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Don Lemon Draws Online Ridicule for Ferguson Reporting on ‘Obvious’ Marijuana Smell

Don Lemon has distinguished himself once again among Black viewers, drawing widespread ridicule and vitriol when he said during his live reports last night from Ferguson that “Obviously, there is the smell of marijuana in the air.”

This observation, which was lost on television viewers, prompted a round of mocking Twitter responses from people wondering why Lemon felt the need to blurt it out–and why he didn’t first consider how Ot would sound to television viewers who couldn’t know how any smell was “obvious” through their television sets.

Lemon has been a target before of African-American critics, who have said the anchor sometimes has the demeanor of someone not accustomed to being around many Black people.

Lemon was speaking with Anderson Cooper when he reported hearing the sounds of gunfire and seeing protesters jumping on cars.

That’s when he made his observation about the marijuana smell. In the past he has drawn criticism for his commentaries on the state of the Black community, coming off as a scolding principal implying that things will get better for Black folks as soon as they learn to pull up their pants and pick up their garbage.


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16 thoughts on “Don Lemon Draws Online Ridicule for Ferguson Reporting on ‘Obvious’ Marijuana Smell

  1. Chris Matson says:

    Isn't a REPORTER able to REPORT on a REPORTABLE sight, sound, smell

  2. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Dude is a waste of melanin…..

  3. Wally Hayman says:

    Just a few days ago he was busy informing women that they don't have to be raped. Lemon is not only a waste of melanin as Mohammed suggested but also a waste of oxygen.

  4. Bwire Vincent says:

    Black man's biggest enemy is Black man on a fat payroll…

  5. I heard when he said it and I just shook my head in disappointment.

  6. Eric Rollins says:

    when I look at the news I want a reporter to report the news actually what's happening. but that means I want you to talk about the sights and the sounds that I can see with you through the television set. I mean working for CNN I'm pretty sure you have to have some type of degree Which shows you have the capability to learn and I know that he knows what stereotypes are and I know he knows exactly where he was when he said that. so I believe he's a very smart man or a very dumb man and I'm going to say he's very smart so being that he's smart he made a dumb decision to say obviously when you're on a broadcast that people obviously cannot smell exactly what you smell which makes it looks like a stereotype. yes there is a lot of racial things being brought up now but let's all remember that this country is not solely built on race is built on money and if you have enough money your race does not matter anymore. They say everyone has a price some people meet their price before they know it. which in turns had them saying things they wouldn't normally say if they will put in the situation of a person poorer than them.

  7. well, what do you expect from him?

  8. if you have enough money your race does not matter anymore? i am not exactly sure that's true

  9. Eric Rollins says:

    Well Jacobson Varieto I can see your point. But I believe that this country is divided first by money second by race. Being a person that has fought in our last war and been injured. being around wealthy black people that make well above 150K a year the struggles that I see them going through are different than the ones I see my friends going through that are on section 8. And I say that to say this depending on your tax bracket there are some things you just won't have to worry about.

  10. Also a waste of a male body right? Not the body he wants to be in.

  11. A Arthur Hoover says:

    Cut him a break. He thought CNN had invented "smellivision" and that it would have been obvious to viewers. Sadly, he was mistaken.

  12. Bonita Hemphill says:

    The marijuana reference was not good, this is true. However, he is just not a good reporter. I came to that conclusion when he was reporting on Whitney Houston's funeral and putting out all this wrong information about African-American funerals and traditions that was so far from the truth it was pathetic. It bothers me that people look to him as an authority on African-Americans/AA life, but he doesn't have a clue. Days ago he asked one of the Bill Cosby accusers why she didn't "bite him" when he forced her to perform a sexual act. His questions are ridiculous and he is just not a good reporter. Period.

  13. Que Hampton says:

    My uncle and his wife makes well over 200K a year. They live in a upper middle class majority white neighborhood in NY. Not one neighborhood is friendly with them. They may say hello, but they keep my uncle and his wife at arms length.

    When you're black with money, you experience way more racism and it becomes more overt. When you're poor, white supremacist believes you know your place. When you make as much or more then them, then they need to show you that you're still beneath them.

    Money doesn't mean shit to white supremacist it's all about class to them.

  14. David Slack says:

    Do you know how stupid and ignorant your comment was???? Probably not since you not only had the unmitigated gall but the audacity to post it…#gtfoh

  15. I'm assuming you didn't like my comment. I didn't like his comment. I doubt if he cares that I didn't like his comment. You know the rest.

  16. Eric Rollins says:

    Que Hamton that very well may be true. But you have to look at the demographics of where you talking about you talking about New York where it is famous for the people there to be rude by whatever color they are I live in the south where it is tradition to be friendly you know what they say that old Southern charm. plus we have to look at New York's gun laws I could be rude up there even though someone may have a gun 9 times out of 10 they won't if you're not trying to go to jail but down here just about everyone has a gun doesn't matter who you are and people down here hate to be disrespected to anything that they feel is rude. And I say look at the gun law because the whole reason we're having this conversation is because of the Mike Brown incident and if you look majority of the incidents with cops and black males you will see that the gun laws are completely different but you Do have your isolated States And talking about Florida where they make up their own rules. and like I said in my original post I'm around a lot of black military leaders I don't know what your family does but it seems to me when I'm around the people I'm around they get respect for the things that they've done for this country. And the money that they contribute to certain peoples organizations. But thanks for the insight the temperament is definitely different in geographical areas.

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