathologically insane demographic that has produced or been at the helm of MOST of at least the last couple millenia of initiating world wars, dropping not one but TWO atomic bombs on civilian populations, manufactured bio-diseases, internecine & proxy wars, orchestrated global de-stabilization via the World Bank & IMF, etc? You can ATTEMPT to chide me for stating FACTS. (FYI: I'd have to respect you for that to be effective though. Not happening.); but tell me, can you HONESTLY say that ANYTHING I've written is a LIE? You and I BOTH know the answer to that question. And that penal colony descendant knows it too. Hence the meltdown. lol.. How many sovereign countries, duly elected heads of state HAS the US & by extension the west overthrown &/or murdered? Who is pillaging and raping Mother Earth? Who erected the global system of apartheid? So this is not something I'm making up or some dystopian fantasy I came up with–IT'S THEIR DOCUMENTED HISTORY. AND IT CONTINUES TODAY. THIS IS NOT PAST. THIS IS TODAY. AS I SPEAK. They've written all of this down for posterity. I'm just not sugar-coating it. I'm presenting it as WE have experienced it. So you can go and cry a river with penal colony descendant. Again, unless you can legitimately DISPUTE anything I've written about what white males themselves have admitted to; then you really need to fall back. And Pol Pot or a Paul Kagame does not negate: Hitler, manifest destiny, all the world wars, apartheid S. Africa, Israel, Operation paperclip..Hiroshima, Agenda 21..etc, etc..because whites make up less than 10% of the world population, they HAVE to enlist some reprobate people of color into their ranks to make this thing work. It's not rocket science. But let a Pol Pot pop up who wants full freedom & autonomy for the world majority & see how fast the 'west' comes after him–sort of like, frankly, I write all of this NOT for people like you but for MY people who may be perusing and may not be aware of this. Who get tired of hearing our pathologies placed out as the barometer of WHAT pathology IS, when white males are the TRUE face of pathology and crime. I'm just stating what THEY themselves have documented. They did it to crow and brag–I just present it thru a different prism. And most of us have been programmed and inundated with their version of events for so long, my version may be unsavory but , try as you cannot say it's a lie. It ain't pretty. But take that up with THEM, I'm just painting the picture; I didn't write the story. They did.

  106. Jay Contreras The facts you quote only tell one side of the story and pale in comparison to the good. On whatever playing field, whites are vastly more responsible for the advancement of humankind than any. If you wanted to compare lists, go ahead, I can provide multitudes of Names, Inventions, Dates and Country for your white counterparts. Of course you will likely have dispute for who were the real inventors of some of these inventions, but without a doubt there are advantages of having a higher literate culture. Also, there are issues which require hands on experience to fully understand their at times ugly nature. I can say one thing for certain, your opinions of war would be better served had you actually served in a military but it is clear you have not. And as much as I want to respond point by point as I did in the 5 posts preceding this, I have to instill the discipline necessary to keep my progress growing. Look, you want to provide "proof" of your ideas. So how bout this, you list any time frame you feel to be necessary and we will check back in around that time to compare advancements. You say you post your words for your brothers and sisters, put your money where your mouth is and rise to an actual challenge. Surely with all your knowledge of facts and history you should be able to know every trick in the book and easily surpass a half breed like me.

  107. Alyosha Shepherd Really? That's the best you can do? From people who came up with animal brothels and are KNOWN for bestiality? That's the best you can come up with? At least they are having sex IN SPECIES. Or maybe you are having sex in species, I dunno. But either way, penal colony descendant, the more you write, the more you show your total imbecility. Dry sex–this is the NORM for white women isn't it? Could be why your barren as ses have the lowest birth rate on the planet. Don't get me started. lol..I'm versatile like that. I will meet you at the level you operate on. High or low, intelligent or debased..and we see where you are…good thing for you, I'm bilingual & speak caucasian.

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