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2 thoughts on “Watch These Stunning and Formidable Insights Into Why Most Modern-Day Egyptians Have Little to Do With Ancient Egypt

  1. Same as modern day Israel, has absolutely nothing to do with ancient Israel. Except that the Roman Caesar is really has the Latin pronunciation of Kazar.

  2. When people connect the dots in researching the ancient nation in kmet there is a much much longer existence before the structures that we see in the pyramid 's and the sphynx's . Most if not all the other greatness is buried miles and miles under . Let's not stop there thinking that this is the beginning bec a use this is all we see. This is why you only see british archeologists with a small and tight group.we philosophy but they confiscate and control . If they could hide the pyramid 's they would have, so they stole it while our eyes were wide shut.

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