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7 Lies Told to Make Egypt White


King Tut Was Related to Half of European Men

Scientists at Zurich-based DNA genealogy center iGENEA reconstructed the DNA profile of the boy Pharaoh based on a film that was made for a Discovery Channel special.

According to, the team that made the documentary says it did not display enough information on screen for the iGENEA geneticists to carry out that task.

Carsten Pusch, a geneticist at Germany’s University of Tubingen who was part of the team that unraveled Tut’s DNA from samples taken from his mummy and mummies of his family members, said that iGENEA’s claims are “simply impossible.”



Mummies Had Blond or Red Hair

Some mummies were said to have been found with blond, red or straight hair. That was thought to be an indication that the Egyptians weren’t Black Africans.

Two British anthropologists, Don Brothwell and Richard Spearman, have found evidence of cortex keratin oxidation in ancient Egyptian hair. They held that the mummification process was responsible because of the strong alkaline substance used. This resulted in the yellowing and browning of hair as well as the straightening effect.

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