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7 Lies Told to Make Egypt White


King Tut Was Related to Half of European Men

Scientists at Zurich-based DNA genealogy center iGENEA reconstructed the DNA profile of the boy Pharaoh based on a film that was made for a Discovery Channel special.

According to, the team that made the documentary says it did not display enough information on screen for the iGENEA geneticists to carry out that task.

Carsten Pusch, a geneticist at Germany’s University of Tubingen who was part of the team that unraveled Tut’s DNA from samples taken from his mummy and mummies of his family members, said that iGENEA’s claims are “simply impossible.”



Mummies Had Blond or Red Hair

Some mummies were said to have been found with blond, red or straight hair. That was thought to be an indication that the Egyptians weren’t Black Africans.

Two British anthropologists, Don Brothwell and Richard Spearman, have found evidence of cortex keratin oxidation in ancient Egyptian hair. They held that the mummification process was responsible because of the strong alkaline substance used. This resulted in the yellowing and browning of hair as well as the straightening effect.

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28 thoughts on “7 Lies Told to Make Egypt White

  1. Please tell me how to do this

  2. Most of the pharoahs came from Nubia. The Nubians taught the Kemetians (Egyptians), the Egyptians learn to build pyramids from the Nubians. Imotep learn to build pyramids from the Nubians, in fact they taught him everything he knew, and he was great, there were pyramids in Nubia before Egypt. Dr. John Hendre Clark taught us this.

  3. Antonio Giovanni says:

    Did these kings start slavery? We all know that blacks were sold by other blacks and the first slave owner in america was a black man. Slavery still exists today in Africa. Sad but true.

  4. Isa Lei says:

    Antonio you appear to have a deeply disgusting agenda, please stop!

  5. Jay Carle says:

    Peasants of Europe were slaves by another name. They name slave even comes from the Slavs of eastern Europe. Some people can't stand that fact, but they can't argue it.

  6. William Eaton says:

    Wrong. Both physical anthropology and genetics proves that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were Caucasian not black. The hair has been microscopic and genetically tested and it was Caucasian.

  7. William Eaton says:

    Wrong. Both physical anthropology and genetics proves that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were Caucasian not black. The hair has been microscopic and genetically tested and it was Caucasian.

  8. William Eaton says:

    So according to you a bunch of pea brain capacity retard monkeys built Egypt

  9. Each "race"or geographic group has distinct differences in cross section of the hair. The way of measuring these differences microscopically is by using a trichometer. So, even when the hair is straightened, like these mummies pictured as a result of time and the mummification process , using the trichometer to measure the cross section of the hair will still reveal the original texture. Many of these measurements have been done on ancient Egyptians from the pre-dynastic era to the 25th dynasty or so and the measurements show sub-saharan(black) for all periods.

  10. Greg Allen says:

    This delusional YURUGU is simply a dying breed of his
    pathological illness.

  11. Greg Allen says:

    This delusional YURUGU is simply a dying breed of his
    pathological illness.

  12. William Eaton says:

    Greg afrocentric idiocy at it's finest. And where exactly would negroes be without the white man? No electricity no running water and sewer no grocery stores no hospitals no firefighters no nothing just planet of the apes

  13. William Eaton says:

    Greg as far as the ancient Egyptian pharaohs are concerned try getting out of the ghetto and to a museum to see the mummies for yourself. Or studying physical anthropology and genetics.

  14. Suede Greene says:

    When you understand the nature of the thieving war mongering Europeans then you'll realize everything good the stole after all that which gives us life (the sun) repels them

  15. Dango Tuman says:

    The book above. That's the book every one needs
    To have. All other mainstream narrative s is simply. False.
    Another thing is for the African America n to organize and raise this
    Issue in congress to stop Arabs from completely destroy ing. Our statues.tomb paintings. Wall egypt. Thishistory is ours.not theirs and custodyship is with us and not them.lest they erase all evidence of our ancestors. Great civilization in Africa. Egypt.

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  17. And what is your point? Are you inferring Blacks and slavery? Because last time I checked there was slavery in europe as the term slav and whites enslaved whites upon into the 1800s as Irish were enslaved and treated worse than Blacks. Also the Dark Ages 700-1400 was the period when Black and Arab Moors enslaved over 13 million slaves from eastern and western euorpe and ruled over a large portion of Spain. So again what is your point? The first slave owner in America was a Black man? You watch too much Stormfront. Mr. Johnson was an indentured servant until the 1930s. So he could not be a slave owner if he himself was an indentured servant. The first slaves arrived in the US in 1916. So you people need to stop trying to falsefy truths. This is part of the KKK books that also perpetrate that whites are somehow superior, and god knows there are too many of you that are just plain lacking on many fronts. Giovanni go sit down somewhere with the bullshit.

  18. Mr Johnson wasn't the 1st slave owner…he was the 1st to own a slave for life…

  19. The whole iGENIA thing has been exposed as a scam – they charge people a lot of money to see if they're "descended" from Tut and promise that if you match on a ridiculous number of points you'll get your money back, but, like that's likely. Reminds me of a hash dealer I used to know who promised a money back guarantee – if you weren't completely satisfied you could bring back the portion of the hash you hadn't smoked, and he'd return the portion of your money that he hadn't spent.

  20. Anthony Hardeman

    I don't even think he was THAT. Johnson was nothing more then one of the first Black people to OWN A SLAVE. Nothing more. Black people owning slaves in America and Black slavers are not new information. They just somehow managed to turn that into Johnson was the first PERSON to own a slave lmao.

  21. I just came here to see if any of our enemies had something to say about this; a tired attempt to refute and confuse these facts. They did not disappoint; white people are on the job 24/7 and are totally faithful to their true religion, White Supremacy.

  22. I live in Columbus Ohio where Somali men and women live. There are so many who are dark as night but have loose curly hair as well as completely straight hair. WE originated what is now commonly attributed to "Whites". Every shape of lip and nose also varies.

  23. Many East Africans have naturally straight hair. I've been there and seen them.

  24. Let's say that blacks did sell slaves why did it stop and blacks no longer have that practice since hundreds of years ago? How come my great great great grand parents were slaves? My great grandma was born in the early 19xx teens and she died last year in december she was in her late nineties and she had all her teeth and her mind! She lived in her own house! Her grand parents were slaves! So that means I was one relative away from my ancestor who was a slave!

    It's not about who had slaves first! It's about who kept the evil wicked trade going! Who kept the mistreatments of blacks going! White people did that and have shown that they're not interested in being just and fair with people of melanin! They've no interest in putting their white supremacy aside when it comes to black people!

  25. Did these kings start slavery? We all know that blacks were sold by other blacks and the first slave owner in america was a black man on record look at up. Not only was he the 1st slave owner but he went to court and DEMANDED it!! Slavery still exists today in Africa and Middle East. Facts are Facts. Haters will hate.

  26. Over 120,000,000 Blacks were slaughtered by one religion in the Middle East. Do some research! Wake up #AfricanAmericans #WeLoveYou – Be strong!

  27. What agenda would that be, truth? You're an idiot.

  28. The agenda that 120 Million #Blacks were killed by your people. HAHA. That's an agenda. Allowing the truth to PREVAIL. #Troll !

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